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Show your support for this year’s Tri-City Lucky 13*!
Achieving health and wellness no matter the adversity!
Lucky 13 participants are among the most inspiring runners looking to conquer the Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon. These competitors have overcome adversities from congenital heart defect to painful fibromyalgia and diabetes, and now have their eyes set on a new goal- to compete in their first-ever half marathon! Their race to the finish line has already started with a free 6-month training program through the Tri-City Wellness Center. Follow their uplifting stories at www.tricitymed.org/health-wellness/marathon/lucky-13-contest.

As these runners are training for one of the most challenging tests of their physical strength and mental determination, reflecting on the people who have inspired them as well as those they inspire will energize them to keep moving forward- one step at a time. Your donation will motivate the Lucky 13 runners to take the next step when they’re legs are exhausted or breathe deep when their lungs feel on fire. In addition, you’ll be supporting the life-changing programs at Tri-City and helping provide the best care possible to assist every patient in their fight against illness and triumphant return to health.

This year, funds raised by the Lucky 13 team will benefit four major areas: cancer, cardiovascular, orthopaedic and spine, and mother and baby programs at Tri-City Medical Center.

These members of your community have accepted the challenge. Make a contribution to celebrate their efforts.

DeEllen Brasher - 54

Shiella McNulty - 56

Michelle Bell - 42

Kie Ho - 73

Daniella Visciglio - 28

Don Reedy - 65

Charlotte Dwyer - 22

Kathleen Miller - 28

Yvonne McMahon - 56

Elizabeth Cammack - 37

Jane Sage - 60

Judy Miller - 59

Thomas Urban - 59

Laura Sullivan – 67

*This year the Lucky 13 will be transformed into the Lucky 13.1, as the team welcomes back one of our athletes who was sidelined late in the 2013 season due to an unrelated broken foot.

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Total Donations: $1,025.00
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