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Anna Cluxton and Alison Lukan ~ a.k.a. the YSC Puck Bunnies
Welcome to our shameless
money grabbing donation collection page!

The Tour de Pink is over but the fund raising continues!!
We would LOVE to close out our account at the end of 2009 with 10 grand!!
- wanna help?
then give us some money, peeps!!
~Learn more about the YSC at youngsurvival.org ~ 100% of your money goes to the YSC!!
You can't buy "something pink" and say the same the thing!!

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And while you're here ~
make a donation why don't ya'?
"If you're gonna stare at our boobies, the least you can do
is donate some money to save them!!"

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $6,175.00
Goal: $10,000

$0 62% $10,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Miguel Perez $100.00 "Let's go Bunnies. Let's make this happen."
Ricky Caratozzolo $25.00 "Just like alot of people, cancer has played a major and sad role in my life. I lost 2 cousins and a grandfather within a 3 week span to cancer, as well as my aunt a few months prior. I think what you guys are doing is truly wonderful and am more than happy to contribute in any way that I can."
Kym Ganzer $100.00 "Go PuckBunnies!!! Puck Cancer!!!"
Yolanda and Stan Steiman $25.00 "Go PuckBunnies!"
Carolyn Strancke $500.00 "I am so proud of you! Love, Mom"
Zita Ranics $25.00 "This is from LS and I. Much like your Mum, we're also very proud of you. Good luck and have fun kickin' cancer in ass! ;)"
Scott Hamilton $100.00 "I think what you are doing is wonderful, and I thank you."
Heather Jepsen $25.00 "It's amazing what you are doing. Good luck with the training and the ride in October."
Philip Beekley $50.00 "Just enough for now to get you into the 3-digit balance; more to follow!"
Tina Seewer Jacob $50.00 "You two ROCK! Thanks for all you do for the cause!"
Laura Nikolaides $50.00 "Thanks for riding and everything else you both do to help women with breast cancer!!"
Heidi Ehrich $25.00 "You go girls! I have friends and family who have been affected by cancer. Some have won their battles and others have not. This is a great thing you're doing, keep up the good work! Heidi aka sharkiesgirl"
Dan Edwards $50.00 "Hiyo!!!!!!!!"
Robyn Hauser $25.00 "This is for the Mighty Mighty CLUXTON! You may not know it, but you being so open about your experience with breast cancer has helped me in my struggle with Crohn's. You're the best :)"
Brian Vanselow $25.00 "Good Luck with the training, fundraising and actual ride!"
Anonymous $170.00 "Cash donations collected from the Cluxtons and the Masters!!"
LeAnn Allgood $100.00 "I'm excited to follow your training and prep for the big ride! Good luck, and Puck Cancer."
Ann Fonfa $15.00 "Great site, love the costumes. Bunny hop works for me!"
A Spires $50.00 "Enjoy the ride ladies. Proud to know you! Hope you reach the $10k."
Randie Cook $200.00 "Anna and Alison We wish you all the best in this biking adventure. A great cause supported by two great people. Barron and Paul"
Randie Cook $15.00 "Best of luck and have fun!"
Andrea Applegate and Larry Smith $85.00 "Go Puck Bunnies! Ride like the wind!!"
Elise Sheppard $75.00 "I heart you guys. :)"
Dave Cherry $50.00 "Great job!!!"
Lyn Cluxton $50.00 "See you in New York !!!!"
Scott Blair Hidden "Congratulations on completing your ride - great job and good luck in the future. "
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