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Terry Runs the Badwater Ultra for AIDS Orphans
135 Miles through Death Valley to Mt Whitney to Make a Difference
This July I’m running in the Badwater Ultra (http://www.badwater.com/) myself—it’s the race that was the centerpiece of Lisa’s 810 last summer. So what in the world does my ‘unusual’ hobby have to do with AIDS Orphans anyway? Nothing, directly. Let’s be clear about this. These kids are in dire need of help, but there isn’t much that you or I can do to provide assistance ourselves unless we’re prepared to get right out there with Sr. Marybeth and help build schools with our own hands, or teach basic literacy or business skills through our own efforts, or get involved in any of the many other forms of assistance that Sr. Marybeth and the Religious Teachers Filippini offer. What I’m doing here is really nothing more than using my somewhat outrageous interest for running long distances through unusual terrain in harsh climates, to get your attention for a minute. In then to let you know just a little about this terrible problem, and to ask you to help if you can. There is certainly no shortage of worthwhile causes, many of which directly affect those we love. This request should take its proper place relative to those. You be the judge. Thanks for taking the time to consider this. Terry

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