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"Feed the warrior!" --Lance Armstrong

Dear Friends, My name is Ryan Blankenship, and I graduated from Millington Central High school in 2005. I am a 21 year old junior studying Mathematics at Christian Brothers University. I am in Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University of Memphis and will commission in the Navy upon graduation. Through my time with the Navy, I have come to enjoy running quite a bit. I happened to come upon a running program that would make me a better runner and help fight cancer at the same time, a win-win situation, so I had to take the chance. The program is called Team in Training, and it trains me to run a major race (e.g. marathon or triathlon). In my case, I am running the Country Music Half Marathon, which is 13.1 miles, in Nashville, TN on April 26, 2008. I have been training hard the past few weeks and will continue to train until the event so that I can greatly improve my last half marathon time. Team in Training benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), which is involved heavily in research to find a cure for cancer and in aiding and comforting those that have cancer. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society does so much for cancer patients, and I want to help them. You can, too! I am raising money for LLS with 75% going directly to cancer research and patient care. I have set a goal of raising $2,000 dollars, and I need your help to get there. Thinking that cancer does not affect you? Think again. According to research, 39% of women and 45% of men in this country will get cancer in their lifetime. Those are phenomenally high odds that you will be affected by cancer at some point in your life. So let’s fight cancer together. Please donate what you can. Remember that every little bit helps. Thanks for considering and thank you very much if you decide to donate. God bless. Sincerely, Ryan Blankenship P.S. Don’t forget, donations make a great (late) BIRTHDAY PRESENT! (January 6th just passed.)