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shane chapman's Fundraising Page
Welcome to the Shane Chapman fund raising page! We've got until Oct. 22nd to raise $3,000 for lung cancer research! Whoo hoo!
The Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation is committed to preventing lung cancer through education and research, in order to break the stigmas associated with the disease. With greater understanding will come increased funding. Medical research has enabled women to survive breast cancer and men to survive prostate cancer. The same can be done for lung cancer patients, but only with increased funding for research. Funds raised by the TGL Foundation will be distributed to the nation’s top cancer research centers through the input of a medical advisory board that includes clinicians from the Country’s leading thoracic oncology institutions.

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Total Donations: $2,530.00
Goal: $3,000

$0 84% $3,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Bill Williams $20.00 "When times are rough don't look back on us Don't give up, Please...don't give up."
Sam Chapman $100.00 "Hope this helps out. Love, Dad"
Kris Rezac $20.00 "finish the race or find a new job ya bum! "
Andrew Root $25.00 "Like the anti-Smoker's Mile. Cheers!"
Kathleen Root $50.00 "Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with lung cancer. Way to go Sean."
Josh Root $25.00 "New Yawk City! You should find a nice marathon from the northwest to settle down with. Seriously though, strong work my friend, strong work."
Kevin Hall $26.00 "I assume this includes airfare and simple but nice place to stay. "
gretchen miller $20.00 "run like the wind, shane, run like the wind..."
Desiree Reyes $105.00 "Go Team Chapman!"
Anonymous Hidden "I can't wait to hear the song you'll be inspired to write after the race~"
Tim Hall $50.00 "Watch out for the last 6.2 miles- well, come to think of it the first 20 too."
Evan Saxton $25.00 "Cancer's a bitch..."
Sam Chapman $100.00 "Great concert this weekend. Hope this will get you closer to your gaol. Great work. Love Dad & Shirley"
Pamela Williams $50.00 "If Willy Wax thinks you can .... than you can!"
Toni Walsh $10.00 "Rock on Shane!"
Tom Williams $50.00 "Good for you, Shane, for taking on this important cause!"
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