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Fitz is going run 26.2 miles? That is nuts!

Yes it is, considering that the first man to run a marathon, Pheidippides in 490BC, died upon completion.

Ashley and I after running the P.F Chang's Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix, 2005. I am really not as happy as I look--13.1 miles sucks! 26.2 will be worse.

Well, that won't happen in my case (hopefully).

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I am training to participate in the the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. Team In Training is a small community of individuals working together to raise funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking lives. They prove every day that a dedicated group of individuals can have an important impact and change the lives of others.

I am taking on this grueling task for a number of reasons. It gives me the opportunity to join a small community of great individuals all working towards a common goal. It will also help me to get in shape, as I have grown older, I find the pounds keep adding up (my metabolism has finally slowed down). However, most importantly, I understand the value of doing for others. As we go about our daily lives we often become apathetic and self-interested. It is important to take a step back and think of others. Joining small communities such as Tucson Team in Training is a step towards empowerment, a chance to work with others towards lofty, but attainable goals. The goal in this case is a cure for blood cancers.

My wife is also a source of inspiration as she continues to be active with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Team in Training, fundraising, running (two marathons thus far!), and is now a running coach for the team. Her dedication to this cause has inspired me to contribute what I can. I hope you will do the same. There is no better feeling than giving selflessly for others who are less fortunate and for something bigger than yourself.

Weekly update, Feb. 13, 2006:

In the early stages of training, not too bad. The idea is to run 30 minutes every day during the week (with one day off) and run for distance on the weekend, increasing your distance every week. This weekend it was three miles, pretty easy. Although the 3 mile hike up 1100 feet in Catalina State Park following my run was probably a bit much :). When I trained for the half-marathon, I was plagued by pain in the arches of my feet, this season I have seen the foot doctor, who will fit me with orthotics. This should eliminate that problem.

Weekley Update, Feb. 20, 2006:

Ran 4 miles this weekend. That part was fine. Then did yard work that afternoon--that wore me out and I was sore for two days. I have to increase how long I run, 35 minutes for most of the days this week. Today was hard, after 20 minutes my legs felt like jelly. The timed runs during the week always seem hard. But when it comes to the distance run on Saturday, I always feel great.

Weekly Update Feb. 27, 2006

6 miles, again, not bad. I think it sucks during mile 2 and 3 and then the last half I felt really good. Really sore the next day, I am just not used to it yet and the weekly runs always seem hard. Ashley and I went to a fundraiser this weekend at a bar called Colors--a drag queen show. It was fun, the performers were hilarious and one of them--if you did not already know he was a man, I don't know how you would tell. Brian Shimamoto who organized the fundraiser, raised $919 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society--that was awesome.

Weekly Update: March 6, 2006

8 miles this last Saturday was easy. I felt good and afterwards I did not have my usual assortment of aches and soreness. The timed runs during the week are getting easier as well. I think my body is done protesting being forced into daily activity. I am sure when the mileage gets higher, it will begin to protest again. Ashley and I are planning our first fundraiser--a wine party with a raffle. We visited several businesses around Tucson and were able to pick up some nice raffle prizes (gift certificates from the Melting Pot, Outback, and Macroni Grill). The Fox and the Hound may host our charity poker tournament we are planning in April (the manage at the Outback gave us a gift certificate with the promise that he would get an invite). So things are looking pretty good as far as running and fundraising.

Weekly Update March 13, 2006

This week was 10 miles. We went to Sabino Canyon--one of the parks here in Tucson--pristine dessert canyon area--very nice. It was cold and cloudy with forecast for some rain. Rain we hadn't seen in over a 120 days. Sabino Canyon is 3.7 miles uphill. So it was not really 10 miles--but almost 8 miles with "extra credit"--given the steep inclines. I wasn't used to it, so I did a lot of walking initially--but got through it. Probably the toughest run so far. The Fox in the Hound is meeting with us this week to work out the details of our charity poker tournament--with them behind it, it should turn out to be a decent size event and fun too.

Weekly Update, March 20, 2006

Friday was St. Patrick's Day, so it is safe to say I did not get up Saturday morning to do my 12 mile run. We did sell green beads at the bar we went to, Fibber Mcgee's, and in conjunction with other people selling raised $900 dollars for the society. I will make up the 12 mile run as soon as I can, but unfortunately, I have caught Ashley's cold. This will slow me down some, but I should be back on track with the training soon. We are having a Charity Poker Tournament, hosted by the Fox in the Hound on Thursday, April 20th. If it is successful, we should be well over halfway to our goal, so we will be heavily advertising for it around town.

Weekly Update, March 27th, 2006:

Not much to really report this week. I was sick all week and missed another long run this Saturday. I am fine today and I am going to resume my training today. I have some catching up to do! Everything is all set for the charity poker tournament at the Fox and Hound, flyers ready, and tickets ready to sell. The PokerPub people that are running it for us are very nice and optimistic that the event will be very profitable for the charity. This weekend, Ashley and I did manage to collect more prizes for the event, including $60 gift cards to BJs Bar and Restaurant.

Weekly Update, April 3rd, 2006:

This week, I was back in action and it was a little rough in the beginning. I did 12 miles this weekend and experienced some pain due to my new orthodics. I am not used to them, so it was a little different having them in. However, after my 4 mile run tonight, everything feels pretty good again. Ashley and I are busy promoting our charity poker event, we are starting to contact golf courses and other places where "boys" hang out to distribute our flyers. There is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding getting people there, so we are a little nervous about the possible turn out. Hopefully, this week we get some indication of big interest in the event. We are planning a press release, so that should get the word out to a wider range of people.

