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United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland, the Official Charity of the Cleveland Triathlon
Empowering children and adults with disabilities!
UCP of Greater Cleveland is proud to partner with Pacific Sports LLC for the sixth year in a row as the Official Charity of the Cleveland Triathlon on August 4th 2013! Since 2008 Team UCP has grown from eight family teams and 65 racers to over 20 family and corporate teams comprised of over 300 racers! In just five short years, family, friends, volunteers and staff have worked to raise nearly $1million for children and adults with disabilities in Northeast Ohio. This year we will pass that milestone as we strive toward our 2013 fundraising goal of $200,000!

Why should I donate to Team UCP?
UCP of Greater Cleveland serves over 1500 children and adults with a multitude of disabilities in Northeast Ohio by empowering them to live the most independent, productive and inclusive lives possible. Our Children’s Services, Vocational Services and Residential Services programming provide opportunities for our clients to set and reach goals such as walking, talking, living independently and maintaining employment. Our clients work vigorously to reach their fullest potential and at UCP of Greater Cleveland we strive to give them everything they need to reach their goals.

UCP never turns anyone away for inability to pay. Your donation directly benefits clients and families struggling with the tremendous financial burdens associated with disability services.

How can I donate?
You may make a contribution using this website
mail a check payable to UCP of Greater Cleveland to:
UCP of Greater Cleveland
10011 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

How else can I help?
There are many ways that you can help Team UCP cross the finish line.

To learn more about Racing, Volunteering, Fundraising or Sponsoring Team UCP email us at teamucp@ucpcleveland.org

For more information about UCP of Greater Cleveland please visit us at www.ucpcleveland.org

Are YOU Inspired to TRI?

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $190,630

Goal: $210,000

$0 91% $210,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Robert Pelles $40.00 "Congratulations Ben! We are very proud of you. Bob and Robin Pelles"
Monica Bruaw $25.00 "Wishing you the best! Cory & Monica"
Willie Mays $50.00 "Continue to fight the good fight. Go Team Benjamin."
camdis larson $20.00 "Michael: I think it's wonderful what you are doing. Your nephew is a beautiful little boy and very lucky to have you as his uncle."
Jason Carcelli $20.00 "Good luck Mike! You've got a helluva team, keep leading the way my brotha!"
Melissa and Jason Ellis $25.00 "Go Team Benjamin from your friends in NC!"
Lana Ruebel $100.00 "Amazing little guy, amazing parents. All the best luck. Lana"
Laura Steinbrink $25.00 "Go Ben Go! So excited for you to achieve this huge milestone!"
Debbie Finn $25.00 "Way to go Ben!"
Christie McFadden $25.00 "Good luck!!! "
AMY MONDI $50.00 "Stay warm and have fun! Love you guys! Love, Amy, Anthony, Angelina, & Alaina"
William Roh $50.00 "So proud of Ben though I have never met him. I know it was a great treat for all of you Randy"
Cynthia DelSignore $25.00 "Good luck with your fundraising efforts! These children are so special and deserving! :)"
deanna fulytar $25.00 "I love that you do this for your nephew!!!!!!"
Alicia Gregory $25.00 "Keep up the good work! You're an inspiration to so many! Go Team Benjamin!!!"
Monica Fortuna $25.00 "Yay Ben! It is so awesome to follow Ben and see the progress he is making! Go Team Benjamin!!"
Mike Latessa $50.00 "Keep up the good work! Good luck!!"
Jeffrey & Claudia Seitz $100.00 "For My Babies We will be there rooting You on !!! Go Team Scott !!!!!!!!"
Maureen Loesch Hidden "GO TEAM SCOTT GO!"
Melissa Michelson-Arbes $25.00 "It's really beautiful to see everything you are doing for her. And it's really beautiful to see everything she is doing for you. :-) "
Joyce MacRae $50.00 "Payton is an inspiration. "
Betsy Pajak $100.00 "Let's get this started!!"
Chad & Kim Gluss $100.00 "You should have gone with BLACK & YELLOW shirts!! GL guys"
Kristyn Haschka $25.00 "Go Team Anthony!"
