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This fundraising event is now complete. Thank you for your support.

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John's Race for a Cause

Racing to Save Lives, Be Less Fat

When in the course of human events a man decides it is easier to lay around playing video games and drinking beer, it behooves that man to get off his rump and do something. To that end, I am asking you, dear friends, to help support me - and the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - in my quest to run 26.21875 miles or 42.195 km. Yes, friends, I'm running a marathon for Team in Training, an organization that helps fatsos like me destroy themselves through the glory of sport and to support research in leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.

How can you help? But making sure I actually run and don't skulk off into the corner AND by donating to my $4,000 goal

Why am I doing this? It's not just vanity, although I am vain. I appreciate the effort TNT puts into their events and fundraising the tireless dedication they have for their volunteers. There's a lot of mess in the world - it is always too much with us - but to be able to help, even a little, encourages me even more than getting down to my original weight (8 pounds 3 ounces) . I have a young son now, and imagining even a 10th of what parents with sick children must go through is heart-wrenching.

This is my donations page. I will be adding updates to my TNT blog, www.bigwidelogic.com/TNT. To donate, simply click on the button on the side and send away. It's not for me - it's for leukemia research. If you want to do something for me, send me books on tape, because finishing 26.21875 miles will probably take me four to six days.

Thank you for your kind support.