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Team Devan
July 2, 2014

I can't believe it has been a year. One year ago today we were sitting in Saint Louis Children's Hospital with Devan having surgery on his foot. He had been dealing with pain and the deformity was worsening. We felt this was the best solution with the best doctor. A year post op, I can say it has been a bumpy road, but it was the right decision. Devan had a lot of pain after the surgery, was very weak, and struggled to regain his previous level of functioning. But UCP never gave up on him, we continued therapy as best we could, sought different methods for pain relief, taught him with a little bit of tough love and he grew stronger. He started the school year in a walker, taking nearly 10 minutes to walk our short drive way to the bus. By the end of the year, he was walking out and getting on the bus, even the giant first step, with no help at all! UCP stood behind us every step of the way and Devan continues to gain function, speed, and endurance.

Well, it is triathlon time again and Team Devan is ready to go. We are not yet sure if we will tackle the Olympic distance this year or scale back a bit to the Sprint. But, before you call me a wimp, Devan wants to tackle the swim this year and we are still working out the details on this. And I spent my winter training for my first marathon which I completed on May 4 in Cincinnati. I don't think marathoner or triathlete should be used in the same sentence as wimp. So we will Tri, just not sure how far yet!

UCP continues to be a support to Devan and our family, especially as we are looking towards Devan's transition to adulthood. His therapy and goals have grown with him and we are continuing to push him to more independence so that he might one day enjoy a work environment. He continues to meet his goals for physical and occupational therapy and challenge his therapists to push him to the next level. The staff at UCP are amazing and love Devan for who he is and his loving heart. His favorite ritual is emailing pictures to the staff that they then print for him when he does a good job!

If you are able to help us financially to support this great organization, we would greatly appreciate it. If you want to come and cheer us and some other amazing families on, the event is July 27 at North Coast Harbor in downtown Cleveland, we would love to have you. You can find details on UCP’s website at: http://www.ucpcleveland.org/giving-and-volunteering/participate/team-ucp-at-the-cleveland-triathlon . If you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue training and on race day that would be great as well. This year's race will be an emotional one as we remember Tyler who passed away this past year. If you recall last year's event, this was the amazing father and son team that went out and finished with me. We will TRI for Team Tyler! Miss you buddy!

To make a secure donation to UCP of Greater Cleveland in honor of Team Devan, please donate below. All funds raised on behalf of Team UCP at the Cleveland Triathlon go toward providing quality therapy and family supports for children with disabilities and their families in Northeast Ohio.

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Total Donations: $1,560.00
Contributor Amount Comment
Jessica Paprzycki $10.00 "Go Team Devan!! "
Frank Lengal $100.00 "Get after it!"
Jacob Pszonowsky Hidden "Go Team Devan!!"
Margie Popio $25.00 "Good Luck Team Devan!!"
Lisa Whitehill $25.00 "Go Team Devan, Go,Go Go!"
Jane Rose $75.00 "Best wishes on the 27th. Jane and George Rose"
Anonymous $35.00 "You are both amazing! Stay strong!"
Roberta Adderson $50.00 "Proud of both of you!"
Alpha Micron, Inc. $230.00 "Go Team Devan from Aunt Lecky and friends"
Linda Aulino Hidden "Go DEVAN and JULIE! My heart and my prayers are with and for you! Linda Aulino"
Stephanie Allen Hidden "Go Team Devan - you guys are awesome!!!"
Harold & Judy McKinney Hidden "Have a great time at the Triathlon on Sunday! We are looking forward to being there and cheering for you!"
Annette McKinney Hidden "Have a great tri"
Janice Jenitis Hidden "Our thoughts and prayers are with you!"
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