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Racin' for the Guinness!

Conquering Dublin marathon again!!

Best friends runnin' wild!!

Yup!! The TNT heart in me can't pass up another opportunity to hang with my Team In Training family for another marathon! And the Irish in me can't resist the call of the Green Isle for my 2nd adidas Dublin Marathon!! (ugh! When will they get a 1/2 marathon?) What is so hella cool is that I'm doing it with my best friend, Trudie Petersen!!

I've enjoyed the few months off after our Disney/PFChang's season, but am ready to take on another season as mentor for the Dublin/Nike team!!! Between both Disney & PFChang's weekends, TNT raised over $10.3 million nationally!!!!! It was awesome to run it with my friend, Robin Grasso, a survivor.

Thanks so very much to my donors for your generous donations and support during this whole training process! You all make such a difference not only to me, but to all whose lives are touched by these horrible blood cancers. Congratulations!!!

After this race I am taking a break from fundraising, so if you can donate now you will be sure to get a break! I am raising $5500 & no donation is too small! Please find it in your heart to become a part of the difference! Sadly, my list of people I am running in memory or honour of has grown. Here are the people that will be on my heart as I run 26.2 miles:John E. Canny,Vivian Stoopack,Frederick Charles Raffetto,Thomas J. Wilson II, Jonna Norton, Jessi Gay,Oliver Peters,Joyce Lynn Kenney,Robin Grasso,Debbie Jean Brassard,Ben Shipman, Caesar(Che) Dentino, Sneakers,Jack Broughton,Alecia Punch, Jimmy Nanny.

This training season seems to have been one health issue or injury after another, but the support of my best friend, running beside me and the support of those who track my training has been my saving grace. Thank you!

Again, thanks to those who have donated in the past & to those new folks, welcome to the most rewarding experience I've had the honour of living!!

Much love, Andrea