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26.2 Every Step for Jamie

Everyone has someone in their life that has made a huge meaningful impression on them and for me it was one of my best friends – Jamie Willbanks. Jamie and I were college roommates and good friends. I witnessed Jamie give her life to Christ and grow to become the kind of Christian that the Lord would be proud of. Jamie was diagnosed with Leukemia in the fall of 2005 at the age of 28. Jamie’s battle with this horrible disease was a tough one. She suffered 4 relapses before they could get it into remission. Jamie had 6 wonderful months of remission before the leukemia came back. Jamie is the one who called her doctor at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and clued them in that something was wrong, she just did not feel right, they listened and started some tests that showed the Leukemia was back. Jamie went back to Barnes hospital for the last time on April 24. By God’s grace I got the chance to see her the next week. She looked good, she was strong, and eating good. I really believed she would make it. I tried to be encouraging and talk about when she got out what we would do, and several times throughout the day she would stop me and say “But if I am not, it is ok.” She was ready to go home to her Lord anytime he called her. The hard part for Jamie was leaving behind her 4 year old daughter, Kayna, and her loving husband Matt. She trusted God with all her heart and knew that whatever his plan was that it was his will. Jamie's unwavering faith was seen by all that knew her. She had total faith that God was in control and that he had a plan for her life. Throughout Jamie's 18 months of Leukemia she spoke at countless churches bringing her testimony to hundreds and saving many lost lives. God called Jamie home in the early hours of May 15, 2007. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord embraced her and had tears of joy and pride in his eyes when she walked up to the gates. Some people forget that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so we should not take today for granted. Jesus told his followers that the road on earth would be hard and have many trials, but if we look to him and believe in him our reward would be ours in heaven. I am running this Marathon for Jamie. Jamie was always the one in our group of friends that would take a stand for the Lord. I have been a Christian since I was 12 and not until lately would I take a stand for him. I want this marathon to be a praise to the Lord who through him all things are possible. I desire the kind of faith like Jamie had and this marathon is not for me but for Jamie and to show God's Glory!! I will miss my friend but I have the comfort and hope of knowing where she is and that someday I will be with her - Forever! When I was at the hospital with Jamie she was hoping to be home for her town’s Relay for Life, but she never got to make that date. So I am taking on the honor of running 26.2 miles for her and everyone that has had to suffer through or has been touched by this horrible disease. Thank You and God Bless The Picture included on this page was taken when Kayna was 18 months and before Jamie was diagnosed with Leukemia. The wonderful people that have already donated are: Sheila Laurin $100.00 Go Tina! You are always on my mind and in my prayers. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's passing, but you are doing a wonderful thing for her. I love you, Sheila 05/30/2007 Online Eddie Bowers $50.00 The world needs more people like you, Tina. 05/30/2007 Online Elaine Campbell $100.00 With Gods Speed. I love you very much. MOM 05/30/2007 Online Scott Swope $30.00 05/31/2007 Online Helen Youngblood $100.00 God bless you for doing this Tina. I know that Jamie would be pleased. 05/31/2007 Online Laura Cowart $10.00 Wishing you a speedy, safe run! 05/31/2007 Online Dee James $20.00 Tina, I wish you knew how proud I am of you. You're in my heart and prayers. With much love and respect--NaNa Dee 05/31/2007 Online Anonymous $100.00 06/01/2007 Online Rick And Nina Roberts $100.00 Tina, thanks for what you are doing in memory of Jamie. She was a special friend to us too. 06/01/2007 Online Gary & Carla Yarber $100.00 06/01/2007 Online Kara Borgmann $50.00 Tina, you're the best. Jamie will be with you every step of the way. 06/02/2007 Online Anonymous $20.00 In memory of a wonderful friend. 06/03/2007 Online Paul & Violet Martin $50.00 for a wonderful person Jamie Wilbanks 06/04/2007 Online Anonymous $25.00 In memory of one of the most amazing women this world will ever see! 06/05/2007 Online Debra Kottwitz $50.00 We never understand why God takes one so young, my belief is that he also has to have rosebuds in heaven, thus the young ones. Our goal is to all reunite with our loved ones and friends for eternity. 06/06/2007 Online Dean Bowers $25.00 06/08/2007 Online Anonymous $30.00