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United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland, the Official Charity of the Cleveland Triathlon
Empowering children and adults with disabilities!
UCP of Greater Cleveland is proud to partner with Pacific Sports LLC for the seventh year in a row as the Official Charity of the Cleveland Triathlon on July 27th 2014! Since 2008 Team UCP has grown from eight family teams and 65 racers to over 20 family and corporate teams comprised of over 300 racers! In just six years, family, friends, volunteers and staff have worked to raise nearly $1million for children and adults with disabilities in Northeast Ohio. This year we will pass that milestone as we strive toward our 2014 fundraising goal of $150,000!

Why should I donate to Team UCP?
UCP of Greater Cleveland serves over 1,200 children and adults with a multitude of disabilities in Northeast Ohio by empowering them to live the most independent, productive and inclusive lives possible. Our Children’s Services, Vocational Services and Residential Services programming provide opportunities for our clients to set and reach goals such as walking, talking, living independently and maintaining employment. Our clients work vigorously to reach their fullest potential and at UCP of Greater Cleveland we strive to give them everything they need to reach their goals.

UCP never turns anyone away for inability to pay. Your donation directly benefits clients and families struggling with the tremendous financial burdens associated with disability services.

How can I donate?
You may make a contribution using this website
mail a check payable to UCP of Greater Cleveland to:
UCP of Greater Cleveland
10011 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

How else can I help?
There are many ways that you can help Team UCP cross the finish line.

To learn more about Racing, Volunteering, Fundraising or Sponsoring Team UCP email us at teamucp@ucpcleveland.org

For more information about UCP of Greater Cleveland please visit us at www.ucpcleveland.org

Are YOU Inspired to TRI?

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Total Donations: $171,142

Goal: $150,000

$0 114% $150,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Athena Mericsko $20.00 "Go Marty & Captain P! "
Jeff Bremick Hidden "Good Luck, Payton!"
Evan & Marie Francis $100.00 "Emily & family, keep the faith and keep on keeping on!"
Jeff Minnick $100.00 "Julia has been training hard this year : )"
Curt Gross $25.00 "Good luck! The Gross Family"
Scott Adkins $50.00 "All the best to Julia!!!"
Holly Warner $25.00 "We are so proud of you Rebecca! Have a great race! With love from the Warner family. "
Amilia Pickerill $50.00 "Good Luck!! - Pickerill Family"
Mike Kuenzli $100.00 "Go team Emily, Arkansas is puling for you! We like your web page! Aunt Judy & Uncle Mike"
Dawn Tabaj $20.00 "Good luck:). "
Stacey McKinley $50.00 "Way to go, Dave!"
Richard Chambers $100.00 "Way to go Anthony!! Keep up the great work!!"
Dan Hart $50.00 "Love watching Anthony's progress and smiling face on Facebook! "
Michael Moore $25.00 "Your family is an inspiration to everyone. Keep it up!"
carleen drozda Hidden "Big Hello to Team Emily. It is so nice to see all of you and your web page. I will be rooting for you."
Tina Pemberton $75.00 "Go TeamNiko! Lobe you guys!"
Dave and Beth Eaton $100.00 "Go Team Julia! Wishing you all the best in your training leading up to the Tri!"
Heather Rizzo $50.00 "Thank you UCP for everything you do for Julia!"
Fred Patterson $50.00 "Go for the Gold Madelyn... Ruth and I want the very best for you and all of your team !!!"
Kathlene Nowicki $25.00 "GO TEAM RIZZO!!!"
Catherine Palmer $25.00 "Go Niko!"
Leslie Lomond $50.00 "Good luck to you David! Can't wait to hear all about it! Go get em!"
Lisa Greig Hidden "Go Emily!!"
Robert Glavan $50.00 "Good luck to Team Emily in the triathlon!"
Darlene Rizzo $25.00 "Good Luck to all!"
Matthew Cox $250.00 "Thank you for your support of our family David!"
C.J. Avarello $250.00 "Proud of you Dave!"
Cindy Babitt $50.00 "Good luck Helen!"
Candy Grasty $25.00 "You go, Trish! Best of luck with this year's race!"
Julie Gambrill $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Michael and Lisa Huston $50.00 "Go Team Emily!"
Thomas Patton $100.00 "A truly great act of friendship and commitment Dave!"
Carol Williams Hidden "Proud of you. Good luck & have fun! "
Robert Renau Hidden "Good Luck Team Emily!"
Bonnie Wisniewski $50.00 "GO TEAM RIZZO !!!"
Debi Brooks $25.00 "Go Team Niko!"
Michaelle Zavoda $50.00 "We Love You!"
Florence Carroll $50.00 "Good Luck Team Rizzo"
Gerald Gustin $25.00 "KICK SOME BUTT SEABASS!!!"
Amy Brown $50.00 "Good luck Helen! We are so proud of your hard work and big heart!"
Tiffany Boyes $50.00 "Way to go Helen! You are an inspiration to us! So proud of you! Love Ella and Dylan! "
Jessica Paprzycki $10.00 "Go Team Devan!! "
Frank Lengal $100.00 "Get after it!"
Jacob Pszonowsky Hidden "Go Team Devan!!"
Margie Popio $25.00 "Good Luck Team Devan!!"
Lisa Whitehill $25.00 "Go Team Devan, Go,Go Go!"
Susan Andrews $50.00 "GO Team Ethan! You make our community proud!"
Helen and jack Mckee $50.00 "Go team ethan! We are Proud of all of you!"
Suzanne Budak Hidden "This gift is in celebration of our friends Grace & Scott's wedding. I shared your story with them and they asked we make a donation as our present to them. We're all inspired by your hard work & friendship. Go TEAM ETHAN! Good luck on race day!"
Susie Basom $25.00 "Good luck Team Rizzo !"
Susie Basom $25.00 "Good luck Team Madelyne ! xo xo xo"
Michael Jackisch $100.00 "We're honored to be racing for Team Emily. Dan and Mike Jackisch (with Cheri Clifford)"
Jane Rose $75.00 "Best wishes on the 27th. Jane and George Rose"
Anonymous $35.00 "You are both amazing! Stay strong!"
carol green $20.00 "G0D IS WITH YOU"
Allyson Rohn Hidden "Good Luck Team Emily !"
Mark & Debbie Hull $50.00 "May God Bless the efforts of Team Emily!"
Sean Wenger $100.00 "Team Niko, thank you for all your continued support of the UCP organization!!! All the best to Niko, his family, and friends at the Tri."
Megan McMahon $100.00 "We are so proud of you Helen! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! Love, the McMahons"
Michael Burley $25.00 "Great Job !! Mike Burley & Sue Wojcik"
Denise Davis $50.00 "Good luck, Helen! "
Melissa Love $25.00 "Good Luck to all in the Triathlon!"
Karen Lepper $25.00 "You are an inspiration!"
Jacqui Kleinpeter $25.00 "Good Luck!! "
Jennifer Dukuslow $20.00 "Good Luck! "
