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Racing to Save Lives

In Honor of Brandy Hidalgo Vargas

Hello everybody. There is LESS THAN 1 WEEK left until I run 26.2 miles! On Saturday, April 5, I completed 20 MILES on Chicago's lakefront path. It was quite the emotional and physical accomplishment. I have put in the training time and miles, and I am ready for a fun-filled, challenging weekend both mentally and physically. As you can see, I have exceeded my fundraising goal because of the generous support of my family and friends, as well as friends of friends of friends. Just to remind you of why I am running.... As you know, I will be running in honor of my very dear friend, Brandy, who is also my Pi Beta Phi sorority sister from Monmouth College. She is a two-time survivor of "The Hodge." When I began my journey with TNT, I asked Brandy for her thoughts on the LLS organization. In her own words, Brandy stated, “I know them very well. They help pay for my visits to the hospital. I can't imagine what I and others would do without their help.” Every step I have taken and continue to take helps Brandy, and others like her to be one step closer to cancer-free forever. Training to complete 26.2 miles has not been easy. However, my “pain and suffering” is nothing compared to what Brandy and her family have gone through over the past few years. While I am supporting my friend, I am asking you for your continued support as I finalize my training. If you have not yet made a donation, please contribute today. Be a part of the cure! Thank you so much. Amy Smith