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Doug Cichon's Team In Training Page

Tri-ing to Make Cancer History

Shannon, Treacy, and me (right to left) with our medals after the Clover Classic 5k!

Welcome to the most important website I've ever made -- One that saves lives!

Let me start by briefly introducing myself. My name is Doug, those who know me in online circles know me as the Relentless Runner; and that sums up half of my life pretty well! The other half of my life is the exact opposite of an endurance athlete, as I'm also working on my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Kentucky (Go Wildcats!).

I had heard of Team in Training (TNT) in the past, but it wasn't until really researching them that I found out what they were all about. TNT turns every day people into athletes, role models, and heroes. While training for our event, we raise money for one extremely worthwhile cause: battling blood-related cancers. Being part of an event of this magnitude was something I had wanted to do "some day." You know how often we tend to dip into that "some day" pile!

However, near the beginning of 2008, my friend Treacy intervened: she approached me with an intriguing question, "Would you be interested in Team in Training?" So I sat down and did some thinking. Having the scientific mind that I do, I started making two lists: Pros and cons. Here's what I came up with:

Reasons to join:

  • Help support the researchers battling cancer
  • Do my part to fight back against a disease that has left nearly nobody unaffected
  • Raise awareness regarding the impact of blood related cancer
  • Help others while doing something I love
  • Make some awesome new friends!

Reasons not to join:

  • ...?

Yeah, I got nothing. Any reason I could come up with to not join was, quite frankly, lame!

So here I am, staring straight in the face one of the most monumental goals I've ever set for myself. In the next five months I will be training to compete in the Philadelphia Insurance Olympic Distance Triathlon (Swim 1 mile, bike 25 miles, run 6.2 miles; back to back to back!) while raising money to help fight leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. I've set an ambitious goal to raise $5000 to do my part in this battle!

Since my brain works in numbers, let me throw a few your way:

  • Every five minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood-related cancer. Someone was, more than likely, diagnosed while you were reading this.
  • Every ten minutes someone dies from a blood related cancer
  • Since TNT started, the childhood survival rate of leukemia has risen from 5% to over 80%!
  • 75% of your donation will go towards curing blood-related cancers and improving the quality of life of it's victims

Fighting a disease as elusive as cancer is not a small task. It takes a team, a big team. I am inviting you to join the team that fights these blood-related cancers. But don't worry; I'm not asking you to swim, bike, or run anywhere (although I still encourage it!), I'm asking you to contribute to the cancer fighting team with a donation. If you're able to donate generously, it will be appreciated more than you know! However, as a college student I understand situations where money is tight. Anything you can give will help us win this fight, and will be appreciated enormously! Note: all donations are 100% tax deductible!

Finally, stay up to date on my training for this event by stopping by my blog!

Thank you for your time!

Doug Cichon

Racing to honor the following people:

  • Donald Armstrong - Lost the fight April 17, 2008. Please keep his family in your thoughts & prayers.
  • Aunt Mary
  • Paul Hirschberger
  • Mrs. Gschwendtner
  • Great Aunt Elizabeth
  • Barney Vigna, Sr.
  • Peder Pedersen
  • Darrin Kaiser
  • Taylor Gettinger
  • Ken Lively
  • Jennifer Seiben
  • Josephine Chamlin
  • Tom Steinbach
  • Lucy Viviana
  • John Kaltz
  • Steve Kaltz
  • Danielle Spencer
  • Leonard Andrews
  • Marie Jensen
  • Claire Wilson
  • Vivian Boundy's Grandma Stein
  • Evelyn Hickox
  • Susie Jacobs
  • Grant Hattermann
  • Bruce Boyer
  • Wilma Ford
  • Seth Galloway
  • JoAnn Harcar