Courtney Price $25.00 "Good luck! We are very proud of you. ~ Courtney, Brad & Gabriel"
Jackie Lohn $100.00 "Thank you Grandpa Vince!"
Mike and Anna Bodner $15.00 "Go Team Ethan!!"
Todd Bennice $50.00 "Good luck!"
Maureen O'Toole $25.00 "Keep biking Emily! You're a star! "
Steve's Auto Service haehner $100.00 "Ryan, Robbie and Rebecca Riter, I first want to say how proud I am of you kids. you have always given so unselfishly to everyone. your hearts are the sweetest ever. and to each one of you on Team Ethan we are so proud of you. you kids are all awesome. keep paying it forward it will come back one day in a huge way.. keep up the great work and good luck Team Ethan"
Jill Palla $100.00 "Good luck Team Ethan! Loved the story on Ramona's kids! Love Ethan's Mom and Grandma - they are the best! So nice to hear the good things these kids are doing!"
Greg and Karen Schlechter $50.00 "Go Team Ethan!!! Greg and Karen"
John Mckee $50.00 "So thankful for support of families of the 20 peers of Ethan for their love and support. Can't wait for the big day full of yellow shirts. "
Nora Joyce $50.00 "Sorry I won't make the race, Drew!! Cheering you on today and always. Love you, kiddo!"
Gloria and Bill Joseph Hidden "Go Team Julia!!"
Jamie Diviney $20.00 "Woohoo! Go Heidi!!!"
Laura Feskanich $25.00 "Go Team Nikko! "
Carm and Ed Smith Hidden "Every member of Team Ethan is an inspiration. We will be cheering you on from California."
Chris Parker $25.00 "Go Team Ethan! You kids are inspirational!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Janice & Critter I can only imagine the huge smile that will be on Tyler face as he watches you both from the best seat in the house " heaven" ! ??"
Brittany Lis $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Roberta Adderson $50.00 "Proud of both of you!"
Laura Kliment $25.00 "Way to go Niko!"
Heather Koerner $50.00 "We are so very proud of all you kids for truly making a difference! You have all worked so hard to get here and we can't wait to cheer you all on Sunday!! Go Team Ethan!!! Best of luck to all of you and much love to you Kaine and the rest of Team Ethan for your dedication, determination and inspiration!! You guys rock!! Love, Mom and Dad Koerner"
Dana Berkley $25.00 "GO RIZZO!"
Carolyn Victor $50.00 "Team Rizzo Rocks!"
Alpha Micron, Inc. $230.00 "Go Team Devan from Aunt Lecky and friends"
Katie Balmford $50.00 "Go Team Anthony!!"
Jessica Zoldak $20.00 "Soooo proud of you Aunt Jo!!!!!! Love, Jessica"
Megan Fellinger $100.00 "Have fun and good luck! Love the Fellingers"
Ann Malone $100.00 "SWIM * BIKE * RUN * Have FUN! xoxo Mom, Dad & Shay"
Linda Aulino Hidden "Go DEVAN and JULIE! My heart and my prayers are with and for you! Linda Aulino"
Gavin & Elizabeth Ramsey $50.00 "Best wishes Team Julia!"
Jerry and Diane Lucas $250.00 "Your family is very special."
Stephanie Allen Hidden "Go Team Devan - you guys are awesome!!!"
Julie Firestone Hidden "Have a great race! You go, Julia!!"
Jenny and Shane Hunter $25.00 "Prayers for all of you, GO EMILY!"
Regina Mee Hidden "Thinking of all of you, including our Superhero. -Sean, Gina, Nathan, Olivia, and Emma"
Kathy Becks $20.00 "Good luck Team Ethan! So proud of all of you for your hard work! Have fun!!"
diann dincolo $50.00 "GO HELEN! LOVE, FGM XOXOX"
Joy McClain $100.00 "I'm so proud of you!!! ...And I know that I am not the only one. ;-) Go and kick some butt!!!"
David Siladie $100.00 "Best of luck to Team Ethan from the Siladie Family. "
Connie Hagen $25.00 "Team Ethan You are an inspiration to all."
Erin Spangler $25.00 "SO GLAD TO BE PART OF THE TEAM!"
Katie Thoburn $25.00 "Good luck Jackie and Drew, and have fun!!"
Suzanne Jones $100.00 "Go Team Ethan!!!"
The Gohr Family $25.00 "So proud of all the kids!! TRULY INSPIRING!!!"
Lisa Siesel $100.00 "The Siesel family support Team Ethan in this great adventure at the Triathlon. We are so proud of Rachel and Ethan and all the kids working hard to support United Cerebral Palsy at this special event. We are glad Anna is a part of this wonderful team and so excited to show our support. Their hard work and dedication will pay off. The families of this team have been so wonderful and an inspiration for all. Lets go TEAM ETHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With love and smiles, Jeff and Lisa Siesel and family"
Lynda Corea $50.00 "Go Team Rizzo!! Have fun!!"
Mary Weigle $50.00 "I know you can do it Go Team Julia"
The Beals Family Beals $25.00 "Go Team Julia!!!!"
Monica Benyo $30.00 "I'm so proud of everything that you do, especially in memory of your loved ones. "
