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Me at Autzen Stadium for the Eugene Marathon

Hi friends and welcome to my Team In Training home page.

June 5, 2007--I DID IT!! I finished the course for all my honored teammates and for my dear daughter Jeanne who was injured along the course. She completed the half marathon-13.1 miles nursing a foot injury sustained at mile 9 and managed to power through the pain until one of the medics pulled her from the race at mile 22.5! She was just amazing and it was an honor for me to complete the course for Jeanne and myself in honor of Amelia, Jo Ann, Peter and all our friends and family supporting us along the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Also, a special thank you to my husband Bob for supporting both Jeanne and me through our training and being a part of the TNT race crew on Sunday. He was at mile 24.1 as I walked by...handing out water to the race athletes as they ran/walked/wheelchaired by. I know this is just the starting of my relationship with TNT and hope to be a volunteer and mentor for others. This is such a great cause and an incredible organization to be part of. Anyone who knows me well, also knows I am a person of action and I love being around others who put action to their words. And I count you all among that group. Thank you again. PEACE and LIGHT to you all.

May 30, 2007--Well we are heading to the airport in a few minutes and I wanted to post one last comment before I leave to So Cal for Jeanne's graduation tomorrow and the San Diego Marathon on Sunday. This journey I've been on for the past 4 1/2 months has been fantastic. Thanks to all of you for your contributions to my fundraising campaign, your words of encouragment, and overwhelming support. I do not have the words the describe how I feel at this time. I know you will all be with me as I head out to the runner/walker corral at 5:00 am Sunday morning and until Jeanne and I cross the finish line at 26.2 miles (Between 12:30 and 1:00pm I estimate!) When I started training, my inspiration included my honored teammate James, my daughter's friend Amelia and my sister-in-law Jo Ann. During this journey, I have added Peter Lorincz. I am dedicating mile 13 to Peter, mile 17 to James, mile 21 to Amelia and mile 26 to Jo Ann. Mile 13 is the half way point, mile 17 is the first wall I hit, mile 21 is the second, and mile 26 is the finish! They will help me get through the tough miles as I complete this journey. Again, thank you and I love you all. PEACE.

May 20, 2007--Completed my 20 miler yesterday in under 5 hours and felt I would have no problem with the additional 6 miles for the marathon. Feel good today with no soreness. Now all I have to prepare for is the possible heat down in San Diego! YIKES. Jeanne completed her 20 yesterday in Long Beach and said the weather was perfect. Slight drizzle in the early morning with the sun breaking out around 11 am and more like what the weather has been in the past. Although I understand last year was a scorcher! Anyway, just have to remember to keep hydrated! I'm planning to attend our TNT send off party in Eugene on the 24th to get my jersey and race packet. But most of all to get together with all my Eugene teammates. I've been training mostly by myself, so it will be good to reconnect with everyone. Again, thank you all for your support. This has been the most challenging and awesome activity I've taken on in sometime...and worth every minute of it! Love you all..PEACE.

May 18, 2007--In less than two weeks I will be heading down to SoCal to see my daughter Jeanne walk wtih her graduating class and prepare for the marathon on the 3rd. Will be walking 20 miles on Saturday...my last BIG walk before the marathon. I'm feeling pretty good, have a new pair of shoes that I've been wearing off and on for the past two seeks, so I'm good to go!. I received my confirmation packet from the Rock N Roll Marathon folks with all the details. It's so exciting to know that the marathon is just around the corner. Thank you all for helping me with my fundraising and your encouragement during the past months of training. It really means a lot to me. All my good thoughts and intentions go out to Peter Lorincz who is currently undergoing chemo for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. And to all my honored teammates...Peace.

May 2, 2007--If you've been reading my training diary you are aware that it was my daughter Jeanne who invited me to join her as member of Team in Training. What you may not know is that she is a senior at Cal State Long Beach as a full time student, wokring at a marketing firm, 24 hrs per week, fundraising for LLS , AND training for the San Diego Marathon as well. I am so proud of her and her ability to stay the course despite the pressures of finals, work and physical training. She is $275 dollars from her fundraising goal and I'm asking anyone coming to my website to contribute to my fundraising effort please help Jeanne. You can got to http://www.active.com/donate/tntgla/tntglaJHart1 to contribute to her goal. Thank you so much for your help! You ROCK!!

April 30, 2007--I hit two significant goals this weekend...I walked the Eugene Half Marathon in just over 14 minutes/mi (14:05 to be exact!) and with the help of my foster brother Donald and my brother Gene, I have now surpassed my fundraising goal. Thank you to everyone for helping me the past few months! You ROCK!!! Completing the half marathon had a particular significance for me on Sunday. Last week I learned a dear friend's father-in-law was diagnosed with advanced Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. He had been feeling tired lately and after testing over the past month they discovered Leukemia. He is now undergoing chemo with the hopes of remission. It's so good to know that your generous contributions are going into the research which may save his life. Peter is now in Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene and I dedicated my walk to Peter Lorincz and his wonderful family. As I approached mile 13 all I could do was think of how it must be to cope with the chemo and the last mile of the race didn't seem so long. Now on to prepare for the 26.2 miles in San Diego. Wish me luck!! lol

April 22, 2007--16 miles in the POURING RAIN!! Last Saturday it was up at 5am, drive 2 1/2 hours to Eugene, walk 16 miles with my walking partner, Heather, get back into my car...soaking wet...drive 2 1/2 hours home again! Whew!! I've never been sooo wet and cold and been so determined! I just kept on thinking about what it must be like to be in chemo and my short inconvenience didn't seem so bad. Actually, after I took a hot shower and iced my knees, I didn't feel too bad, and by Sunday I was just fine. I'm getting ready to walk the Eugene Half-marathon next Sunday as part of my training. It should be fun and several of my teammates will be there as well. Only 6 more weeks to San Diego! Thanks again to all my supporters. I've got $200 to go to reach my fundraising goal! I'm hoping to reach it by the end of the month. My daughter Jeanne is doing well with her training and has a little over $600 to raise herself. I'm so proud of her and her ongoing committment to TNT. Now on to continue training and keeping healthy! GO TEAM!!