Joseph DiDonato $250.00 "To Our Grandson's Team... Go Team Anthony!!!!"
Denny and Donovan king $50.00 "<3 Anthony <3"
Daniel Hart $50.00 "Donation courtesy of Palace Malace"
Rick Chambers $100.00 "Team Anthony is like Chris Perez. We will smoke you!!"
Lorrain Hershberger $200.00 "We are so proud of you!!! xoxoxo"
Meredith Montgomery $75.00 "Go Team Anthony!!! "
Ray Day III $50.00 "Great cause Dan-O! Good luck in the event!"
Geoff & tiff Moyse $25.00 "Team A dog in the house!!!!!!"
Jim Kal $100.14 "Go Team Anthony!!! hi."
Tracey Gibb Hidden "We continue to believe in Payton and all of you!"
Matt Pinto $100.00 "Good luck buddy, from the Pinto's"
Kathryn Cloyd $100.00 "Good Luck! You will do great (probably not as fast as me, but great nonetheless!!) :)"
Arthur Evenchik $125.00 "Hi Camryn - I think it's great that you have become the leader of Team Elsie. Good luck!"
Peter Romano $25.00 "Hey Dan, Best of luck on the race. At least you won't have to walk on water. :-) Pete R"
David Malinas $500.00 "Go HeartElsie! Love: David, Gin, Sofia, & Carson"
Beth Eaton $200.00 "Camyrn, you are a great big sister. I think that you have an amazing family. I will join Team Elsie, and participate in the race also. Good luck in the Tri - you are already a winner in my eyes!"
Regina Nazzaro $100.00 "Good luck with the triathlon, Camryn! Helping raise money in honor of your sister is a kind and generous thing to do. Hope to meet you some day, Cousins Gina and Lisa Nazzaro"
Kristine Hoke $50.00 "Good luck Camryn!!"
Marc & Karen Jaffe $100.00 "Way to go Camryn. "
Judi Norton $25.00 "Good for you, Camryn! I will be out of town for this year's race, so I won't be able to help this year. I hope you make your goal. Have a great race and fun, too! "
Susan Leonruiz $100.00 "Dear Camryn, We are very PROUD of all you do to help your sister, Elsie. We wish you lots of luck in the race this year! You continue to be the best big sister ever!!! Love you, Susan and Nicolas"
Bill Stewart $50.00 "Camryn, you are an incredible sister. The Stewarts are very proud of you."
Emory Petrack $50.00 "Great work for Team Elsie!!"
Glenda Ehler $100.00 "Camryn, You're the bomb. Love the picture of you and Elsie, Give her a hug from us and do your best. God's best blessings to you all. 'Aunt' Glenda and Uncle Rod"
David George $250.00 "Ben, you are the toughest guy I know. Your friend Sammy George"
DeAnn & Harry Johnson Hidden "Good Luck! Enjoy the challenge. We will be thinking of you."
Brady Shyrock $75.00 "Camryn, you are doing a great thing. You should be extremely proud of being a good big sister! Go team Elsie!"
Pam Stitt $25.00 "Good luck Heidi! You are the BEST!! "
Dorothy Sabbio Hidden "Heidemarie, You go girl!...Love, Dorothy"
Elaine Belflowers Hidden "Heide - you are an amazing woman!"
Colleen Green $25.00 "I am so inspired by you Helen and hope you have a great time doing your first Tri!"
David and Marg Williams $25.00 "You go girl!! Love Marg and Daboo"
Reilly Family $100.00 "Logan, you're our HERO! We love you buddy...GO TEAM LOGAN!"
Judy Meyer Hidden "Put all that Yellowstone hiking experience to use! Bravo!"
Megan McMahon $100.00 "Go Helen! Thank you for your dedication. We are so proud of you! Love, the McMahons"
Craig Hamilton $25.00 "Good luck Dano."
Christina Lambert $25.00 "Best of luck Camryn!!! I am so proud of you!!!"