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck HELEN!!! Uncle Track, Aunt Andrea, Annabelle and Colin"
Paul & Becky Neal $50.00 "We are so very proud of everyone on the team for all their dedication and hard work!! Also grateful for their parents without them supporting and getting them to the practices there would be no team Ethan! Good luck to all!"
Carlo & Rose Cukon $50.00 "Good Luck Team Elsie "2014" Keep going and going !!!"
Leah Cillo $25.00 "Yay Team Rizzo!"
Tammy Luedke $50.00 "Go Team Ethan!"
Kelly Williams $25.00 "Great work Helen! We love you and we're so proud of you xo Aunt Kelly, Uncle Andy, Zoe and Luke"
Susie Jeffries $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Jennifer Kaifesh $25.00 "Team Ethan is truly amazing! "
Len &Wendy Flors $25.00 "We are so proud of you! Love you lots!!!!!:)"
Dennis Fox Hidden "Heidemarie: The Foxes are rooting for you. Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith! Love, Debbie, Dennis, Hannah and Bridget"
Lisa Skoczen $25.00 "Have fun at the Tri!"
Brandon and Beth Snyder $30.00 "So proud of all of you!"
Brittany Gidley $25.00 "Go Julia Go!!! "
Amy and Rich Stavar $50.00 "Good luck to all of you!"
Cindy Oser Hidden "I'm giving in support of your wonderful friendship - hope you have many more adventures together Rachel and Ethan!"
Bob & Kristen Bals $50.00 "Our thoughts and prayers are with Team Emily on this special day!"
Henry Schaefer $50.00 "What an inspiring article in Cleve. Plain Dealer, 7/25/14. Rachel's parents should be proud. GO TEAM ETHAN!"
Hayden Leon $75.00 "GO SLIM DADDY GO!!!!"
Lydia Furman Hidden "My contribution is in honor of Kamarii, and in honor of his incredible mom, Keya Cuyler. Sincerely, Lydia Furman MD"
Pete Van Bohemen $25.00 "It's nice to see young people so ambitious and caring. Great job!"
Traci Schillace $25.00 "I saw you in the cleveland Plain Dealer. As a parent with a child with a disability, you are an inspiration!! You never know who will touch your heart in this world. Great job!!!"
Karla Algeri $50.00 "Good luck Janelle and have fun."
David and Marg Williams $25.00 "Nothing I like better than supporting a swimmer!"
Sean Dorsey $100.00 "Go Marty!"
Samantha Miloro $25.00
Jessica Hewett (Porowski) $50.00 "Go team Julia!!!!"
William and Cary Pugh $100.00 "" Team Niko"- The Pugh family sends there support. You all are a blessing !!!"
Kimberly Mackey $100.00 "Go Team Ethan! We send our love and best wishes from Kentucky. "
Cheryl M Yaniga $100.00 "Miss Julia, you are our hero."
Allyson Pebbles $25.00 "Good luck Team Peyton, you've got this!! "
Betsy Pajak $1,000.00 "Big hugs from Team Turtle!"
Bill Taylor Chuck Adam $100.00 "We're proud of you, cousin Ethan!"
Danielle Geordt $100.00 "BEST OF LUCK TEAM NIKO!!!! "
Anne Fitzgerald $50.00 "We are so proud our you, Helen! Good luck on Sunday, we know you will rock it!! Love, The Fitzgeralds"
Mike & Genela Krupka $100.00 "Good luck Team Julia! We wish could be there to join in the fun! Love ya!"
Deborah Sords Hidden "Go Team Tyler!"
Lemuela Manuel $25.00 "Go Team Julia!!! Wishing you the best!!!"
David, Joshua and Jacob Kreider $50.00 "TEAM NIKO ROCKS and is helping turning disabilities into abilities!"
gloria bettschart $50.00 "Good work Helen and good luck! love, Nana"
Harold & Judy McKinney Hidden "Have a great time at the Triathlon on Sunday! We are looking forward to being there and cheering for you!"
Liz Bray $50.00 "Go Team Ethan! You are an amazing group of kids!"
Billie Otto $25.00 "I'm so proud of all of you. I'll be praying for you on Sunday."
Kim Smith $25.00 ""Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead This quote makes me think of all involved with Team Ethan...Have Fun! "
Ruth Riter $100.00 "Good Luck to all the participants! Grandma Ruth"
Elise Miller $50.00 "Good Luck Team M!"
Louise Haffke $50.00 "I wept every time I read your story in the Plain Dealer. I read it to myself, my 7 year-old daughter, and my husband. What an inspiring story of friendship and kindness. Our family wishes Team Ethan the very best! "
David Kline $50.00 "Rachel and Team Ethan...Tallmadge is so proud of YOU! Mayor Dave & Sue Kline"
Kim & Mike Sandrene $50.00 "What you are doing for Ethan is fantastic! Our son, Adam, was very much like Ethan. So, we know first hand how uplifting your work for him is. You will never forget what you are doing and his love toward all of you is unconditional. Keep up the Good Work. Mike & Kim Sandrene Adam August Realty "
