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Lucky 13 Team Member - Judy Miller
The journey is the reward!
Having been healthy her whole life, things changed last year when she had bunion surgery on each foot. Having to stay off each foot for 6 weeks and following up with a month of physical therapy has been tough. Being sedentary for months at a time made it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. In 2010/11 she ran two 5K’s but each time, as she crossed the finish line, she felt extremely nauseous. Since then she’s been hesitant to try another 5K let alone a half marathon. In Judy’s own words, “participating in a professional training program will teach me how I can be successful in running a race so I am able to celebrate as I cross the finish line.” She’s excited to conquer a half marathon with the Lucky 13 team!

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Total Donations: $625.00
Goal: $600

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