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Together We Can Save Lives One Mile At A Time!

Connor with his mother, brothers Joshua & Jacob, and some Team Tucson riders

Welcome! I am training to participate in the 25th El Tour de Tucson - a one day, 109 mile bicycle ride - as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training. But to quote Lance Armstrong "It's not about the bike". All of us on Team Tucson are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives.

I'm completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling cancer and specifically those fighting blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

If you would like my ride to be dedicated to a friend or a loved one, please contact me at BobnLyz@hotmail.com .

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How Can You Help?
Connor - Team Tucson Honored Teamate
Training Update

How Can You Help?
I have made a commitment to raise a minimum of $4900. This is where you can help.
Firstly, please make a donation. All contributions are welcome. Not sure what to give? 50 cents or a dollar per mile would be fantastic!
Secondly, I'd like to recruit you to help raise additional funds by getting your family, friends and work acquaintances to donate too.

Meet Connor I recently met Connor, who was 8 years old on May 23rd, 2007. Connor is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on June 2nd, 2003. For the past 3 and a half years Connor has received treatment at Tampa Children's Hospital. Connor is a real cutie and I'll be wearing a bracelet he signed when I train for and ride El Tour.

Bob's Mom who did not survive cancer. Gone but not forgotten.
Bob's brother, Mike, who was recently diagnosed with cancer of the eye and is undergoing treatment.
Barb, a dear friend, who has been fighting thyroid cancer for 12+ years. Barb has an incredible positive attitude and is a remarkable person.
Brett Thomas, my wife's nephew, and an oesophageal cancer survivor. I was amazed by the positive attitude Brett had while undergoing chemo etc; it showed tremendous strength.
Jill Martin, 36, who died of cervical cancer.
John Graham, Chester's father, who died of leukemia a couple of years ago.
Michelle Herman, a good friend of Billy and Jean.
Sue Schlegel, a breast cancer survivor.
Susan, the wife of "Fatty", The Fat Cyclist, a (usually) very funny blog web site. Susan recently underwent radiation treatment for breast cancer. There has been a huge outpouring of support from Fatty's fans.
Susan update from Fatty 7/26/07: The tumors in Susan’s lungs are shrinking. By a lot. Like by about 45% in diameter. So we'll definitely keep up the treatment, probably for another six months or so. After that, she’ll have some surgery, then a break for a few months.

Training Update
W/E Saturday September 29th, 2007
Stats for the week: Rode 121 miles, and burned about 6740 calories.
Stats to date: Ridden 2224 miles, and burned 125935 calories

Saturday's TNT ride was on the Suncoast Parkway Trail. George was back with us. Today's ride was going to be a light ride because George has not ridden much in the past 6 weeks. It also worked for me since Chris and I were planning an 85-mile ride around San Antonio on Sunday. The group rode at a leasurely pace. George found it difficult in the early stages but as he warmed up he became more comfortable. I think we all enjoyed the 47-mile ride.

Work is keeping me busy lately. I did manage a ride with the St. Pete Bike Club on Thursday before work.

I didn't want to drive up to Pasco county on Sunday, and so I did a ride with the Tampa Bay Freewheelers. We started at the Tampa-end of the Friendship Trail, rode to Weedon Island and then onto downtown St. Pete. After a short break we rode to Passe-A-Grille, where we again took a break. Riding back to downtown St. Pete there was a headwind and I was struggling to staying with the group. Fortunately we had a break again in downtown St. Pete before riding thru Snell Isle etc to go to Weedon Island and back to the start. I got dropped close to Weedon Island and just rode back to the car. After I loaded the bike onto the car I noticed that the rear brake was rubbing my back wheel. I think I rode back from Passe-A-Grille with the brake rubbing! No wonder I was having a hard time. Rode 57.5 miles. Took the bike into the shop on Monday.
W/E Saturday September 22nd, 2007
Stats for the week: Rode 104 miles, and burned about 5585 calories.

Saturday's TNT ride was on the Suncoast Parkway Trail. No George this week; he went back into the hospital for a check-up. Fortunately he did not need another stent! Frank, Holly and Linda (triathlon coaches), Michele, Coaches Michael and Russ, and myself rode from SR 54 up to SR 50 and back with a detour into Starkey Park. 69 miles. This was Michele's longest ride to date and she did a great job! It's going to be fun riding Tucson with Debbie and Michele.

On Thursday I rode with Chris (Team Tahoe) again on the Friendship Trail before work. We rode 32 miles and averaged 19.2 mph on the last lap.

