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Ben Franklin's (G.Robin Smith's) Team In Training Page

We've raised $5,600.00. We can do $400.00 more!

Honored Teammate Guy Johnson and G.Robin Smith as a Knight and as Dr. Ben Franklin. Both available for a fundraiser near you.:-)

I am G.Robin Smith. I am working to raise $6,000 by October 1, 2007. To help, a family owned hardware store gave $1,250.00. Members of a Medieval re-creation society (some from as far away as Australia and Europe) have given over $2,500.00. Strangers have given money, customers at the store... and we are so close. Only about $400.00 left. If nothing else moves you, how about this: I have been so busy with fundraisers, I have barely trained in about a month. On Sept. 30, I will bike 100 miles in one day. I will be in pain and you can laugh. Go ahead, it's OK! Just giggle and give! We had an auction on the anniversary of the passing of Joseph Boyle from Leukemia (brought in ~$800.00). During the campaign, I lost a good friend, Allen Richards to complications from Leukemia. I want to help stop the hurting and increase the healing. 40 people giving $10.00 each will meet this goal. Please, help. Thanks.
You only need to remember one Web address to come here: remember goBENgo.info.

A special "thank you" to Hardwick & Sons, Inc. (www.eHardwicks.com) for their continual support and assistance. GregRobin.