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Team Ethan TRI 2014
Together We Tri
Rachel and Ethan will be competing as a Push Team in this year's Cleveland Triathlon. Rachel will be towing Ethan through a 200 meter swim & 6 mile bike ride. They will finish with 2K run. Many friends have decided to join them on this inspiring adventure. More than forty 7-14 year olds have been training hard and are excited for race day. We are happy to be part of the UCP family and encourage a donation of any amount to help this wonderful organization. Many thanks to everyone for the overwhelming response of support! We are truly blessed to live in a community full of such wonderful people! Without even realizing it, Rachel and Ethan are spreading a message of awareness, acceptance and determination, and are setting an example that we should all hope to follow. Race day is July 27th, 2014. Wear your yellow and come witness this in person!
Rachel & Ethan in action! Thank you to the Tallmadge Lion's Club for the donation of the bike and Wike.

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Total Donations: $4,895.00
Goal: $1,500

$0 326% $1,500

Contributor Amount Comment
Susan Andrews $50.00 "GO Team Ethan! You make our community proud!"
Helen and jack Mckee $50.00 "Go team ethan! We are Proud of all of you!"
Suzanne Budak Hidden "This gift is in celebration of our friends Grace & Scott's wedding. I shared your story with them and they asked we make a donation as our present to them. We're all inspired by your hard work & friendship. Go TEAM ETHAN! Good luck on race day!"
Michael Burley $25.00 "Great Job !! Mike Burley & Sue Wojcik"
Karen Lepper $25.00 "You are an inspiration!"
Mike and Anna Bodner $15.00 "Go Team Ethan!!"
Steve's Auto Service haehner $100.00 "Ryan, Robbie and Rebecca Riter, I first want to say how proud I am of you kids. you have always given so unselfishly to everyone. your hearts are the sweetest ever. and to each one of you on Team Ethan we are so proud of you. you kids are all awesome. keep paying it forward it will come back one day in a huge way.. keep up the great work and good luck Team Ethan"
Jill Palla $100.00 "Good luck Team Ethan! Loved the story on Ramona's kids! Love Ethan's Mom and Grandma - they are the best! So nice to hear the good things these kids are doing!"
Greg and Karen Schlechter $50.00 "Go Team Ethan!!! Greg and Karen"
John Mckee $50.00 "So thankful for support of families of the 20 peers of Ethan for their love and support. Can't wait for the big day full of yellow shirts. "
Carm and Ed Smith Hidden "Every member of Team Ethan is an inspiration. We will be cheering you on from California."
Chris Parker $25.00 "Go Team Ethan! You kids are inspirational!"
Heather Koerner $50.00 "We are so very proud of all you kids for truly making a difference! You have all worked so hard to get here and we can't wait to cheer you all on Sunday!! Go Team Ethan!!! Best of luck to all of you and much love to you Kaine and the rest of Team Ethan for your dedication, determination and inspiration!! You guys rock!! Love, Mom and Dad Koerner"
Kathy Becks $20.00 "Good luck Team Ethan! So proud of all of you for your hard work! Have fun!!"
David Siladie $100.00 "Best of luck to Team Ethan from the Siladie Family. "
Connie Hagen $25.00 "Team Ethan You are an inspiration to all."
Suzanne Jones $100.00 "Go Team Ethan!!!"
Lisa Siesel $100.00 "The Siesel family support Team Ethan in this great adventure at the Triathlon. We are so proud of Rachel and Ethan and all the kids working hard to support United Cerebral Palsy at this special event. We are glad Anna is a part of this wonderful team and so excited to show our support. Their hard work and dedication will pay off. The families of this team have been so wonderful and an inspiration for all. Lets go TEAM ETHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With love and smiles, Jeff and Lisa Siesel and family"
Paul & Becky Neal $50.00 "We are so very proud of everyone on the team for all their dedication and hard work!! Also grateful for their parents without them supporting and getting them to the practices there would be no team Ethan! Good luck to all!"
Tammy Luedke $50.00 "Go Team Ethan!"
Jennifer Kaifesh $25.00 "Team Ethan is truly amazing! "
Lisa Skoczen $25.00 "Have fun at the Tri!"
Brandon and Beth Snyder $30.00 "So proud of all of you!"
Cindy Oser Hidden "I'm giving in support of your wonderful friendship - hope you have many more adventures together Rachel and Ethan!"
Henry Schaefer $50.00 "What an inspiring article in Cleve. Plain Dealer, 7/25/14. Rachel's parents should be proud. GO TEAM ETHAN!"
Pete Van Bohemen $25.00 "It's nice to see young people so ambitious and caring. Great job!"
Traci Schillace $25.00 "I saw you in the cleveland Plain Dealer. As a parent with a child with a disability, you are an inspiration!! You never know who will touch your heart in this world. Great job!!!"
Kimberly Mackey $100.00 "Go Team Ethan! We send our love and best wishes from Kentucky. "
Bill Taylor Chuck Adam $100.00 "We're proud of you, cousin Ethan!"
Liz Bray $50.00 "Go Team Ethan! You are an amazing group of kids!"
Billie Otto $25.00 "I'm so proud of all of you. I'll be praying for you on Sunday."
Kim Smith $25.00 ""Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead This quote makes me think of all involved with Team Ethan...Have Fun! "
Ruth Riter $100.00 "Good Luck to all the participants! Grandma Ruth"
Louise Haffke $50.00 "I wept every time I read your story in the Plain Dealer. I read it to myself, my 7 year-old daughter, and my husband. What an inspiring story of friendship and kindness. Our family wishes Team Ethan the very best! "
David Kline $50.00 "Rachel and Team Ethan...Tallmadge is so proud of YOU! Mayor Dave & Sue Kline"
Kim & Mike Sandrene $50.00 "What you are doing for Ethan is fantastic! Our son, Adam, was very much like Ethan. So, we know first hand how uplifting your work for him is. You will never forget what you are doing and his love toward all of you is unconditional. Keep up the Good Work. Mike & Kim Sandrene Adam August Realty "
Lesli Ryder $110.00 "GO TEAM ETHAN!! Good Luck Emma. We love you!! Ryder Friends and Family"
Dixon Family $50.00 "Go Team Ethan!!!!"
Linsy Biege $25.00 "So proud of my niece Emma & all of Team Ethan for the hard work! "
Carole Conley $100.00 "So nice to read a beautiful story about a wonderful young person. Go "Team Ethan"."
Dave & Julie Neal $50.00 "We are very proud of the hard work & dedication all of the kids have put into this event, especially our niece & nephews; Becca, Ryan & Robby. Good luck & Go Team Ethan!!"
roger grimm Hidden "Good Luck Team Ethan!!! Good Luck Marley and Alec!!! - Mom and Dad"
Rachelle Grimm Hidden "Good Luck Team Ethan! Good Luck Marley and Alec. Grandma Shirley and Aunt Shelly!"
Lisa Scheer $100.00 "As a member of the Cleveland triathlon community, the story in the Plain Dealer caught my eye. Rachel, Ethan are such an inspiration! The support of the other children is amazing too! I hope some photos and videos are posted to their website. What a heart warming story!"
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