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The 2nd Annual Easton Sonntag Sunshine 5K
In Memory of Easton Ryan Sonntag and All SIDS Angels
This event is being held in Easton’s memory to raise funds to support the programs of Tomorrow’s Child/Michigan SIDS and The American SIDS Institute, both are nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations. Tomorrow’s Child is a statewide organization dedicated to keeping all babies alive and providing grief support to persons affected by an infant death. Tomorrow’s Child also conducts research and provides education across Michigan on the importance of infant safe sleep. The American SIDS Institute is a national organization dedicated to the prevention of infant death and the promotion of infant health through research and education. We hope that you will choose to donate to The Sunshine 5K. Please join us and be a partner in our efforts to provide research, comfort to grieving families, and to help keep all babies safe. This cause is very dear to our hearts. Thank you!

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Total Donations: $75

Goal: $5,000

$0 2% $5,000

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