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Give2theBucket ..she is running to save lives!


Goal 26.2 Miles

My friend Araxi has offered to donate a photo session to my fundraising. She has mad skills behind the camera and I am so excited to be sharing this with all of you. This is how it works. This is an opportunity drawing for a photo session with Araxi. For every $10 you donate your name will be entered once into the drawing. Give $20 and your name is entered twice, get it? Got it? Good. :-) It really is an awesome prize package because look at everything she is giving away in the drawing. If your name is chosen this is what you will receive - A one hour portrait session with Araxi. - (3) 8x10 prints of your choosing from the session - A DVD Slide show from your session (comes complete in a leather case and a 4x6 print) - A disk of all your images! She will travel up to one hour from the Pasadena area. It is simple and the money is going to such a worthy cause! If you can't donate we ask that you just spread the word. If you don't want the session you can always gift it to someone! Click here to donate - http://www.active.com/donate/tntgla/give2thebucket The drawing will be held on May 1st. Anyone who makes a donation between April 14Th and April 30Th is in the drawing. Please pass on this information to anyone who you think would be interested. Check out her site @ http://araxiphotography.com/

**WINNERS POSTED BELOW - Scroll down to April 9th training post** Scrapbook Opportunity Drawing to help the fight against Cancer


For each $5 you donate you will be entered once. Donate $20 and your name will be entered 4 times, it’s that easy and all the money goes toward a good cause. All donations must be made between March 31 and April 9th. Winner will be chosen on April 9th 8:00 pm Pacific Time. Winner will be contacted by email or go to http://www.active.com/donate/tntgla/give2thebucket after 9:00 pm on April 9th and the winner will be posted on the website. Anyone can enter and your donation is greatly appreciated. 

2 Scarlet Lime Scrapbooking kits: February and March main kits

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist 6 colors: Periwinkle, Cherub Pink, Sea Glass, Patina, Graphite, and Pink Ink

Maya Road Chipboard: Microchips Motif Buttons Neutrals, Fresh Chipboard Hearts and Bird Coaster Album

Bohemia Embossed Chipboard “Bliss” Shapes

Me & My Big Ideas – Glitter Chipboard-Dark Pink

Teresa Collins New Scrapbooking paper lines of Damask, Journal-it, Bella Girl, and Boardwalk

Making Memories 9x9 Coral Mini Album

7 Gypsies Seal Stamp

4 mini composition books (3.5” x 4.25”)

Thickers: Roller Rink and Platforms

Foo-a-la Savannah Glitter Chip Alphabet

Heidi Swapp Chipboard Kits: 3 Rectangles Grass-White, Jet-White, Icee-jet & 1 Circles Pink-Brown

Queen & Co Felt Fusion: Football-brown, Basketball-orange, Vehicles-red, Vine-black, Eggs-pink, Vine-green, Soccer-black, and Fish-blue

Queen & Co Felt Board – Bold Black and Pure Purple

The Craft Collection Adhesive Roller refill

Glitz Frosting – Yellow & Red Bazzill Cardstock Strips- Chablis, Rio, and North Sea

1 Team in Training T-shirt & a Scrapstrong bracelet.

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Have you ever done something that just made you cry? Have you ever had someone on side of the street cheer your name and thank you for what you're doing? 

I have and the feeling is 'INCREDIBLE'! This is my 5th season.. yes 5th season with Team In Training. Sometimes I wonder, why do it? Why continue to run marathons? 

So why do this? 1. I love blisters *yeah right* and 2. When I see where the money goes, and who it's helping.. how can I not fundraise for such an incredible cause. 


I dedicate this season to some very special people: Audrey Duffy and Camelia Coupel, very dear friends, Andrea Rosales, my aunt, and Chloe Quinn, a very special 4 year old girl.

My training log


tia_andrea copy5 miles just for fun. LOL. Yeah imagine that. I did pretty good. I love the feeling. I reconnected with some old friends. Audrey Duff, our honored teammate, came out for a chat. I swear each time I see her I tell myself, I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to cry. What do I do? I cry. She is such an inspiration. 

On a side note, my aunt is doing awesome. Her memory is coming back and she is as spunky as ever. Her radiation treatments are over next week. Please say a little prayer for her and hope the tumor is shrinking. I'm not sure when the chemo starts, but I will keep you posted. 