Jeff Yaniga $75.00 "Go Team Julia, love Sara, Jeff and Henry!"
Ann & Kevin Malone $250.00 "Tri your best and you will succeed! Way to go, Ladybug! xoxo Mom, Dad & Shay"
Jim and Kathy Malone $100.00 "Way to go Helen!! We are so proud of you!! LuLu and Pop "
Jackie Lohn $100.00 "Drew - you are my world and the light of my life. I thank God every day for choosing me to be your mom. Let's kick some butt on August 4th! I Love You!"
Laura Rohrbach $50.00 "Hi Gordon - this is a wonderful cause. Thanks so much for including me on your email blast. Godspeed and hope you raise a bunch - God bless!"
Jeffrey Lenches $100.00 "Good Luck DanO!!!!"
Malik Daniels $25.00 "Hey Camryn! You are an awesome sister! I know that Elsie loves you dearly! This is such a wonderful thing to do for your sister. I hope you and your entire family are having a wonderful summer. Mr. Daniels"
robert fellinger $100.00 "Good Luck Helen!! The Fellingers"
Jeffrey and Barbara Molter $250.00 "Tyler, You and your wonderful family continue to be an inspiration to all of us !!!! Keep up the great work !!!"
kathryn mcneill $50.00 "Good Luck Team Tyler!!!!!"
Deanna Kovach $50.00 "You go Tyler!"
Nancy Armstrong $100.00 "Go Team Niko!!!!"
Margaux Patterson $100.00 "Camryn, Sorry I can't join you this year at the triathlon :-( Hope you win!!! Margaux"
Justin Byrne $100.00 "Good Luck Team Tyler! "
Suzanne Frazier $75.00 "Keep up the good work...we love you Anthony!! Bill, Sue, Olivia & Alexis <3"
Ryan Stenger $50.00 "Go get 'em Ben! Good luck. You truly inspire us all. "
Ann Bergen $100.00 "Go Ben !!!! And Go Team Bennett, Krank & Kearney for Ben ! "
Michael Harvey $100.00 "I wish you all the best in reaching this year's goal. "
ADAM HUFF $100.00 "Good Luck! "
Kathy Golovan Hidden "Good Luck!!"
Rebecca Bennett $250.00 "B, K & K: Thanks for doing this for Ben!"
Brian Burns $25.00 "I am inspired by Dan O. Good work!"
Jessica Bronzert $100.00 "Camryn, you're a terrific sister and a terrific triathlete! We're so proud of you! Greg, Jess, Kevin & Ben"
Cheryl Yaniga $75.00 "We are cheering you on Miss Julia. Big Hugs"
Peggy and Jim Flanigan $50.00 "Congrats, Trish on the funds that you have already acquired and best of luck to you on reaching your goal. This is a very worthy and important cause and we are happy to participate in it with you. Jim and Peggy"
Darlene Rizzo $50.00 "Good Luck John, Heather and Julia. Hope we can get there to cheer you on. Love Aunt Darlene"
David Visocky $100.00 "Go...UCP...Go....Trish!"
Rebecca Farmer $100.00 "To the best cause!! From your friends at Mane Stride"
Carol Rizzo $100.00 "Good Luck! We love ya!"
Bonnie Wisniewski $50.00 "Go Team Rizzo !!!!! "
Sarah Keenen $50.00 "Go Team Payton!"
Jan Blankenburg $25.00 "Good Luck! running. We will be cheering you on!"
Kristie Stuber $50.00 "Good luck Kim! You are running for a great cause! Love, Kristie and John"
Amy Paden $50.00 "Good luck, from Paul & Amy! We know you're going to rock this! Have fun and enjoy the race!"
Carlo & Rose Cukon $50.00 "Good Luck Camryn & Team Elsie "2013" - Keep Going and Going!!!"
Cami Walker $25.00 "Heather and John you are amazing people and I thank you for allowing me to be part of Julia's life. She is an amazing little angel! Good luck and have fun!"
Tom Parks $25.00 "You are going to KILL it!!!"
