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Welcome to Art Ritter's "Celebrating Five Years" Cancer Kickin' Campaign

Racing in the Desert for a Cure!

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NEWS FLASH! TNT Particpants in Arizona raised over $3 MILLION in the battle against blood cancers!

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Did you know that EVERY 10 MINUTES someone in the United States dies from a blood cancer? Without cancer research, I would have been one of them. Instead, I will be in remission for five years, and considered cured, this coming December. I am using my gratitude for being a survivor to do something about blood cancer!

I'm winning my battle against cancer! Won't you help me to help others win theirs? Here's the deal: you use your fingers to make an online donation or write a check, and I'll use my legs to go 26.2 miles in Arizona.

Over 114,000 people in the USA alone will be diagnosed with a blood cancer this year. Join my Cancer Kickin' Team by making a donation! Together, we'll team up to fight cancer, and someday, we'll have a cure. Thanks in advance for your support!

Honoring those who have dealt with cancer:

When you make a donation, I will gladly add the name of your honoree. I'll write the names of any one you wish to honor who has suffered from any type of cancer on my web site and on my race singlet. Just e-mail their name to me.


Allan Bernstein, Bob Caggiano, Debbie Hoysa, Joe Boisvert, Ellen Heim, Martha Anne Roberson, Ron Mason, Virginia Forth, Kristin Kalinke, Susan Lord, Julius (Fred) Dalley, Gerald (Jerry) Eastey, Marjorie Smith, Robert Smith, James Vaught, Earl Gowell, Joe Feely, Dr. Kurtis Hess, Rizalino A. Dilag Sr., Rudy Angerman, Linda Cox, Mark Smith, Kelly Bazemore, Mark Duva, Paul Torrice, Larry Burger, Janel Tara Pustilnik, Len Smith, Phyllis Moyer, Wilfred Thibeau, Camilla Stull, Ed Gurdak, Stanley Skolfield, Willis Woods


Ann Ritter, Christine Grudinskas, Dick Dreselly, Ed Stone, Emma McFeely, Eric Lamp, Janice Wedwick, Jane Koehler, Kristen O'Brien, Kristi Garstang, Leroy Sievers, Marguerite Campoli, Mary Beth Gibson, Meg Brown, Nicki Patton, Paul Zamecnik, Susan Lawson, Tommy West, Carole Austelle, Wendy Wright, Loretta Hamann, Bob Banko, Jackie Connors, Barbara Gooby, Pat McAuliffe, Grace Oughton, Joseph Livingston, Marilyn Libman, Madison Chamberlain, Doug Barnett, Rachel Cox, Gerry Adamson, Barbara Adamson, John Hammel, Lillian Kerby, Lorna Noble, Walker Hutchins, Kittie Jackson Edwards, Wayne Gutmann, Kaley Grace Shoemaker, Teresa Burton, Kim Hill, Larry Stewart, Don Hislop, Charles Considine, Barbara Moriarty, Linda Silver, Leona Held, Cheryl Goldstein, Carol Ross, Phyllis Hislop

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 2002 and underwent chemotherapy for six months. You can read about my story here. I've been in remission for over four years, thanks in part to people donating money to fund research to treat this form of cancer. While I was sick from the harsh chemicals used to destroy the cancer, I pledged to do something for others facing cancer when I was healthy again.

I fulfilled that promise in 2005 and 2006 by completing marathons in Anchorage and San Diego as a member of the Team In Training® Program on behalf of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), but the job is not yet finished. Therefore, I am now training with TNT for the P.F. Changs' Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Marathon in Phoenix this coming January. It is particularly meaningful to me that the date of this event occurs just after being in remission for five years.

All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and myeloma from taking more lives. The goal of LLS is to have blood cancers curable or manageable by 2015 - a very challenging goal. We need to be relentless until we have achieved this objective!

