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Abid's running a triathlon, and he can't finish without your help

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Everyone needs a hero, and my hero is my dad, a cancer survivor.

Hi everyone,

In September 2007, I plan to run a triathlon with Team In Training. They take average people like me and train them to be endurance athletes. I am shooting for an Olympic Triathlon, which means:

  1. 1 mile swim (in the ocean!)
  2. 25 mile bike ride
  3. 6 mile run

Training started in June, and it's not easy :)

I am doing this primarily because I want to volunteer my time, energy, etc. to something meaningful. Each triathlon participant needs to raise at least $3,200. These donations go to cure cancer. 75% of my goal of $3,200, and 100% of every dollar thereafter, will go to research and pay for medicine and care of current patients.

More than 35,000 cases are diagnosed with Leukemia each year, just in the United States. And more than 22,000 deaths will be attributed to it. Because of Leukemia research, the 5-year survival rate has gone up 4x. Your donations can help it go even higher.

You can get started by choosing the amount you want to donate and clicking "Donate Now!" on the left.

Every contribution counts, no matter what the amount. Your contribution is tax deductible, so be sure to print out the receipt, or save the confirmation email you will get. If you would prefer to mail me a check, you can download and print a donation form here: Download and print donation form

I will also be keeping a diary of my training experience at abidmohsin.blogspot.com

Thank you thank you thank you!



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