Dan and Claudia Lozano $100.00 "Good Luck Camryn. Elsie sure has a special sister. God bless you and your family. Claudia and Dan Lozano"
Denise Macerelli $25.00 "You go Heide! "
Candace Allds $50.00 "Go Team Anthony!"
Lee Walker $25.00 "Good Luck, Heidi and all your causes are worthwhile!"
Janine Roaldson $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Susie Basom $25.00 "Best wishes to Team Rizzo !! I miss you all !! "
Kathy Wasserman $100.00 "You go girl we are cheering for you!!"
Susie Basom $25.00 "Good luck Team Madelyne. I think of you often!!!"
Jacob, Kristen & Layla Pszonowsky Hidden "Go Team Devan! Wahoo!"
Edward Sabo $50.00 "Congrats on all the hard work & effort you are putting into a worthwhile cause!"
Sarah Adams Hidden "Good Luck! I will miss being there but I will train and Tri next year!! "
Chad Eberle $25.00 "We're proud of your hard work! You'll do great! "
Stephanie Teeter $50.00 "Go Helen Go! Love, Aunt Bear, Uncle Alex, Declan and Johnny"
Jason Quattro $50.00 "Congratulations to Ben and his family for achieving UNBELIEVABLE accomplishments by their display of courage, commitment, and undying love for one another. You and your family a an inspiration to me and mine. God Bless You!"
Pat Virant $25.00 "See you soon, I know that you will do great"
Meeghan Hart Hidden "Best of luck Devan! "
Keith Ledwith $25.00 "Good luck NBF!"
Nicole Dawson $50.00 "So inspiring! Go Team Benjamin!"
Florence Carroll $50.00 "We Love You. Mia, Gaby, Joe, Jonny, Jared and all the Carroll's"
Paul and Pam Owen $30.00 "Your involvement is inspiring, your determination incredible! You can do it!"
Hillary Pettigrew $25.00 "Good luck Maggie! "
Kate Kunstel Hidden "Go Annette!!"
Mayme Patthoff $100.00 "Good luck! We'll be cheering you on!"
Jim Virant $25.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Wayne Wallace $50.00 "Good work old man. Don't drown it will spoil your day!"
Heather Piasecki Hidden "Go Team Julia! You're amazing! Your friends ~ Maggie & Heather Piasecki"
Dennis Patthoff $25.00 "God luck. Go strong"
Jason Kindler Hidden "Go Team Payton"
george beckmann $100.00 "enjoy the moments"
Jessica Vaught $100.00 "Helen - Good luck on your first triathalon! Your mom, dad and I ran a couple races together when we all lived in Cincinnati. This is for a great cause and I am sure it will be a great day! Jessica Vaught"
John Schmidt $50.00 "Good luck."
Sandra Holmes $50.00 "Helen - You are a delight and we are so happy to support this wonderful effort. With love - Sandy & Harry Holmes"
Jerry & Ruth Bennett $50.00 "Personal giving is the proper way to give aid and support to our friends and neighbors. You guys are the face of American benevolence."
Mia Ruffing $25.00 "Go, Helen! - The Ruffings"
Kelly Williams $25.00 "Helen we are so proud of you- good luck! Love Aunt Kelly, Uncle Andy and cousin Zoe!!! xoxo"
Andrea and Track Malone $50.00 "Good Luck Helen! Uncle Track, Aunt Andrea, Annabelle and Colin. "
Mary Weigle $50.00 "GO TEAM JULIA !"
Thomas Dunn $100.00 "Mark, keep training, I want to see a first place ribbon from your team for Benjamine! You guys are Awesome!"
John McLaren $50.00 "Thinking of you Go Team Julia"
Vickie Hess $25.00 "Good Luck Kim!!"
Scott Strang $200.00 "We are so excited for another Tri this year! See you in August!"
Trisha, Dave, Max & Will Tyson $100.00 "Camryn, Congratulations on a successful fundraising event. Wish I could be there to participate in the tri. Hope to see you soon! Miss you all!"
