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Do YOU have the Dollar?

Cheering on the Team is one of Bill's favorite things!

Where is that dollar? The one dollar that will tip the scales from research to cure? It could well be among those you donate today!

Traing started 5/5/08 and this first week has gone well. My running shoes have even forgiven me for having ignored them so long! This morning's long run was just one hour. Not bad.

This page only allows 2,000 characters so I'll be updating it often with training reports, fundraising progress, and Bill's status. Please keep us both in your prayers.

Bill is doing fairly well right now. We are still awaiting news on financial assistance for the Exjade he needs as a result of all the blood transfusions. Hopefully we will hear soon. He is determined not to die any time soon LOL All I can say is "GO BILL!"

Thank you all for being a part of my journey. You can also check for updates on my blog www.mychurch.org/virginia or email me any time DarlinGin@aol.com

5/13 Update Bill spent a very scary Sunday night in the hospital. Todays miles will be even more important to me. Blessed be!

5/17 The week kept right on being scary. Bill has some sort of infection in his blood stream. Spent all day yesterday at the hospital. Bill had a PIC line inserted, got the first of 14 days of IV antibiotics and then a blood transfusion. Will be going back daily for 2 weeks for more IVs.

5/24 Doing miles in the rain is just the pits! :) I'm ready for the repairs in my home gym to be done so I can use my treadmill again. Bill is doing well, impatient with the daily trips to the hospital though.

6/17 Bill is running tired and trying to ignore the need for a transfusion...but he is well. I'm excited to note that I've passed the $1500 mark so on 7/16 when my CD matures I'll be matching that with my own donation! YAY!! Bring on the dollars everyone!

7/29 - I need more donations! Bill is doing fairly well, more days of being very tired and a brief scare last night when he started running a fever. Never got high enough for the ER but felt like I was holding my breath until it went down again. He's white as a ghost though most days. We see the oncologist again on Friday. Neither of us is looking forward to it.

8/27 - It's been a long often scary month since I updated this page. Bill continues to be as active as possible. Frequent bouts of dizziness added an element of danger to living in a home with two flights of stairs. We take things one day at a time. Celebrated our anniversary on the 24th very quietly and with thankful hearts.Hard to believe its now been a year since they said he wouldn't live six months.