Pam Stitt Hidden "Good luck Heidi, you are an inspiration!"
Molly Brennan $25.00 "Good Luck Helen!"
Melissa Knight $25.00 "Go Team Emily! You are an inspiration for all of us."
Lesli Ryder $110.00 "GO TEAM ETHAN!! Good Luck Emma. We love you!! Ryder Friends and Family"
Thomas Jackoboice $25.00 "Have a great day, Helen!"
John Jackoboice $125.00 "Go Helen. swimRun and Bike fast. Have fun. Love Papa andChaCha"
Jolene Peterson $25.00 "Have a wonderful day :)"
Carm Charnas $50.00 "Way to go Heide !!"
Ruben Mendiola $10.00 "Go Team Alex Lozano!"
Dixon Family $50.00 "Go Team Ethan!!!!"
Kara Moylan $56.00 "Love from Tommy and Reece! "
Jen Rarick $25.00 "Good luck, Helen! You are a star!! Jen Rarick"
Linsy Biege $25.00 "So proud of my niece Emma & all of Team Ethan for the hard work! "
Carole Conley $100.00 "So nice to read a beautiful story about a wonderful young person. Go "Team Ethan"."
Nancy Rodriguez $50.00 "You are amazing!!!!! Thank you for all you do for our kids at UCP!!!!!"
Ann and Ed Sabo $50.00 "Go Heidemarie!!!!"
Rena Perchinske $25.00 "xoxo Spicuzza Family"
Annette McKinney Hidden "Have a great tri"
Dave & Julie Neal $50.00 "We are very proud of the hard work & dedication all of the kids have put into this event, especially our niece & nephews; Becca, Ryan & Robby. Good luck & Go Team Ethan!!"
roger grimm Hidden "Good Luck Team Ethan!!! Good Luck Marley and Alec!!! - Mom and Dad"
Rachelle Grimm Hidden "Good Luck Team Ethan! Good Luck Marley and Alec. Grandma Shirley and Aunt Shelly!"
Janelle Dougherty $50.00 "Go Helen! So impressed with your hard work and determination on behalf of these kids!! Very inspiring! Have a great time at the race! :) love, The Dougherty's "
Stephanie Toole $50.00 "Good Luck Maren! So proud of you!!"
Janice Jenitis Hidden "Our thoughts and prayers are with you!"
Mai-Linh Hanek $100.00 "We love you tons Anthony! Go Team Anthony!"
Ruben Mendiola Hidden "To my buddy Alex Lozano!"
Gary Popella $25.00 "Sorry, a little late with everything going on. Good job!"
Iselin Dimacchia Hidden "Way to go Maren!!"
Marc Hays $500.00 "What a great morning! Tyler clearly touched a lot of people. "
Lisa Scheer $100.00 "As a member of the Cleveland triathlon community, the story in the Plain Dealer caught my eye. Rachel, Ethan are such an inspiration! The support of the other children is amazing too! I hope some photos and videos are posted to their website. What a heart warming story!"
Julia Pattie $25.00 "Thanks for allowing us to be a little part of your lives. Go Team Tyler! Love, The Pattie Family."
Debra Heintz $25.00 "Lots of love to a great family! We think of Tyler every day! Love, Joe, Debbie, Julia and Donovan Heintz"
Barbara Wheatley $50.00 "Congratulations on another successful triathlon."
Barbara Wheatley $50.00 "Congratulations. You did it again!"
susan essex $100.00 "There will always be a Team Turtle for Matt. Thinking of him ...and all the other families...today. Love...grams"
Rebecca Farmer $100.00 "In memory of Matt Pajak, who brought a smile to my face everytime I got to see him, and in honor of an amazing family who brought him into this world to share!!"
Amanda Thomas $20.00 "Seth, Henry, and I are sending our best wishes and support to UCP and Team Tyler. "
Cindy Seese $50.00 "Go For It Team Emily! God bless all of you! :-)"
Shyla Robinson $50.00 "Go Team Anthony!! "
William Bodnar $150.00 "Wished I could have been there to participate. Keep me in the loop for next year."
Alex Djuric $50.00 "Hope all went well for everyone. "
Dan Farina $100.00 "Sorry I didn't see this sooner!!! Go Anthony!!!!"
GREGORY HARDING $25.00 "Glad you kept the donation page open. You have done a good thing."
Laura Hickman $25.00 "Congrats to everyone! "
Kim Showalter Hidden "Team Ethan- So proud of these Tallmadge kids!!"
Jenna Herzog $50.00 "Sorry I'm late donating this year. Hope it was fun! Best wishes always to Anthony! XO"
Beth Lucas $100.00 "Amazing tribute at this year's TRI...very fitting for someone who touched so many lives in immeasurable ways. Happy Birthday, buddy. Sending love and good thoughts to the Spicuzza family and all of Team Tyler."
Barbara Gannon $50.00 "Congratulations on a job well done, Team Julia! "
GREGORY HARDING $25.00 "Can hardly wait to see you there! Congrats on exceeding your goal!"
Debbie Moulden $50.00 "Go Team Rizzo! Great job in the race!"
Abbey Mulvaney $20.00 "Good luck to all athletes and I hope you reach your fundraising goal!!"
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