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Bill Cooper’s Journal

To honor my mother-in-law who has Lymphoma and my mother who passed away on New Years Eve 2006 from cancer, I will attempt to complete 3 events with TNT in 2008 to raise money to fight cancer. This is a journal of my progress.

January 5, 2008

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September 19, 2007

I don’t like starting off this way but you have to know how important this program is. I am asking for your prayers for a friend that I was training with to do the Lake Tahoe century ride earlier this year. He was so happy and proud to be able to train for the event because he had just survived a battle with cancer and he was training in honor of his daughter who passed away from cancer. Last week I found out that his cancer had returned. Please think of him when you say your prayers. By the way he did finish the century ride. In his words, “Riding is very spiritual and relaxing and it is the one place I don’t feel sick”. Pray that he is able to get strong enough to ride again.

My training is going well. Last week I ran a total of 22 miles and on Sunday I did a sprint duathlon with son. I can still tell I need to get my strength back but it was a good test. Mileage will start to build up beginning next week. I am a little sore tonight because I was rear ended by another car tonight and I am getting really stiff and sore. Whiplash I guess.

I am having a really big fund raising event tomorrow with OSU football legends Craig Krenzel, Calvin Murray, Matt Finkes, Stanley Jackson and Maurice Hall. We will be at BD Mongolians and I am doing this with my neighbor to raise money for Leukemia and Breast Cancers. My neighbor’s sister has breast cancer. I am hoping that we will have a big turnout. Currently I am at $8,700 towards my goal of $12,000 for this year. I am also selling the t-shirts you see in the picture if you are interested. $15.00 plus shipping. Send me an email if you are interested. wjcooper@aol.com

I guess that is all for now. I promise I will update more often now that this page is active again. We had some trouble turning on the donation option. Blessings Coop

August 28, 2007

Well, it has been awhile since I have added anything new. I have started training for the Disney Marathon in January. I keep thinking about how this is not getting any easier. What I am doing is nothing compared to what an 8 year old boy from church is going through. Mason Woods is 8 years old and is now battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia for the second time. You can read about his fight here http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/masonwoods

Weekly and sometimes daily I am hearing stories such as these and it restores my commitment to continue to train and raise money to fight cancer.

I am organizing a big fundraiser called “Cooking for Cancer” on September 19. I am trying to get some OSU, Columbus Blue Jackets and Columbus Crew team members to help cook meals for donations. I think we will have local TV news coverage of the event. If you are interested in participating send me an email at wjcooper@aol.com. I have $3,000 more to raise to reach my goal for this year and I could use your help. Blessings.

July 2, 2007

Since my last note I have met three more people who are having a personal experience with cancer or Leukemia. I want to just focus on myself sometimes when I get frustrated with my rehabilitation and then I meet or talk to someone and realize it’s not about me. What I am going through is nothing compared to what they are experiencing. Please take a minute to say a prayer for these families.

For those of you that have a hard time exercising I understand the challenges of attempting to do something without a goal to focus on. I am a goal oriented person and riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill doesn’t quite fit with my mental model of what I should be able to do.

Unfortunately, I did not get the approval I was hoping for. I can not ride for another 4 weeks but I can run, 5 minutes at a time. I am really having a hard time with this. Mentally I get myself ready to start and all I get told is to stop. This roller coaster is really tough to handle but I have to trust their judgment.

However, being the half full person that I am, I have decided to make the most of it. They didn’t say how many 5 minute runs I can make in a day or how long the rest interval has to be. Soooo. Today I committed to my first of 4 goals. I signed up for the Columbus ½ Marathon today. Tonight I ran 2 miles in 23 minutes with a 2 minute break between interval 2 and 3. That’s 4, 5 minute intervals with 30 second rest in between. Ok, I fudged it a little. I really just wanted to see how it would feel. Breaking a sweat for the first time in over 3 months really felt good. I was a little surprised that I could run a solid mile and not get too tired or have to stop. THAT was encouraging.

My next goal will be to complete the Disney Marathon in January. Then I will do the Tahoe Century Ride in June and finish the year with the Disney triathlon. All of these will be with the Team in Training program except for the Columbus ½ Marathon. I have started working out with a person from work that wants to get healthier and needs a partner so we are working together to complete the ½ marathon. I was mentoring her before I was injured.