Bucket 9 miles oh yeah feeling good! Ok don't laugh but I really do feel good. It's been a while since I've done 9 miles, at least a month :-) I was a little sad I did most of the run by myself - I'm either too slow or too fast for some of the other participants. I'll just *smile* and say I am too fast. I wore my nike+id thingie and it had my mileage at 11 miles doing a 13:45 miles a minute. WOW 13:45 is SLOW.. I need to pick it up, but eventually I will. The thing I don't like is getting blisters, but so what. Getting a blister is nothing compared to fighting cancer right. So like my glasses say "When money arrives Cancer dies". This is why I do it, so that others can have a fighting chance. Thanks for taking the time to read my training journal here. And yes I missed last week, I was a little under the weather and missed the hike up killer hill last weekend. :-)  


I woke up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning... yeah sleeping in sounded so good. I told my mentor Kelly, "If it rains I'm not going out there!" She laughed at me. I woke up, no rain! It was cold and windy but no rain. Then I started thinking about killer hill and the 10 miles I had to do today. The 10 miles I wasn't worried about, it was the going up killer hill in the wind that worried me. Imagine this, stand in front of a full force fan and try walking into it, yeah that is what going up killer hill in the wind is like. Where is killer hill you ask? Well for those local friends of mine, you know where Joanne's is in Porter Ranch. You know that hill up Porter Ranch Drive? Yeah imagine going up that hill in the wind. The good thing is I finished my mileage and I did it with a smile. I sometimes wonder, is there anyone this terrible disease has not affected? Seriously, think about it. Imagine a room with 100 people. Ask those who cancer has affected to stand up. I was in such a room not to long ago, and imagine this.. not one person was sitting down. *SIGH* Thank you again all of you have supported me in my quest to help others find a cure!


Shin splints.. that's what they call them. They hurt like heck. Imagine this, your trying to walk/run and ouch, each step hurts, ouch. I tried walking them out, normally they go away after the first few miles, this time they didn't. I cried.. yeah I cried in public. I kept telling myself, they don't hurt, they don't hurt. It didn't work. It happens every season, I get shin splints when we hit the long mileage part of our training. I kept telling myself not this season, they aren't going to get me. I was wrong. I was supposed to do 12 miles today and I couldn't do it. I did what I could and went home crying and disappointed. I know there are worst things in life, but you have to understand it's really important for me to complete this season with a bang. This week I'll be taking it a little slow and working out those shin splints. I changed out my shoes and lets cross our fingers that works. As my friend Sue Baker says "Go Bucket, Go Bucket!".



Imagine my relief when I was able to do 13 miles with no shin splints. It's true. We had a visiting coach from another team who came out for the day and she showed me the most awesome stretch for my shins. I looked at her and said I could never thank her enough. I felt so motivated and so good about my progress I felt like I could on forever. No really.. yeah I'm lying but I did feel good about it. I really do have the most awesome teammates, not sure if I have mentioned them lately but I do, one in particular Susana Guzman. She has arranged for us to have a Salsa Lesson fundraiser with Alex DaSilva. He is one of the choreographers for the show "So you think you can dance". I'll be sure to post pictures here and let you know how it went. If you happen to read this and want to attend the fundraiser, click here for more info The fundraiser is in North Hollywood, California, if you're in the area I hope you stop by and say hi. It should be a lot of fun.


The fundraiser was a huge success. Check out the photos below.

Thank you all who attended. Lets do it again!


The drum roll please…… the winners are….. Grand Prize Winner: Jennifer Waters Consolation Prize Winners Largest Donor Prize: Jackie Rodriguez Last person to donate prize: Kimberlee Patton Kayla Lamoreaux Kim Langston Becky Heisler Sue Fields Jackie Rodriguez You can look at the video if you’d like, and yes I am a total NERD for doing this. But in my mind I think it makes it more meaningful to see your name being drawn out of the box. Doesn’t it? Anyway… when you look at me…and yes that is me all in my glory. Please don’t laugh.. at least not too much. My excuse is.. I’ve been up since 5:30, worked 8 hours, went to team practice, then to my casino night meeting. Yeah.. it’s been a long day, but still it’s been a fabulous day.


Coaches workout..No Problem... hahah After a slight warm up I get down in the praying position and start doing my shin splint stretched... and I hear "bucket why you praying?" I start laughing and start thinking praying I get through this heat and run in one piece...hahah... It wasn't bad. We also had cake to celebrate our teams first goal of $100,000!! Yeah baby. What a lot of people don't realize is that a lot of the money we fundraise for goes right back to the patients. If they need help with paying their bills or even paying for their medication the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is right there to help them. Just know all you donate is going to a wonderful organization that is helping those in need. A million thank you's for all of your support.

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