Sunday - no riding. It's our 19th wedding anniversary.
W/E Saturday September 15th, 2007
Stats for the week: Rode 113 miles, and burned about 6340 calories.

This Saturday was a TNT traing ride at Fort De Soto followed by a potluck picnic. Michele, Debbie and I rode with Coach Michael. Debbie was riding strong. Michele wasn't feeling so good, and so I rode with her. Michele would "grab" my back wheel and we'd work to catch up to Coach Michael and Debbie. Michele never gave up. While riding I learned that Michele has 3 children - one of whom has special education needs - as well as a husband who travels a lot. It must be very difficult to make time to train.
Connor, our honored teammate, Tracey, his Mom, and brothers were Joshua and Jacob were at the picnic and they were all wearing their Team Tucson T-shirts. It was great to see them.

On Thursday I joined Chris (Team Tahoe) to ride the Friendship Trail next to the Gandy Bridge. Each lap - from the St.Pete side to the Tampa-side (into the wind) and back was about 5.2 miles. We did 5 laps. quite a workout.

Sunday's ride was with the St. Pete group from the St. Pete library up to Clearwater, over the causeway to Clearwater Beach, south on Gulf Blvd and then back to St. Pete.
The pace was lot faster than last week. We were sprinting at 32+ mph along the causeway leading into Clearwater Beach. A fast pace was maintained on Gulf Blvd. There was a strong headwind and the peleton was riding at 27/28 mph. The pace was too hot for me and I had to ease up. Like last week I ended up riding alone for about 20 miles to get home; it wasn't a lot of fun dealing with the headwind. Oh well.
W/E Saturday September 8th, 2007
Stats for the week: Rode 135 miles, and burned about 7750 calories.

Saturday's ride was back in San Antonio yet again. George, who'd recently had a stent implanted rode with Coach Michael and Barb, our mentor. Hats off to George. He's determined to do the ride in Tucson.
Chris, from Team Tahoe 2007, came along and he and I rode with Coach Russ, Vince, Michelle and Frank. Very early on Chis and I pulled ahead of the group - Chris doing most of the pulling, of course - and rode hard. We ended up riding just over 61 miles and both of us were tired when we got back to the car park. Coach Russ and the others rode about 40 miles.

On Tuesday I did a quick solo ride out to Weedon Island and back before work. Rode 19 miles.

I decided to do a local ride this Sunday rather than heading back up to San Antonio.This was a ride with the St. Pete group from the St. Pete library up to Clearwater, over the causeway to Clearwater Beach, south on Gulf Blvd and then back to St. Pete.
I rode well, climbed very well and was comfortable riding with the group south on Gulf Blvd. At a stop light I took a snack, was slow clipping back in and lost contact with the group. Merde! Rode the last 20 miles on my own. Rode 54.5 miles and burned 3150 calories.
W/E Saturday September 1st, 2007 - Back to some serious training.
Stats for the week: Rode 162 miles, and burned about 8925 calories.

Saturday we were back in the hills of San Antonio, FL for the Team In Training ride. Coach Michael, Marianne Davies (staff) and I did a 39-mile ride together; the ride was cut short because the weather looked threatening. However, once we got back to the car park the weather did not look so bad and so Coach Michael and I did another 18.5-mile ride averaging just under 19 mph. Coach Michael was complimentary regarding my hill climbing skills. The training seems to be paying off.

Did a quick 16-mile ride on Thursday to test my legs after Sunday's long ride. Average speed riding solo was 19 mph - no too bad.

Sunday's ride was with some TNT alumni on the Suncoast Parkway Trail. It was good to see Kevin, Drew, Lee etc since it's been a while since I rode with them. We rode north from SR 54 to the end of the trail, and then reversed our course. There was a bit of a head wind coming south. Nathan and Kevin did a great job pulling. Nathan, Kevin, Drew and I added a ride through Starkey. Initially my goal was to just do the 80-miles since yesterday's ride in San Antonio was pretty tough. I probably should not have added the Starket portion but I did. However, I was getting very tired and had to slow down with a couple of miles to go before getting back to SR 54. I stopped but Nathan, Kevin and Drew went on to complete their first centruy (100 miles). Well done! Nonetheless, I was very happy to have completed my longest ride to date - 95-miles.

W/E Saturday August 25th, 2007 - Took a bit of a break this week. I don't want to burn out before the ride proper.
Stats for the week: Rode 100 miles, and burned about 5775 calories.

