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Team Darryl
Well we did it!!!!! Team Darryl was 14 riders and 8 crew strong!!!!! It was amazing and we even have the T-Shirts to prove it - contact rdorogusker@yahoo.com if you want to purchase your own Team Darryl T-Shirt! Team Darryl: Joni Berglund, Lisa and James Bonardi, Lori Coletti, Robin Dorogusker, Ashlee Earl, Brendon Goss, Brett Marcy, Doug Melcher, Michael Michel, Judylynn Monaco, Martha Paduch and Joe Snodgrass joined us also! Shannon is our honorary rider!!! Everyone did at least 200 miles, most even finished, despite the heat! We are not yet to our goal, so please support us if you can! Look for "Raise a Glass to Darryl" Fundraising Party August 14th at Flat Top Johnny's in Cambridge.
  Total Donations: $15,162.00
Goal: $14,000

$0 108% $14,000

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