So, here is the plan. Focus on one event at a time. Keep the next goal on the horizon so that mentally I know where I am going next and get it done, one stroke, one revolution and one step at a time. I am still trying to raise $12,000 and currently I am at about $8,500. Please forward this web site to others that may be interested in helping. Coop. (aka Crash as my wife fondly calls me now)

June 15, 2007

Progress Note: Now at 8 weeks and I can lift 3 lbs. The strength therapy is starting to pick up. My progress seems to be slow but the therapist and surgeon both feel that I am on schedule. My goal is to be able to raise my arm over my head by Friday of next week. If I can they will release me to start running and biking again. I am a little apprehensive about the biking so I will recruit some teammates to ride with me for a while just to make sure I can manage it.

I officially started training this week. Worked out 3 times this week with mostly cardio just to see how the shoulder would hold up. I now understand why they wanted me to wait to start running and biking. Just doing stationary bike and elliptical routines seem to affect the shoulder. The hardest part to get used to is the fatigue. It seems harder doing stuff now that I used to do before and just took for granted. I am starting to see progress though and that is encouraging. Stay tuned and come back I will have more updates. Blessings

June 3, 2007

Some have said what a tragedy, I say what a blessing. To know that I was looked after and taken care of throughout this whole ordeal is a blessing. I have had many conversations about the accident and I truly believe that it was part of God’s plan because He made sure I got home safely in spite of a severe concussion and amnesia. He made sure my injuries were treatable and placed me in the hands of a surgeon that was a specialist in the type of repairs that I needed. He placed me in the hands of a very good physical therapist who just happened to be a friend of my son. I can go on and on about all of the events that have taken place. The bottom line is that I can look back and see God’s hand in all of it. At this point it is not important that I know why, that has already been figured out because I believe that in some small way I have been part of His plan for someone else because of this. That is a blessing.

Progress note: It is almost seven weeks since surgery. With caution I only have to wear my sling when my arm gets tired and at night. The significance of the damage suggests that I continue to be careful until about 9 weeks so that the repairs are really healed properly. Physical therapy is starting to increase. My strength is improving and I made a milestone in my progress, I was able to exercise with a 1 lb. weight on Thursday. You heard it right, one pound. Boy do I have a way to go. This will be a true test of my patience.

Training note: My Tahoe team is preparing for their ride as I am writing this and I pray for their safety and strength. This afternoon they will be celebrating and in a small way I am sad that I will not be there with them. I received a flyer in the mail and realized that the Columbus Marathon is almost 5 months away. I have decided to go for it. I can’t run for 3 more weeks but I can start doing lower body and core strengthening workouts which should get me ready to start training after I see the surgeon in 3 weeks.

April 28, 2007

Where do you start? My triathlon team is in Florida for the event tomorrow. I now wish I had gone down if for no other reason than to cheer them on. I believe God has a plan for our lives and doing this triathlon or century ride wasn’t part of it. I may never know why but I accept that there is a greater purpose to be served. I can’t help but be a little depressed at not being able to participate, OK at times a lot depressed, but I am coping.

We visited with the surgeon yesterday and saw some pictures of the damage. I am blessed that I was introduced to my surgeon through this fund raising effort because she did an absolutely amazing job of putting this humpty dumpty back together again. The damage was quite extensive. The before and after pictures were startling. When the surgeon says that it took a lot to put it back together you know it was bad. I only wish I could remember how it happened.

Now for the good part. I am allowed to ride my bike on the trainer in the basement. I did 4.5 miles this morning. No running yet until I get through physical therapy. That may impact my marathon plans but it looks like I can do a century ride this fall. I have to be patient and listen to their advice so that I don’t do any more damage and the repair heals properly.

I will continue to journal so come back and check for updates. I have set a goal to do 1,000 miles on my trainer before I can do the century ride this fall so you can check back on my progress. Coop.

April 8, 2007

God has blessed me with an opportunity to do more with my fund raising efforts with a slight change in plans. On March 22 I had a wreck on my bike while training. I suffered a concussion and learned last Thursday that I have a torn rotator cuff and will need surgery on April 17th. So, my triathlon plans are delayed until next spring. However, the surgeon said that I should be able to do the marathon in October and I have found a 100 mile bike ride I should be able to do in September. I will continue to participate with TNT to complete these events and raise funds for cancer.