John Granzier $100.00 "Good luck everyone--especially YOU Mark! --John & Lizzy"
Pam Newman $75.00 "Lisa and team, you are amazing. Thank you so much for doing this for Scott, my brother, Jimmy, and all the special people with CP. GO TEAM SCOTT!!! God Bless. Pam "
Keely O'Bryan $100.00 "Go Team Elsie!!"
Shawn Upchurch $100.00 "... inspired by Ben's strength and will to live. Thank you Mark, for helping amazing people like Ben reach their full potential. "
Claudia Kopper-Stratis $10.00 ""You Go Girl!!""
Kevin Woodruff $150.00 "Good luck competing Bob and Carrie! - Kevin & Lisa"
Amy Gannon $75.00 "Good luck Camryn! You and Elsie are an inspiration to many people. We are proud to know you and your family . Love Amy, Patrick, Maeve, Fiona, and Conall"
Joe Caprella $25.00 "Good luck!"
Amber White $25.00 "Go Team Payton!! It's a beautiful thing you guys are doing! Miss you! :)"
Tina Weigle $50.00 "May the money raised this year help further the progress of all the clients and families at UCP! Let's go, Team Julia!"
Candy Grasty $25.00 "Keep up the great work, Trish!"
Matt & Adrianne Bailey Hidden "Love you guys!!!"
John Bokovitz $50.00 "Good luck Tyler! We know your mom will carry the team :)"
Amy Bokovitz $50.00 "Good luck Tyler and team!!"
Betsy Pajak $50.00 "Thank you Wednesday Book Club for your donation!! "
Betsy Pajak $50.00 "Thank you Lee Family!!"
Avon Eye Design .Com Hidden "Best of Luck! You guys are awesome!"
Gloria Joseph Hidden "Go Team Julia!!"
Robin Wilson $25.00 "Go Julia Go !!! I am so proud of you! Love, Robin"
Melanie Shakarian & Peter Kvidera $50.00 "Giving because I think the world of the Cox Family. And Keith Kearney and Mark Bennett are OK guys as well. ;)"
Carol Mackin-Uecer $250.00 "Good Luck, Team Julia! You are amazing! ~Rob & Carol Uecker "
Jennifer Black $25.00 "Way to go Heather and Preston!!!"
Andrea Sikon $350.00 "Go Team Julia! Julia and Kris- you are an inspiration for us all! Keep it up! We love you!"
Joseph Koonce $300.00 "Camryn, Enjoy your race. We love you and wish you the best. Thanks for helping Elsie. Grammy and Papa"
Nora Joyce $50.00 "Drew- you're such a strong and amazing kid. I'm so happy to know you! Good luck at the race!"
Marc Hays $250.00 "Go Tyler! Have a great Tri!"
Karen Formanek $50.00 "Go Team Rizzo - Good Luck! Karen & Ron"
Arturo & Lisa Santos $150.00 "Much Love"
Gary Yoder $50.00 "Have a good time at the race Drew. Maybe I'll get to see you soon. Uncle Gary"
Stephen Morris $250.00 "Good luck Team Tyler!"
Kathy Hall $50.00 "This donation is two-fold....In honor of Ben for all he has accomplished and in memory of Matthew Pajak, who is forever in my heart. Go Team Turtle and Go Team Benjamin! We love you both!! Sincerely, The Hall Family"
Brian Paul $25.00 "Great job Ben!"
Chery DAmico $50.00 "You are all an inspiration! Enjoy the day!"
Amy Brown $25.00 "Go Helen! We are so proud of you for "tri-ing" and for your generous spirit! Love, the Browns"
Alan Close $500.00 "We are so proud of you Ben! Diane and Matt we can't imagine how proud you must be! Best of luck to you all on the 4th! Alan & Vicky"
Julie Gambrill $25.00 "Go Team Rizzo !! Love, Ryan, Julie, Liam & Oliver"
Apex Partners LLC $250.00 "Keep up the GREAT work!!!"
Scott Runyan Hidden "i have money on bobby winning the clydesdale division"
Robin Burns-Hunt $25.00 "Good Luck Heather and Preston, have a great day!"