Please make a donation to join me in helping to advance the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's mission. If you make a donation and want to honor or memorialize a loved one who has or has had any type of cancer, E-mail their name to me, and I will write their name on my race singlet as space allows. If you would rather make a donation by check instead of an online contribution, please e-mail me using the link above and I will get you the easy instructions.

Please let your friends and family know about my site by forwarding an e-mail with this link, and information about what I am trying to accomplish and why. I appreciate all donations of any amount. Please visit my Web site often and check on my progress. Thanks for your support! Wish me luck!

Ever wonder how far your donation can go?

$25 provides patients and their loved ones with FREE booklets that contain up-to-date information on their disease and help them make informed decisions about their treatment options.

$50 registers one person to be a bone marrow donor.

$75 provides HLA (bone marrow) typing for a family member of a patient with leukemia.

$100 helps supply laboratory researchers with supplies and materials critical to carrying out their search for cures.

$150 provides 10 patients access to a web-conference to learn about their specific blood cancer.

$300 will train 25 peer volunteers who can provide emotional support to newly diagnosed patients.

$500 could provide patient aid to a person with Leukemia or a related cancer for an ENTIRE YEAR.

$1,000 makes possible one- on-one conversations with health care specialists who provide patients with information about their disease, treatment options, and helps prepare them with questions for their health care team.

There is no donation too small. Every journey begins with just one step! Too many lives have been affected by leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and all other blood cancers. All donations make an impact!

About the photo: Here I am around mile 24 of the PF Chang's Arizona Marathon on January 13 with my coach, Sarah. You gotta love her purple hair! Great support during the race from our coaches, LLS staff, teammates, and spectators helped us to fly through the 26.2 miles! Great financial support during fund raising is the real meaning behind Team in Training. That finish line is even more important that the marathon, and the ultipate goal, a cure for blood cancers, can only be reached with a lot of generosity. I thank you again for yours.

My Corporate Donors:
Computer Resource Team, Inc.
My Silent Auction Donors:
Foot Solutions at Crossridge
JJ McFarleys
Nuevo Mexico Restaurante
Ukrops at Crossridge
Sam Miller's
Cha Cha's Cantina
Mary Nell Jackson Pottery LLC
Niwanohana Japanese Restaurant
Blue Ridge Mountain Sports

So far, 119 people / couples (including 11 people who have made more than one donation) have joined my "Cancer Kickin' Team"! Thanks so much to my generous donors:

THANKS TO: Anonymous, Jane Rothrock, Becky Goodwin, Erik Beecroft, Bonnie Shoaf Minson, Alan Raflo, Dorrie Thompson, Janice Wedwick, Mike & Ann Theis, Chip Noble, Bill Conkle, Todd Myers, Carlyn Snook, Anonymous, Kay Lewis, Elizabeth Stevens, Sheila Iuliano, Alton Blake, Todd and Janet Areson, Nan McKenney, Martha Turner, Brock Barnett, Fay Cumby, John Byrne, Jim & Wendi Lichwiarz, Dorothea Socea, Blair Collins, Debora Wright, Ronald Johnson, Leta Greenberg, William Burnette, Donna and Chris Lynn, Jackie Murray, Anonymous, Gwenna Williamson, Gina Dalley, Marcia Borton, Richard & Margery Dreselly, Nancy Brown, Stuart Silverman, Joy and Michael McGowan, Nelly Romero, Bill and Judy Zettel, Rudy and Phyllis Martzke, Pat and Raymond Langelier, Neil and Janice Murray, Sushama Kelkar, Peter Carr, Daryl Cockerham, John Griffin, Lourdes Belarmino, Marian Heffner, Dan Sullivan, Jane Koehler, Brenda and Roland Owens, Ravikumar and Swarnalatha Adikesavan, Kristi Garstang, Cora Schenberg, Mary and CM Northington, Wendy Nelson, Frederick Greetham, Margo Gerber, John Barker, John Palese, Glen Scott, Pat Kearney, Stuart Kaplan, Tyson and Dorothy VanAuken, Patty and Bill Prout, Dan Werner, Lorie Powell, Christine and Tom Grudinskas, Natalie Lontchar, Betty Conner, Cathi Moore, Susan Dunn, Marsha Bernstein, Ann Ritter, Kathy Green, William Spiller, James Rogers, Mike Hammel, Darla Phillips, Charles Winterling, John Murray, Lori Jennings, Bruce Blizard, Wanda Bridgeman, Sterling Durham, Dawn Defuria, Bob & Mimi Pustilnik, Stewart Isman, Mark Hudson, Joan Kerby, Mark Guarino, Charlie Noble, Bharat Mainali, Mary Nell Jackson, Anonymous Donor, Suanne Singer, Keith Warman, Nur Ritter, Kevin Ferlazzo, Paul and Pat Kirtz, Beverly Chambliss, Virgina Benefit Programs Organization, Barbara and Bill Moriarty, Susan Ann Glass, John Nahm, Harry Garmon, Tom and Gordeen Skolfield, Mary Ruth Burton, Karen Held-Kain, Kathy Jackson, Anonymous, Elaine Yeatts


