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First we want to thank you for all of your support last year. TEAM NIKO was able to raise $8,124 for United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland with the HUGE help from our family and friends from Cincinnati “THE TEAM NIKO SOUTH “ who hosted last year Fundraising event. Many of you may ask why we do this every year. We are doing this because we know that UCP is one of the best organizations Cleveland has to support and service children/ adults with developmental disabilities. We are doing this because we believe that with all of your help and support we can CHANGE DISABILITY INTO ABILITY. We are seeing the amazing progress our son is making, as well as many other children who work so hard every single day. By now most of you know our son Niko, and many of you have met him in person. He is our inspiration and our HERO he pushes us to never give up. Because of him we have learned not to take simple things for granted, and we cherish every day. We know how hard he has to work to climb the steps. We know how much it takes for him to take a single step. But most importantly he is doing it. With the greatest support system in the world from our parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, best therapists, best teachers and staff at Surrerrer Elementary School in Strongsville, he is doing it. Regardless of the many difficulties and challenges he faces every day, he always has a smile on his face. We are asking all of you for extra prayers on August 19th, Niko will have a muscle lengthening surgery with Dr. Nuzzo at New Jersey. He had the same surgery done almost 5 years ago and made some great progress; he was not mobile or did much of anything at the time. Now he walking, riding his bike, walking up the steps -so Dr. Nuzzo thinks this surgery will help him gain even more and speed up his way to INDEPENDENCE. DR. Nuzzo was recommended to us by Cindy Marks one of the greatest therapist form UCP, she was very, very adamant, and convinced us to go and see this Dr. Best decision we ever made as a parents. The last year has been a great one for Niko. He has reached so many milestones. Now the walker is his best friend; he is using it everywhere we go. We have waited so long for our son to be able to do some of the things kids his age do, and finally he is doing it. This year he got a new bike from Santa; he absolutely loves this bike, peddling 3 miles for him is nothing. He doesn't even know he is exercising and building muscles while doing something he loves so much. Now since his fear of horse is no longer a factor Niko will start a yearlong horseback riding therapy in late August at Camp Cheerful. He also loves baseball and plays during a summer months for the Neo Challengers League, when he steps on the plate to bat he always says: big hitters is up- the smile on his face is PRICELESS. To see him so excited and happy when he plays is the best feeling ever. Many of you have probably see him all over the media last year as a “Niko the lucky charm” for the Cleveland Indians , the unforgettable time at the stadium last year created a lifetime memories for Niko and us .The Progressive Field is Niko’s field of dreams. UCP is not only providing therapy services for our son, but also providing us with a great support network of families who are in the same situation as us. We have met some incredible people and a couple of the UCP families have become a part of our family.

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Total Donations: $15,616.00
Goal: $8,000

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Tina Pemberton $75.00 "Go TeamNiko! Lobe you guys!"
Catherine Palmer $25.00 "Go Niko!"
Debi Brooks $25.00 "Go Team Niko!"
Sean Wenger $100.00 "Team Niko, thank you for all your continued support of the UCP organization!!! All the best to Niko, his family, and friends at the Tri."
Laura Kliment $25.00 "Way to go Niko!"
William and Cary Pugh $100.00 "" Team Niko"- The Pugh family sends there support. You all are a blessing !!!"
Danielle Geordt $100.00 "BEST OF LUCK TEAM NIKO!!!! "
David, Joshua and Jacob Kreider $50.00 "TEAM NIKO ROCKS and is helping turning disabilities into abilities!"
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