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Lucky 13 Team Member - Don Reedy
A single raindrop seldom thinks itself the cause of the flood.
WANT TO SAVE A LIFE????? Unsatisfied with my quality of life, I decided to take action against a strand of unfortunate luck. As a former athlete and Marine, there weren’t too many health obstacles before me. All that changed when I was in a car accident that resulted in a severe neck injury and spinal stenosis. In the next few years I tore my meniscus, followed by a hip replacement procedure subsequent to my previous injury. A few years passed when I had retinal detachment in my left eye, leaving me lying face down for 3-months and making it difficult for me to walk upon recovery. My mission is to take back what I once had. I should be healthy, but I’m not. I should be fit, but haven't challenged myself to do so. I have a fuller life to lead if I take time NOW to take my fitness back from whomever or whatever seems to have snatched it away. I will finish what we start, and will share what my journey is with others that need this kind of help. WHY THIS EVENT...THIS DONATION? We all contribute to so many causes. Cancer seems to top the list these days of friends and family that are affected. So why this donation? Tri-City is our hospital. A war is going on against cancer and a host of other illnesses that take our loved ones too soon. In this place, with these funds, new equipment and tests will become available....and they will save lives....maybe yours, but your neighbors for sure. I don't think $2500 is too much. Give what you can, and give ONLY from your heart. Give for me (you know I've been practicing my ailments for a long time, and though I hope it doesn't happen, you might be donating to saving my life, for my family, for all our future times together. Don't know, but hope you'll take a leap of faith. Blessings to you all.....

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Total Donations: $450.00
Goal: $2,500

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