January 17, 2008. I did it!!! 26.2 miles on January 13 in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe! And all this despite getting "seasick in the desert" the morning before. Once again, it was a fantastic event. I was worried that I was not in my best physical condition to complete the marathon in a reasonable time, but actually got a personal best of 5 hours and just under 57 minutes, less than one minute off my original goal. It was also my first marathon in under 6 hours, and I was really excited about that! Thanks again for all of the support.

January 5, 2008. The marathon is one week from tomorrow. It is amazing how quickly time goes by. We had our last team training today, only 8 miles. Eight miles feels really easy, I must say, which is good because 26.2 miles is going to feel pretty tough in a week. I am slowly getting over this cold, although it is hanging on just a bit after 11 days now. I am really glad to be doing this. Just today, I learned about a 12 year old girl who died of leukemia in 2007. That should never have to happen to a child, and I hope that my efforts and your donations will help other children to survive cancer in the future. Thanks again for the support!

December 30, 2007. The hip is feeling pretty good thanks to some exercises and the cortisone shot of two weeks ago, and I was able to get in all my workouts this week. Now I have a Christmas cold, but I have still gotten my miles in. We are in our three week "taper" period, where our mileages decrease each week up until race day. For example, I did 28 miles this past week, a far cry from earlier weeks of 40 miles. That also means I am missing a little less sleep, which helps with the cold. Yesterday was supposed to be a 12 miler, but with one of my teammates injured and it pouring rain much of the time, we shortened it to 10 miles. Everyone on the team was soaked to the skin, and especially having wet running shoes and socks is miserable. But at least it was not a 20 mile day, and at least we were all healthy enough to be out there doing 10 miles in the rain. It surely felt great to get home, put on some dry clothes, stretch out, drink a couple of mugs of hot tea, and get a shower. With the race only two weeks away, I am hoping that this cold is gone soon.

December 22, 2007. I missed a week of training due to the hip injury, which was painful enough that walking at any speed was out of the question. A cortisone shot made all the difference in the world, and I am back into training, with slightly reduced miles. For example, I only did about 15.5 miles yesterday instead of the 20 that was on the schedule. With only three weeks to go to race day, it is more important to not injure myself again than it is to train every mile. I have worked really hard to get ready for this race, and don't want to miss it. So over the next few weeks, as we enter our "taper" period, I will be doing some exercises to strengthen the adductor muscles. If need be, I will slow down a little for the race. Right now, my goals are to finish in any time and to not hurt myself again.

December 10, 2007. Yesterday was my five year cancer remission date! Woo Hoo! At training on Saturday, I celebrated by walking 20 miles. Afterwards, my teammates treated me to a B&B - balloons and bagels! It was a lot of fun - what a great bunch of folks they are! The bad news is that the 20 miles on concrete pavement has led to bursitis in my right hip, which is incredibly painful. Training on the road is not in the cards for at least a few days, but a trip to an Orthopedist is. The timing of an injury is not great with the marathon less than five weeks away, but it is what it is.

