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April 15th, 2008

If you are in Tucson in May make a special point to join with my friends and I on May 22nd at 5:30 PM for a Huge Business Charity Mixer at Anthony’s in the Catalinas on Campbell Ave. at Sunrise Drive. There will be a couple hundred people in attendance having lots and lots of fun not only meeting new people but participating in the raffles, silent auctions and complimentary appetizers.

Details for Your Enjoyment:

Thursday, May 22nd 5:30 PM

Anthony's in the Catalinas

7464 N. Campbell Ave

Tucson, AZ 85718

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My Initial Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope that this finds you both well and in a philanthropic mood! I am seeking assistance for an important cause. You might have heard that I’ve gone off the deep end… I’m training to run 26.2 miles!

Why, you may ask? Well, 30 years ago my daughter, Michelle Lee Weld, like thousands of others, lost her life to Leukemia and passed away at age 5 ½ after an 18 month battle. I don’t believe a braver angel ever lived. She was a treasure, as all children are.

To honor Michelle’s life, and to bring hope to other special children, I am raising funds for cancer research with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training organization. By reaching my goal we can make a difference in saving lives, and I will compete with the TEAM in the Maui Marathon, Maui, Hawaii on September 14th, 2008. For those unfamiliar with a marathon, it is a run of 26.2 miles. To participate, my goal is $12,000.00. Both the run and the fund raising goal are daunting tasks, but I am confident that with your generosity and prayers, the tasks will be accomplished.

By deciding to make a difference in the lives of our children you will also:

  • Feel great!
  • Get a tax deduction,
  • Put the ball in motion for what goes around, comes around, and of course,
  • Feel great!

    We need to stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. Funds raised for the Society will be used for cancer research. When Michelle died, her chances of surviving were 50%. In the 30 years since, because of research, chances have improved to over 85%. Your support will help push that status to 100%... the ultimate finish line – a cure!

    If there is someone special in your life that you would like me to run in honor of, or in memory of, please share their story and I will include their names on my race jersey. (My email address is: wweld@comcast.net)

    Now we have this opportunity to save lives... maybe we can't save the world, but we will end up saving our neighbor, our friend, our parent, our sibling, our spouse or our child. Every penny is worth the effort!

    Please join me in this quest by clicking on the “Donate Now” button on the left. Please donate generously, at the highest level at which you are slightly uncomfortable... children depend on it. However, no amount is too small; whatever you give counts... and it counts a lot!

    Thank you so much and may God bless you. I will keep you advised on my progress.


    My web site is: www.active.com/donate/tntdms/tntdmsWWeld. By copying this link and sending it to 5 other people, who would like to find a cure for cancer, you will be extending our efforts greatly!