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220 Miles to Save Boobs
As breast cancer survivors, we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to the community and help work towards a cure. This was a tough year and we lost several young women just in our community to this horrible disease. We have also learned of so many who are just beginning their battle with breast cancer. Last year we were thrilled to have completed the 220 mile bike tour on behalf of the Young Survival Coalition, which not only raised money but also awareness that breast cancer does strike women who are younger. We are preparing and getting ready to take on the challenge once again to raise money for this most awesome and incredible organization, the Young Survival Coalition. This organization advocates for young women affected by breast cancer. There will be approximately 250,000 women affected by breast cancer this year; about 15,000 of them will be premenopausal women under 40. Younger women are underrepresented in research studies and research studies drive treatment. The disease tends to be more aggressive in younger women who do not have access to the same treatments that post-menopausal women have. We are humbled and inspired by those who supported the cause, allowing us to be here today. We are reminded daily that there is still so much work to be done as we witness another woman diagnosed or learn of another woman who has died from this terrible disease. These donations mean a great deal to both of us and remind us that hope is out there and we can make a difference.
Carol, Mark and Michelle in New York City--We did it!

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Goal: $5,000

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elizabeth mcgrath $100.00 "Way to go guys!! You two are the best. Liz"
melissa rohde $30.00 "Thanks for the pool. It's great. Melissa"
Janice Marallo $100.00 "Go Girls!!!! "
Seven Cycles $218.00 "Thanks, Michelle!"
Geoffrey Small $50.00 "We love and support you Michelle. Papa G and Nani Lene"
francine parnes $100.00 "Let's raise for the cure! "
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