It seems that if it's Saturday it must be San Antonio. Coaches Michael and Russ, Michelle, Frank (an alumni) and myself rode separately from the triathletes. They were going to do a 4-mile run after their ride. Fairly early on I rode ahead from the others and waited for them at the gas station at the end of Trilby. Coach Michael came to fetch me - I'd indavertently missed "Huubard Hill". Coach Michael and I rode that and then it was agreed that he and I should ride together and Coach Russ would ride with Frank and Michelle. Coach Michael did a great job pushing me (by pulling!) and we ended up riding 56 miles at a pretty good clip. I was very tired by the end of the ride.

On Wednesday and Thursday I did a couple of rides with the St. Pete Bike Club. The group started off riding slowly, and so I just rode at my own pace and stayed cleared on both rides.

Sunday - I didn't ride. Lyz's sister Susie was in town and we had a great time celebrating her birthday.

W/E Saturday August 18th, 2007 - Took it easy this week.
Stats for the week: Rode 107 miles, and burned about 6400 calories.

Saturday's ride was on the Suncoast Parkway Trail starting at SR 54. George, who we hadn't seen in a while, was there to wish us a good ride. He couldn't ride with us because he'd had (another) stent inserted during the week. You could say that the cycling saved his life. He'd been on some training rides and had some pain in his chest but he wasn't particularly concerned. After the most recent ride he was having chest pains and this was after he'd been home for over an hour. Since he still had his heart rate monitor on he looked at his display unit and his heart was at 126 bpm - and this is when he'd been sat for an hour. He called his doctor and the rest, as they say, is history. George hopes to be riding with the group in a couple of weeks.
Consequently, it was Coach Michael, Frank (TNT alumni) and myself. We planned to do a 60-mile ride from SR 54 up to SR 50 and back. We rode as a group going north. However, my right quadracept was acting up from mile 1 of the ride; it was only a low grade pain but whenever I stopped the pain was always a little bit worse when we re- started the ride. Consequently, when we started south I rode on ahead and Coach Michael rode with Frank. As usual there was a head wind and it was hard work since I had to fight the wind myself instead of drafting behind someone else (typically Coach Michael). South of SR 52 I was starting to get really tired but whenever I looked around I couldn't see Coach Micahel and Frank. On the one hand I wanted to stay away (pride) but on the other I was thinking that it would be very pleasant to have someone else fighting the wind (rational). With about 4 - 5 miles to go I stopped for water and Coach Michael and Frank magically appeared. We rode back together to SR 54 and it was wonderful drafting behind Coach Michael. We'd ridden 60 miles.

No training rides during the week; sometimes work just gets in the way of having fun!

Debbie, Lyz, Bob, and Barb (mentor) met at J C Penneys at Tyrone Mall in St. Pete to do a training ride. Debbie can only make the Saturday rides infrequently and so this was a great opportunity to ride with her. Lyz is a strong, experienced rider (she trains with the president of the St. Pete Bike Club) who I'd not met before. Initially, as you might expect, Lyz and I rode together at the front and Debbie and Barb would be riding behind us (sometimes quite a way behind us). Lyz suggested that we form a paceline in order to try to keep everyone together. Debbie and Barb were game and they did a great job. We maintained a fairly steady 17 mph or so once we formed the paceline. Debbie and Barb were riding faster but doing less work because most of the time they were drafting rather than fighting a headwind. We rode up to Dunedin, took a 5-minute break and then headed south.
Once we got back to J C Penneys I continued the ride south to the end of the Pinellas Trail and then back to Tyrone Mall. It was leisurely but enjoyable training ride.

W/E Saturday August 11th, 2007 - Team Discovery announce that they will disband at the end of the season! Has the cycling world gone mad?
Stats for the week: Rode 145 miles, average speed 16.6 mph (slow!) and burned about 8165 calories.

W/E Saturday August 4th, 2007 - the Tour De France is over. Team Discovery did a phenomenal job!
Stats for the week: Rode 110 miles, average speed 19.3 mph and burned about 6735 calories.

W/E Saturday July 28th, 2007 - the Tour De France enters Paris tomorrow
Stats for the week: Rode 115 miles, average speed 18.9 mph and burned about 6590 calories.

Saturday we were back in the hills of San Antonio, FL for the Team In Training ride. Nathan, a triathlete, did a lot of work at the front on today's ride. It was hot. After the ride the triathletes and cyclists had a picnic. Coach Michael and Frank did a great job grilling food on the barbecues and there definitely was no shortage of food. Everyone had a great time.
Rode 31 miles and burned 1750 calories.

