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The "Proteges"
Keeping the message alive.
The "Proteges", made up of Jayden Nogueras and Elson Martinez, are running their first "Captain/Angel" 1 mile race on November 10th, 2012 at the Warrior Trot 1 Mile, hosted by The Freedom Marathon in Norfolk, VA. Jayden and Elson were both captains of Team Hoyt Virginia beach. Inspired by his Angel, Dennis Welch, Jayden stated he too wanted to become a Team Hoyt Pusher. After going to Holland, MA and meeting the original Angel/Captain duo, Dick and Rick Hoyt, Jayden was very excited about his new goal. He set forth on this path, and despite his physical disabilities stemming from his 1P36 Chromosome Duplication, he entered many kids road races. His inspiration was ever more increased after learning of the also young duo of Team Long brothers, Cayden and Conner. Seeing that even kids can do it, Jayden grew ever more determined. Dropping his first mile run time of 19:44 down to 14:04 (official), Jayden feels he is ready to meet his new challenge. When asked, "who can you push?", Jayden stated, "Elson is small, too! I can push Elson!"
But, to push it a step further, not only will Jayden be pushing Elson this day, he will also be running his first 5K! He will be running this with his Physical Therapist, Laurie Longest. Laurie has been with Jayden since he was just an infant, and it is in large part to her dedication that Jayden is at the level he is today.
Elson Mickey Martinez was born 04-28-07. He was a preemie born at 32 weeks. He was 14 inches long and weighed 2lbs 15 oz. He spent the first 6 months at the NICU at CHKD. Elson was then transferred to the step down unit where he stayed until December 24, 2007 when he was allowed to come home. He spent Christmas at home but after only 2 weeks was readmitted until June 2008. Elson endured 13 surgeries in his first year of life. He had to have half of his intestines removed because they did not form correctly causing blockage. Elson had a VP shunt and a VA shunt placed due to his Aqueductal Stenosis not properly forming. He has had several revisions to the shunts. Elson has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, Absence of Corpus Calosum, Seizure Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, and Developmental Delay. He currently attends kindergarten at Pembroke Elementary. Elson has a sister Gwen (21) a brother Ruben (16) and a nephew Angel (7 mos.). He has raced in 29 races with Team Hoyt VB and has even traveled to Holland MA and raced alongside Rick and Dick Hoyt.
Since moving to MA, Jayden was the inspiration for the creation of a new myTEAM TRIUMPH chapter, myTeam Triumph - Cape Cod. All donations will go towards this Team Hoyt inspired non-profit organization so others like Jayden and Elson can also find the Triumph within!

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