December 2, 2007. Because of the trip to Michigan and Thanksgiving plans, I had not trained with the team in four weeks until yesterday. It is so much easier doing these long miles, 14 of them yesterday, with the support and company of one's teammates. Our team is small, as the winter team usually is. TNT does teams in three seasons - spring, fall, and winter. In the other seasons, there are usually 5 or 6 events, but only 3 events for the winter. But while the team is a small one, it is composed of really wonderful women and men. Our coaches, Michal and Sarah, are first rate and so supportive and dedicated, as is my mentor, Theresa. And my teammates are just all really good people. While we all enjoy trying to make a difference in the war against cancer, it is a pleasure to be with great folks while doing so and working so hard.

November 25, 2007. The marathon is in only seven weeks! Since getting back from Michigan, I've done most of my training either at Deep Run Park or at the beach. Yesterday was an 18 miler, my second longest training yet. It was tiring, and sore muscles led to a soothing 15 minute soak in ice water, but it felt good to be within 8 miles of a marathon. The training at Deep Run, which also included several sessions before going to Michigan, was really nice because of the fall colors and not having to worry about cars. There is a nice two mile loop there, and I can repeat it as needed to get my miles in. It was a nice change of pace.

November 18, 2007. I was privileged to spend my granddaughter's first birthday with her in Michigan this past week. I trained when I could, and got in a couple of 9 mile workouts. There is a great foot path in Traverse City that acutally goes for nearly 30 miles. It is a lot colder in Michigan than in Virginia, as one might suspect. There was even some training in snow flurries. Now that I am back in Virginia, I got in six miles today. I was training in shorts and a tee, after driving through a snow storm in Pennsylvania last night on the way home from Michigan. It is amazing what differences a few hundred miles makes in the weather, from a near blizzard to sunny and the 60's. Today's training was going to be 10 miles, but I cut it short when my hamstrings started getting sore for some reason.

November 11, 2007. I got in most of my training miles this week for a change, including a 12 mile walk in Deep Run Park enjoying the fall foliage. I am currently in Michigan, getting ready to celebrate the first birthday of our granddaughter, Aja. I am grateful to be able to see her. A lot of people who get cancer never get the opportunity to see their grand children. I am one of the lucky ones.

November 4, 2007. Gosh, another sub-par training week! Painful inflammation made it impossible for me to train all week until yesterday, when it had subsided enough to allow me to do 10 miles with the Richmond Team. I am grateful for that, but it is still 7 miles less than I should be doing to stay on schedule, so I have more make up work to do. I hope to get my miles in this week, and will be in Michigan next week visiting my granddaughter for her first birthday. So next week's training will involve views of Grand Traverse Bay in Lake Michigan.

October 29, 2007. This past weekend, I got in my first training of the year in the rain. I was at the beach and it started raining a little after 5 miles, and very hard after about 6. I was soaked to the skin, and when Mary came out looking for me with a dry shirt and a towel, she asked if I wanted to come back in the car. I was 10 miles into what was planned for 16 by that time, and decided to do so. Blisters would not be worth doing the extra miles. Now it looks like this week, I will have my first cold weather training. So far, everything has been in shorts and a tee, but those days are gone for now. I also got in my earliest training of the season last week, starting at 4:15AM to get in 8 miles. Yep, I can tell we are coming down the stretch!

October 21, 2007. After a series of weekends traveling and training on my own, I was out with the TEAM yesterday for a 10 miler. It felt great to see my teammates again. On the fund raising front, we are preparing for our Silent Auction this Thursday night, October 25, at Relish in Shockoe Bottom. Join us if you can - free appetizers and lots of items to bid on!

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat." -- Theodore Roosevelt

Our incredible winter 2007 marathon team from Richmond, VA:

Walk team: From left - Suzanne, Theresa, Art, Michal, Robbi. Not present - Jenn

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