It is truly a blessing that I was wearing a helmet because the impact was on the side of my head near my temple and the helmet broke from the impact. Maybe another blessing is that I have total amnesia about what happened. With the Lords guidance, I was able to ride my bike home where Paula could take me to the emergency room. Why this is amazing is that I ride by myself usually at distances of 20 to 50 miles from home on isolated country roads with very little traffic. One can only speculate as to what happened to cause the crash. Oh, by the way, my new nickname is now CRASH. Since I have no recollection of the crash, I have no idea how far from home I was and could have easily been in an area where I could have not been found for some time if I had needed more significant medical assistance. I vaguely remember some pieces of conversations when I came home and some more from the emergency room but have no memory at all of the accident and how I got home. I can not stress enough the importance of wearing a helmet. It may have saved my life.

My fund raising will continue through my recovery. I continue to be honored and blessed with people who wish to contribute to my efforts. A person I met by chance at a roadblock fund raiser sent me an additional check afterwards. My neighbor down the street is helping with a block party for the neighborhood and wants to use it as a fund raiser for my efforts. I am humbled by the generosity and support of others.

By my estimates I am currently at about 55% of my $12,000 goal. A couple of the donations will not come in for a month or two but I am estimating that I have about $6,650 in funds committed at this point. Keep checking back, there’s bound to be more exciting news. Coop

March 18, 2007

Great training week. Felt a lot better than I did last week. Still having some issues with my sinuses. I am hoping it will get better once we are able to train more outdoors.

Currently at 32.8% of my $12,000 goal. A couple of fund raisers this week will help. We have a wine tasting on Wednesday and a roadblock in Westerville on Saturday. It is hard to balance the training with the fund raising but I have faith that I can make it. I was really excited this week when the person I am working out with from work said that her blood pressure is starting to come down as her mileage is increasing. She refers to me as her Jillian, the lady that used to be on The Biggest Looser show.

6 weeks to go until the Triathlon. Starting to get a little excited. A little anxious too. I have added a new goal for this year. Goal 1, finish. Goal 2, not come in last overall. Goal 3, not come in last in my age group and Goal 4, beat my last years time by 30 minutes. It took me 4 hours and 24 minutes to finish last year. I would like to do it under 4 hours this year. This is why I am a little anxious. My biggest challenge continues to be the swimming.

5 weeks later I will be completing the 100 mile bike ride in Lake Tahoe. I am really behind in my fund raising for this event. Did 25 miles with a stiff wind followed by a 2 mile run last week. Actually felt pretty good. Keep coming back, I will have more to share. Pass the web site on to your friends. Bill

March 8, 2007

35 years ago we were off the coast of Viet Nam having the time of our lives. And now, fellow shipmates are pitching in to help with my efforts. In my journal last year I talked about the bond that is created when individuals share significant events in their lives and this is bringing back a lot of memories. Doc that picture about who touched my knobs is still priceless.

So what does a week of lunatic training look like? Sunday, 2 bike spinning classes back to back followed by a 2 mile run in 20 degree weather. Monday, 30 laps in the pool at 6:00 am. Tuesday, 2 ½ mile run, 30 minutes of core abs and strength workout at 6:00 am followed by an 18 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run at 5 pm. Wednesday, 30 laps in the pool with the team at 6:00 am. Thursday, an easy day, 10 mile bike ride. Was supposed to do a 5 mile run too but having sinus problems. Friday, 5 mile bike ride, 2 mile run and 30 minutes of core abs strength at 6:00 am followed by 35 laps in the pool at night. Saturday, supposed to do a 25 mile team bike ride if the weather cooperates.

In between all of this fun, I am trying to do fund raising. I guess I forgot to mention that I have a job too. The one constant I have in all of this that really helps me get through it all is my wife Paula. She has been so patient and supportive I don’t know if I could do this without her. She considers herself to be a cheerleader but she is much more. I am even thankful when she nags me at times asking if I have done my workouts. It would be so easy to just not do them but she keeps me honest. The training is really important. I am still struggling with the swimming portion of the training but considering I never had any lessons until I joined the team last year I have made great progress. Keep coming back, I’ll have more to share. Coop

March 3, 2007

I am so blessed to have friends that are willing to support my efforts. I am now at 29.5% of my $12,000 goal. We are planning on holding a couple of fund raising events soon so that should help.