Weekly Update, April 11th, 2006:

Well, I am definately worn out! This weekend's run was very good--I powered up the steep hills in Sabino Canyon and made record time coming back--so I am back to feeling good when running. Almost a week until our charity poker event. Definately starting to get nervous. We set up a table and advertised at ThePokerpPub.com's regional tournament with 325 participants. There was a lot of interest, but no one was willing to commit. So...we have no idea how many people will show up. We can only hope it will be enough to make the fundraiser worthwhile for the Society.

Weekly Update, April 19th, 2006:

Our charity poker tournament is tomorrow, so it has been panic time. We are trying to make last minute preparations and some last minute promotion. We feel better about the turnout after talking with the PubPoker people and some more phone calls regarding the event, but we are still nervous. As for the running, we had a guest in town this week so I missed the 14 mile run on Saturday. I made up for it by hiking 7 miles on Sunday and then going on a 10 mile run. 17 total miles running and walking is good enough I think.

Weekly Update, April 26th, 2006:

Well, we are happy to report that our charity poker tournament was a success! We raised 1095 dollars and we had a good time. Over 40 people showed up mostly people from PokerPub (who play in weekly games all the time) and friends. The real money maker was the "chip bucket." Keith from PokerPub, who ran our tournament went around allowing people to "buy" chips. For a dollar, you got to draw a chip out of a bucket--it could be as small as $25 or as big as $25,000--thus making you chances of finishing high in the tournament greater. That alone raised us $500 as people were very generous and had fun with it. I played in the tournament and finished in the middle of the pack. We will definately be doing this fundraiser again, it required a lot of work, but now that we know what we are doing, we expect it to be bigger in the future. Not to mention it was a lot of fun. The training is going well also, I have my 16 mile run coming up this weekend. It should go well.

Weekly Update May 03, 2006:

This weekend was 16 miles, which would be the longest I have ever run in my life. This will quickly change in two weeks when I run 18 miles. Well, actually, I only made it to mile 15, I burned out early after trying to keep up with one of our faster runners, Mook, in the early going. I won't do that again. I took an ice bath after the run, it helps your muscles heal and eases the soreness, but it isn't the most fun experience.

As you can see, the fundraising is going well, have a little over a thousand left to go. We have a wine tasting and raffle planned for Memorial day weekend. We have an expensive ring that Ashley won in another fundraising event that we could use for an auction of some kind. We are getting closer to our fundraising goal!

Weekly Update May 16, 2006:

This last weekend I was supposed to run 18 miles. Instead, I did 17 miles, that was close enough, right? I thought so. Unfortunately I have developed a habit of trying to keep up with guys that are faster than me and I tend to burn out early. I will not do that for the 20 mile run in two weeks. The best part about these long runs is all the food the Team and Training people have for you at the end. PB and J's, orang slices, bananas, fig newtons, etc... I had at least 3 PB&J's when I was done :). It is starting to get hot in Tucson, so that makes the weekly runs a little harder but all is still going well there also.

Weekly Update May 23, 2006:

This last weekend was supposed to be an "easy" 10-12 miles as we prepare for the upcoming 20 mile run. However, this was one of the hardest runs I have had. I was plagued by some muscle spasms and craps in my left leg, forcing me to be satisfied with only about 7 miles. From what the coach tells me, it is most likely due to fatigue, all those miles are starting to hit my body. So the plan this week is to take it easy and hope that the 20 mile run goes better. We are having our final major fundraiser, a win tasting and raffle, this weekend and we have sold $500 in raffle tickets already, so it is success before it begins!

Weekly Update May 30, 2006:

20 miles. The longest training run before the actually marathon and it went great. I paced myself well and did not tire out early like I have on the 16 and 18 mile runs. I did, however, enter into "bite me" mode at about mile 18. "Bite me" mode is a standing joke among some of the alumni members (or maybe it comes from the Penguin). Its the time during the long run where you want to kill whoever happens to be nearby.

This person was my wife. She met me at mile 16 to run me the rest of the way in. I was tired, but still going. With two miles to go she thought I needed a little more encouragement and tried many things like imitating a lizard, telling that it is "only 2 more miles" and other things I found extremely annoying at that moment.

Seeing the grim look on my face she asked "You just want me to shut up don't you?"

"Uh-huh," I replied. So Ashley was the first victim of "bite me" mode. I apologize, but as coach she should know better :).

Now it is taper time. I can take it easy and let my body heal before the big race. We had our final major fundraiser this weekend, the Wine Tasting, and raised $670! I punished my body twice on Saturday--ran 20 miles, then drank way too much wine. It was fun and we had a blast.

Weekly Update June 13, 2006:

Well, taper time is almost over and the marathon is almost here. Ashley and I leave for Alaska this coming Thursday. I am excited and nervous about the upcoming marathon. I am sure it will be an amazing time even if it gets a little difficult towards the end of the marathon. :)

We are planning numerous activites after the marathon, kayaking, hiking, camping in the back-country--no rest for the weary. :)

We fell a little short of our fundraising goal, but I am not disappointed, $4300 is an amazing amount of money and I thank all those that so generously donated to the cause.

I plan to continue with Team in Training and I have signed up to be a coach for the winter season. Ashley and I will be a husband and wife team! I am looking forward to continuing to help in any way I can and will I fundraise again.

I hope you'll visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!