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Princess McKenna Johnson Forever in our Hearts 11-27-07

Hi! I'm Josie Oxley and many of you who know me know that this past November, my son, Brandon, lost a very close friend due to complications from her 2nd BMT for Lymphoma. This loss has been very hard on both Brandon and myself. We know that McKenna is smiling down on us with her PINK angel wings, and now we want to show her something in return. I am running the Rock-N-Roll marathon in San Diego on June 1st with McKenna's mom, Krista, and a few friends. Together we will be running for not only McKenna, but all of those who are battling or passed away from Lymphoma & Leukemia, including Sean Joyce, another Oxbow student, my cousin, Nick, an ALL survivor & all others. I am also running for Evan Cousineau, a cutie from CA. Though he suffered through ALD (which is non-cancer), he is another true inspiration in my running. When I'm training and start to feel tired, weak & sore, all I need to do is picture McKenna, Sean, Evan, Joel & all other angels in heaven that are carrying me with their wings to keep me going. My running is NOTHING compared to what they went through. I truly admire each & every one of those kids & all those who have or are suffering from these horrible diseases. Please help us with our mission to find a cure from Lymphoma & Leukemia and end the pain for all! Whether it's $10 or $1,000, every bit helps to get me to CA and to help educate, research, and help those with Leukemia, Lymphoma & Myeloma. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE! McKenna's story is one that touches your heart. Please visit her web site: www.caringbridge.com/mn/mckenna