On Tuesday and Thursday I rode with the St. Pete Bike Club.

Sunday's ride in the hills of San Antonio, FL was brilliant. Chris (from Team Tahoe 2007) joined the TNT alumni today and did a LOT of work pulling at the front of the group. I stayed in second position as close to his back wheel as possible and resting on the downhill stretches. With about 8 miles to go Chris pulled over and I started pulling. It felt like we could keep riding to the ends of the earth - or like lemmings (albeit lemmings on bikes) keep riding until we rode over the edge of the proverbial cliff. We were unstoppable. Unstoppable that is until some shouted out "Stop! Stop! We've missed the turning.". Sacre bleu! Merdre! (swearing in French is mandatory during the Tour de France). We'd just gone from being the lead group to the trailing group! U-turn. Backtrack and take the missed turn. We could see the lead group 400 to 600 yards up the road. I went to the front again and started pulling hard taking the pace up to 25 mph to bridge the gap. Half way across the gap I pull alongside Matt - he's trainig for an ironman. We look at each other and he asks me how I'm feeling. I say "Great" and without another word start working hard again to continue bridging the gap. With about 20 or so yards to close the gap Keven starts pulling. I was glad - I needed a break. We blew past the lead group and pressed on keeping the pace high until we reached the car park where we started the ride. The ride had been hard but everyone really enjoyed it. High fives all around.
Today I was wearing the pink and black "Fighting for Susan" (see Dedications) cycling jersey. I think Fatty would have been proud. Rode 45 miles, average speed 19.9 mph and burned 2560 calories.

W/E Saturday July 21st, 2007 - the Tour De France hits the Pyrenees tomorrow
Stats for the week: Rode 165 miles, average speed 18.2 mph and burned about 9370 calories.

Saturday's ride was back on the Suncoast Parkway Trail from SR 54 to SR 50. We had a couple of stops on the outbound leg to let people catch up but Coach Michael and I rode back without stopping on the return leg (except for road crossings). Averaged 19.3 mph for the last 20 miles. As usual I drafted behind Coach Michael. With a couple of miles to go I could no longer stay on his wheel; we'd been riding at 23/24 mph for the last 8 miles or so. After a half mile or so, Coach Michael slowed and I caught up to him. A really good ride. Coach Michael thinks my endurance has improved. In case you're wondering why Coach Michael doesn't mind pulling it's because he does half ironman triathlons (swim 1+ miles, cycle 56 miles and run a half marathon - yikes!); it is illegal to draft in a triathlon. Rode 54 miles and burned 3060 calories.

Rode with the St. Pete Bike Club before work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Total miles 65.

Sunday's ride comprised a ride with the St. Pete Bike Club followed by a ride with Linda through Snell Isle, Venetian Isle to Weedon Island and back. Got gaught in the tail-end of a heavy storm. Shoes filled with water and clothing soaked; it was actually quite refreshing - the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Rode 45 miles.

W/E Saturday July 14th, 2007 - the Tour De France hits the Alps today
A bit of a rest week this week. Because last Saturday's ride was in San Antonio I didn't do a Sunday TNT Alumni ride.
Stats for the week: Rode 97 miles, average speed 17.0 mph and burned about 5200 calories.
Jeff gave a great talk. He was a triathlete who was diagnosed with leukemia, fought it and participated in several events for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society but now has a more acute form of the disease. On Sunday Jeff was admitted to the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa for a bone marrow transplant and will likely be in the hospital for about 100 days. Despite this Jeff has been a regular, showing up at Team In Training sessions, together with his wife and dog, Dixie, just to provide support and encouragement.

We didn't get to see Connor, our Team Tucson honored teammate, this time. A minor problem with their van prevented them from coming. Thank goodness it was nothing more serious.

On Tuesday and Thursday I rode with the St. Pete Bike Club.
On Thursday the group started out slow, and so I rode away from them because I didn't want to wait. At one point while I was stopped at a traffic light they caught me but then I rode away from them again when it started to rain rather heavily. I attacked hard on an incline riding between 23 and 24 mph and rode the rest of the way on my own.
On Tuesday I just rode in the pack. 18 miles, average heart rate 126 bpm.

Sunday's ride was a leisurely paced 18-mile ride to Weedon Island and back though Shoreacres with friends, Michael and Mark.

W/E Saturday July 7th, 2007 - the start of the Tour De France!
Stats for the week: Rode 144 miles, average speed 17.9 mph and burned about 8400 calories.

