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Run Roshni, Run!

running in the race for a cure.

Hey there!

If you've ended up at this website, you likely know me or know a little bit about me. Or maybe not.

Whatever's the case, I'm Roshni Ray, 24, and a lung cancer researcher at UCSF. More to the point, I don't exercise. At all. Or at least I didn't before I joined the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society's Team in Training Program. What I'm saying is, I never played a sport in college, high school, middle school, etc. Before June 10th of this year, only once in my life had I run even a single mile without stopping (in 10th gym class). I'd never so much as tried to run more than that.

In my freshman year of college, my maternal grandmother (with whom I was very close) was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and succumbed to the illness less than two years later. In her honor, and in honor of the millions of heroic survivors and victims of blood cancers, I'm planning on running the San Francisco Half Marathon...yup, all 13.1 miles!

Please support me in my quest to go from zero athleticism to half marathon runner by this October. All donations are greatly appreciated by not only myself, but the thousands are living (or will be diagnosed) with blood cancers today.

Thanks! -Roshni

PS. I'm creating a blog chronicling my training experience, so please be sure to check back often and see how much closer I am to achieving my goal!