Training is going well but very tiring. The blessing in all of this is that someone at work asked me to help them with their wellness goals. I am working out with them two days a week to provide encouragement and support and to share a little of what I have learned through this program. We have set a goal of being able to run a 5 mile race sometime during the first part of April. I am thankful that I can share what I have learned with others. This would not have been possible without the quality coaching we get with this program.

February 17, 2007

Training is going well for the triathlon. I started training for the 100 mile bike ride last week too.

I am now at 25% of my $12,000 goal. Fund raising has really slowed down. Fortunately it has been snowing and I was able to raise money doing snow shoveling. Unfortunately, the weather has prevented us from doing outside fund raisers.

They have added a new feature to the web site for people who have donated. See the scrolling list on the left side of this page. I really appreciate everyone on the list and those who would like to be but can’t.

January 15, 2007

Thanks to some very kind friends and co-workers I am now at 16.8% of the way towards my goal of $12,000 and 46.8% towards my goal for the Triathlon. Going to sign up for the 100 mile ride this Wednesday. Your support will really help make this dream a reality. Please forward this web site to your friends.

Had a conversation with my friend from work who lost her mother to Leukemia before Christmas. I think it helped to talk. I am still holding things inside too much. Training will give me an outlet I hope. I have been married almost 34 years and I was thinking about what it might feel like to come home tomorrow and Paula not be there because of cancer or Leukemia. I’m not sure I could take it.

Summary of last weeks training. Swimming is improving, did 102 laps or 3.1 miles, ran 4 miles and biked 8 miles. Pace will increase this week. Going to add some more run and bike miles. Will get back to my strength training this week too. Surprisingly, I can tell the difference with not doing any strength training. The core exercises have really helped with the swimming compared to last year.

Keep coming back, I will try to post something each week.

January 9, 2007

It is amazing how a few words can lift the spirits and touch the heart.

I thank you for your prayers, emails, cards, letters and support. It has meant a lot to me this past couple of weeks.

It will mean even more in the weeks and months ahead. I sincerely appreciate you.

Started training on Sunday, a week behind the others. It is amazing how much conditioning you loose over three weeks of inactivity. Training from now until the race will be 6 days a week and sometimes 2-a-days with swimming thrown in.

I am 14.1% of the way towards my goal of $12,000 for the year and 39.3% of the way towards the amount I need to raise for the Triathlon. The sign up for the 100 mile bike ride is next week so they will be adding an additional amount for that event. Training for that event will start soon so I will be balancing schedules between the two teams.

Please share this web site with your friends. It really helps to get encouragement from others even if you don’t know them. My email address is below.

Blessings, Bill

January 1, 2007

My mother passed away yesterday.

December 24, 2006

The mother of a very good friend at work passed away from Leukemia on Thursday.

My mother is now under Hospice care at home.

December 20, 2006

Please make a contribution

Please forward this request to your email friends.

Here’s why

Last year I raised $4,433 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society because my mother-in-law was diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia.

Yesterday I found out that my mother has end stage cancer.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has a program called Team-In-Training where ordinary people like me are trained to complete a significant athletic event in conjunction with fund raising for cancer research and supporting programs.

I completed my first ever triathlon in April 2006 in honor of my mother-in-law and raised $4,433 for cancer research and supporting programs. You can read my 2006 journal here: http://www.active.com/donate/tntcoh/tntcohWCooper1

Ironic isn’t it. After we received the pathology results from her spleen surgery we were informed that she did not have Leukemia. Instead she had Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma, another form of cancer.

My goals for 2007

I am planning on completing a Triathlon in April 2007, a Century, hundred mile, bike ride in June 2007 and a Marathon in October 2007 to raise funds and awareness for this cause in their honor.

Your tax deductible donation will help me reach my goal to raise $12,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in 2007.

Corporate sponsorship would be a tremendous blessing to my fund raising efforts.

If you know of any corporation that would be interested in helping please forward information to me and I will contact them.

Come back to this web site often. I will keep a journal here about how I am progressing.

Blessings and I sincerely appreciate your support,

William Cooper


If you do not want to donate online, send me an email and I will send you a donation form.