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Jennifer Williams's Team In Training Page

Riding to save lives, stopping for treats!

Here is a picture of me at the top of the 5th pass on the Death Ride (Tour of the California Alps).

Welcome to my fundraising page!

I'm doing my 7th century with Team in Training, you can tell I'm a glutton for punishment.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is such a great cause, you'll be helping so many people if you donate to my fundraising.

I love the way it helps at all stages, with research into the disease, help with information, helping sufferers cope with the treatment, and so much more.

I got so much from the ACE (Altitude, Climbing and Endurance) program that I'm back for more!

Update! I've started keeping track of how things are going on a little blog, so if you want to hear how much agony I was in this week then be sure to check it out!! http://jennywennytnt.blogspot.com/