April 11, 2007--Just a little over 7 weeks to go until San Diego and only $470 to go to my fundraising goal. I was amazed to learn see how much information about Leukemia, Lymphoma and other blood disorders is available at http://www.lls.org I encourage anyone reading this entry to go to this website and see what the society is doing with your contribution. Please...let your friends and family know about what we are doing here and encourage them to make a contribution if not to LLS, than to something they can support and/or be passionate about. Its so important for people like you and me to take action and not sit back thinking others will take care of the situation. Anyway...end of rant. :D I think I will go out and do hill training in the rain today, in Eugene even though it's been cancelled. Wish me luck! haha

April 5, 2007--I am humbled by the supportive response from everyone helping me achieve my TNT fundraising goal. Everyone has been so generous. Only 8 more weeks until the marathon in San Diego. Training begins to be more intense with my mileage increasing to 14 miles this Saturday. I will have a little preview of the marathon on Sunday, April 29th when I walk the Eugene Half-Marathon. If you are in the Eugene area on that day, stop by to say hello! lol. I'm really noticing my pace increasing as a result of the different walking techniques demonstated by my coach, Jill. I've increased my pace over what I did over 5 years ago when I walked the Portland marathon! I hope to finish the San Diego Marathon in less than 6 hours. We shall see...of course! :D

March 26, 2007--Walking in Scottsdale, AZ was wonderful, With the Camelback Mountain as a backdrop for my early morning training was so enjoyable. Even did a little walking along the Red Rock area of Sedona...walking around the shops that is! LOL Thank you all for your contributions. Still have about $1000 to go, so if you know of anyone looking for a good cause...send them my way..PLEASE! I will be training with my TNT group this weekend working on doing the full marathon in San Diego. Woo Hoo! :D

March 12, 2007--As recommittment gets closer and closer (March 24th) Jeanne and I are considering walking the full marathon 26.2 miles! If so, I will need to bump up my training routine starting now! lol I'm up for the challenge, especially when I know the depth of support out there for our cause. I keep thinking what JoAnne and Amelia must have gone through during their treatments and my training aches and pains don't seem so bad. Only $1,144 to my goal!! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to my fundraising goal. Your my heroes! If you know of anyone who would be interested in what Jeanne and I are doing, please feel free to send them our website link. You can reach Jeanne's site at http://www.active.com/donate/tntgla/tntglaJHart1 Until later....Peace!

March 6, 2007--Yay!! I made it to last Saturday's TNT training in Eugene. Up at 5am, drive 2/12 hrs, walk 9 miles then drive home. As you can imagine, I was ready for a nap! I walked the 9 miles with one of my teammates Heather and had a wonderful time. I'm the only TNT Eugene teammember walking the San Diego Marathon, so it was great to have someone to walk with me. Heather is recovering from a knee injury and is walking as part of her therapy. I'm doing well so far...a few issues with my feet, but nothing I can't deal with as long as I pay attention to them. lol Thank you to my friends from my old investment club! Your contributions have helped lift me closer to my fundraising goal Only about $1,300 more to go!

February 28, 2007 Training in the rain & snow is soooo fun! Actually, I've been hitting the gym more than outside to keep up with the training during the week. My long walk this last weekend (5 miles) was near my home in Sumner. With the encouragement from my husband Bob, I weathered the rain and wind during my walk around our little valley! Next weekend, I hope to join my Team In Training group in Eugene....lol Thank you all for your generous donations! Because of your contributions I'm over the 1/2 way point to my fundraising goal. Just the knowledge of your support means so much to me and Team in Training. You are a valued member of the team !

February 15, 2007 Thank you so much to everyone helping me attain my fundraising goal. You are the best! My training is going well, not too many aches and pains as I'm walking around Coos Bay, OR. I had the opportunity to walk with my Eugene TNT teammates last Saturday morning around the U of O Campus. I hope to join them every other Saturday if I can make the 2 1/2 hr. trip before starting time...LOL.

A shout out to Aaron Thomas, president of Thomas and Sons for being a Bronze sponsor for the Spring 2007 season! Also, to Jackie and Cindi at United Risk for their generous contribution and my amazing contributor Ron Opitz who has been fighting his own battle with cancer. GO TEAM!!

January 27, 2007 You are probably wondering how I decided to take on this challenge and I have my daughter Jeanne to thank. Last November she lost a very dear childhood friend to Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Amelia would have celebrated her 23rd birhday in January. Her death hit us all very deeply, but also has inspired us to do something positive about this terrible disease..Cancer. Jeanne decided she wanted to join the Los Angeles Team in Training group to help with her grieving process and I immediately wanted to help support her. What better way than to join the Eugene TNT group!

I also lost my dear sister-in-law to cancer just over three years ago. Joanne was just a year older than me, a Triathalon athlete and an inspiring high school teacher. Both Amelia and Joanne are my inspiration for this race and I know will be with me in spirit as I train for this event.

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance the Society's mission.

I hope you'll visit my web site often. I will be posting a log of my training and fund raising efforts. And if you are in San Diego on June 3rd. come out and cheer us on! Thanks so much for your support! I love you all! :D