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Team Vegan
Run For Their Lives!
Vegan Outreach is teaming up with Marathon Matt to launch 'Team Vegan', a 10K & half marathon training/fundraising program benefitting Vegan Outreach.

About Vegan Outreach

Vegan Outreach (VO) is saving animals from living miserable lives on factory farms by persuading people to become vegetarian or vegan through the widespread distribution of 'Why Vegan' and our other pamphlets. Every person persuaded to go vegetarian spares 35 mammals and birds per year and thousands over their lifetime.

VO focuses on reaching younger people and so far this semester we have handed pamphlets to over 360,000 students on 336 college and high school campuses. The result is that every single day we hear back from people telling us they went vegetarian due to our influence.

Choosing to act with compassion is the ultimate affirmation of our humanity. Most people don't want to support animal suffering, they just don't know it exists.

From children and athletes to celebrities and grandparents, compassionate living is spreading -- and easier than ever!

Today, even small-town grocery stores can feature a variety of veggie burgers, deli slices, plant-based milks, and nondairy desserts -- a bounty unimaginable only a decade ago!

Your support will help us bring about change even faster.

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Total Donations: $86,948

Goal: $50,000

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