Curt Gross $25.00 "Good Luck, Team Julia! - The Gross Family"
Kathy Bennett Hidden "Good luck this weekend! You will all do a great job! I am so inspired by you!"
JENNIFER MCNAIR $100.00 "We are proud of you! Love Aunt Jen and Uncle Andy"
Bea Saywell $50.00 "Hi Drew, Hope your summer was great. Mine was. I will really miss you next year and I know Ms. Saywell will certainly miss you the most. I know you will do great in school next year you are such a smart boy. I love you. Have fun at the race. Ms. Saywell (Kristin's Mother)"
Andrew Futey $100.00 "Keep going Ben! Very proud of you!"
Mark and Jen Stalzer $50.00 "Good Luck Team Rizzo!!! Have fun and be safe!"
JOSEPH LOJEK $500.00 "Best wishes from your friends at Premier Truck Sales & Rental"
DUSTIN GRAEF $25.00 "Sorry I cant be there Buddy! "
Dan Ormston $100.00 "Mark Weisner's donation! Thanks Mark!"
Barbara Gannon $25.00 "Good Luck Team Julia!! You are all winners!!"
Marci Novak $25.00 "Helen, You are a true champion! Swim, Bike, Run The Novaks"
Kim Moore $25.00 "You are inspiring! Go Julie and Devan!"
Harry Drain $60.00 "Go Kim! We know you can do it! Have fun and remember all the sweat is for a good cause. Dad & Mom "
Wendy Lane $50.00 "Love the video of Drew! Wish I could have been there to cheer him on!"
Tara Maggi $25.00 "Good luck!"
Thornhill Financial $350.00 "Gordon - Great cause! Good luck! -Friends at Thornhill"
Michael Roach $100.00 "Go Beth!"
Regina Wells $25.00 "GO TEAM! We will be cheering you on! Steve and Gina"
Michelle Romary $25.00 "Good luck TEAM!!!!!"
Sean & Kim Wyrick $500.00 "Sorry we couldn't be there this year. We will do the TRI tho in Austin at 106 degrees to support."
Chris Redfern $100.00 "Have fun!"
Erin Spangler $25.00 "Wish I could be there.... Good Luck and Have Fun!!"
Lisa Butkowski $25.00 "We wish you all the best of luck! XOXO! So sad to miss the "dress like a turtle" contest! You know I'd win..."
alison and ken pickart $50.00 "Good Luck, Meg!! xoxo"
Joe DiGregorio $100.00 " Go get'em McMahon's!! Miss you guys. "
Lisa WHITEHILL $15.00 "Go, Go, Go Team Devan!!!"
Harold & Judy McKinney Hidden "Go team Devan! We are looking forward to cheering for you on Sunday."
Harold & Judy McKinney Hidden "Go Annette! We are happy that you are part of Team Devan this year. We are looking forward to watching you cross the finish line on Sunday for your first triathlon."
Elizabeth Klein $25.00 "Go Team Tyler!!"
Natalie Rich $10.00 "Go Team Anthony!!"
Kara Moylan $50.00 "Go Team Drew!"
Jessica Paprzycki $25.00 "Go Devan and Julie!! "
Ella and Brenna McKinney $15.00 "Good luck, Devan!"
Ella and Brenna McKinney $15.00 "Good Luck, Annette!"
Colleen and BJ Griffith $50.00 "Camryn - Way to go! We're so proud of you for leading the Triathlon this year for Elsie! Sorry we can't be there to cheer you on but we'll be thinking of you! Love, Colleen (Ms. Maloney :))"
Jennifer Alvarez Hidden "Go TEAM Go!"
Dennis & Debbie Fox $25.00 "Go, Heidemarie, Go! Wishing you all the best during the triathalon. "
Stephanie Allen Hidden "Go Team Devan"
Jennifer Magel $25.00 "Lots of love to you all!"
Seth Workman $25.00 "Good luck!!!"
Frances Teeter $50.00 "Alex and Helen, Good luck and have a great time. Will be thinking of you. xxxooo"
Christy Bykowski $50.00 "Your family is simply inspiring! