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Running longer and for a bigger cause ...
Hi friends, I've run a few half-marathons over the last couple of years, but this time, I am attempting to do something a little more crazy - I am going to try and run the entire 26.2 miles - the full marathon.

But the run this time is not the same as any other of my previous half-marathon runs (besides of course, running for a longer distance :-). This time I am running for a cause - to support Lazarex Cancer Foundation. The foundation supports cancer patients for whom the traditional treatments have not worked and they need to seek out alternative treatments. The foundation provides resources to fill the gap that exists between when a patient is told there is no more hope and when they are truly done with their journey in life. By supporting the patients during the FDA clinical trials, they also implicitly foster the research for alternative treatments.

Training for this marathon has been tough for me, since I have been constantly pulled back by a series of injuries. But the one thing that has kept me going is knowledge of the fact that every step I would take during the marathon, would bring me closer to actually helping out some cancer patient, even though in a very small way. And you too can get that feeling (and that too without running at all .. sigh!) while at the same time making this run worthwhile. All you have to do is to visit the foundation's page Lazarex, read about them and once you decide, you could make a donation on this page.

And please don't feel shy about making donations of a small amount. Every single dollar is being used towards a good cause and making you part of the group that helps renewing hope in a cancer patient.

- Amit

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Total Donations: $677.00
Goal: $500

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Contributor Amount Comment
K J $50.00 "Go Mhatrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!"
Rohit Patkar $25.00 "Run Mhatre Run!!!"
Krishnaja Gutta $25.00 "All the very best Mhatre! I really admire the determination with which you've been training for this marathon inspite of all the injuries. I am sure this will leave you with good memories of doing some thing good and a fabulous feeling for completing the whole 26.2 miles ...which I am sure you will complete with ease. Good luck! :)"
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