Saturday's Team In Training ride was also in San Antonio, Fl. This was the first Team Tucson training ride in the San Antonio area. The day started off hot and humid and it only continued to get hotter and more humid. However, the ride was only 29.5 miles, with a maximum incline of 7.5%, and so was easy when compared to some of the recent Sunday rides. Coach Russ and I play tag in the hills. I overtake him going uphill and he overtakes me going downhill with a little bit of friendly "trash talk" being exchanged to motivate the person being overtaken.

On Tuesday and Wednesday (July 4th) I rode with the St. Pete Bike Club and rode 20 and 48 miles respectively.

Sunday's ride was again in the hills of San Antonio, Fl with TNT alumni. The group is a mix of triathletes, ironmen/women (super triathletes) and cyclists. Early in the ride we rode Trilby Road which is 6 miles of continuous up and down hill (12 since we had to come back along it). I had ridden this section before in the St. Pete Times Bike Tour except it was toward the end of a 44-mile ride; it was defintely easier this time. The steepest gradient for this ride was 12%. However, today's ride was the longest and hardest at just under 48 miles.

W/E Saturday June 30th, 2007
Stats for the week: Rode 126 miles, average speed 18.1 mph and burned about 7210 calories.

Saturday's Team Tucson ride was our longest to date. We rode 23.5 miles outbound, took a break and then rode the return leg. Most of the riders seemed a bit tired on the return leg and in the end Coach Michael and I broke away from the group and rode by ourselves. Coach Michael did all the hard work. He was at the front "pulling" while I drafted as close behind him as I could; Coach Michael was probably doing 30% more work than I was. Often my front wheel was no more than an inch or two from his back wheel. We had a blastI Coach Michael kept a steady pace of around 24 - 26 mph and I was able to keep pace with him and for a couple of miles took over when he slowed down a bit, which really surprised him. Needless to say my heart rate rose up to 160+ bpm when I started pulling. Miles rode 47 miles, and average heart rate 138 bpm.

On Tuesday and Thursday I rode with the St. Pete Bike Club before going to work rather than riding solo. I sat in the middle of the group and let someone else do the work. Average speed and heart rate were 19.2 mph and 127 bpm, which I was very happy with. There may well be some benefit to doing all this training.

Sunday's ride was in the hills of San Antonio, FL. This time I took the correct exit off interstate 75 and got to the meeting point with half an hour to spare. The route taken was similar to last Sunday's ride but we added another trail which in turn added a couple of additional hills to climb. One of them, aptly named 'I scream", had a 14% gradient and was long. Not Tour de France long but long enough. Today's ride was 41.5 miles.

W/E Saturday June 23rd, 2007
Stats for the week: Rode 120 miles, average speed 17.7 mph and burned about 6750 calories.

W/E Saturday June 16th, 2007
Stats for the week: Rode 107 miles, average speed 17 mph and burned about 5700 calories.

We had a very pleasant surprise for Saturday's Team Tucson training ride. All of the local Team Tahoe riders came along for the ride too. They rode America's Most Beautiful Ride - Lake Tahoe on June 3rd, 2007. We chatted during out 30-mile our training ride and everyone said what a great experience they had and how emotional they felt crossing the finishing line. The whole route was lined with people cheering and shouting encouragement. Chris a fast, strong rider got so caught in the atmosphere that riding fast became less important and he found himself stopping to take photos.

Friday went to the Northshore swimming pool to swim laps.

Tuesday and Thursday did a couple of 18-mile training rides before work.

On Sunday I met up with some Team In Training alumni for a 7 AM ride. It was very humid but the wind was light. We did a 42-mile ride on the Suncoast Parkway Trail. The wind picked up during the course of the ride with most of the final 21 miles riding into the wind.

Saturday June 9th, 2007
The marathoners, triathletes and Team Tucson met at Fort De Soto at 7 AM. Each team did their training and then got together afterward for a potluck meal. Connor and several other leukemia survivors joined us. I gave Connor a Team In Training cap, which he seemed to like.

Team Tucson rode a 20 mile ride; the condition were perfect - bright sunshine and a very light wind. Coach Michael told me that we needed to learn to ride while keeping our heart rates as low as possible, which is totally the opposite of what I tend to do when I ride! I rode at 15 - 16 mph and kept my heart rate around 115 bpm. The Team rode well and the coaches seem to be pleased.

I dropped my bike computer after the ride and the LED display is messed up! I'm pretty ticked off about that. When I got home I connected the bike computer to my laptop and thankfully the data did download successfully - I just won't be able to see speed, cadence and heart rate information while I'm riding. Rats!

Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress.