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Minnie's Iron Man 2008 Fundraising Page

Iron Man Kentucky 2008

Welcome to my Iron Man home page. Grrrr! Hard core:

  • 2.4-mile swim
  • 112-mile bike ride
  • 26.2-mile run

I'll be representing in Kentucky in August. It turns out that its hard to get a spot in an Iron Man unless you're either a very hard core athlete or competing as part of a team. I'll be competing as part of the Team in Training SF Iron Man X team.

I've given up drinking and taken up 6am swims in order to compete in this event. I've also taken up fundraising. I dont like fundraising, but that's what this is--my fundraising page.

Your Team in Training donation goes to help fight blood cancer, motivate me to get out of bed before sunrise, and swim in the Ohio river in the middle of August.

I really appreciate your support, Minnie

PS: We are encouraged to post photos of ourselves "in action". Posting photos of myself is like asking for money--not my strong suit. But, for those interested: this is what i look like on a 6am ride.