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Jonathan Block's NYC Marathon Fundraising Effort
Please support Jonathan as he runs the NYC Marathon to honor his sister, Nancy Block-Zenna
On August 5th 2007, my sister Nancy Block-Zenna passed away after battling breast cancer for two and a half years. On November 4th 2007, I will set out to run the NYC Marathon with one simple goal in mind – to raise money for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation (www.tnbcfoundation.org) – a foundation established by Nancy and her friends shortly after the time of her diagnosis. While there are many great breast cancer foundations, TNBC is specific to furthering the research efforts for triple negative, a rare form of the disease that is typically extremely aggressive and more likely to recur and metastasize than other subtypes of breast cancer. Following her diagnosis, the easiest thing for my sister to do would have been to ask the question, “Why me?” Instead, Nancy with the help of her friends, created a foundation that, in its very short existence, has acted as a support system for hundreds of women. An online chat room allows women to talk about their or their loved one’s diagnosis, share a wealth of information and maybe, most importantly, lean on one another for support. The Foundation is also beginning to ramp up its research efforts as it is co-sponsoring, along with Susan G. Komen, a 2007 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Symposium this December. At the Foundation’s inaugural fundraiser in June my sister concluded her speech by saying that she hoped the Foundation would find a treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer by the time her daughter became her age. On November 4th 2007, please support me, and the Foundation, as we take another step towards achieving this goal. Thank you. Jonathan Block.

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Total donations: $11,397

Goal: $10,000

$0 114% $10,000

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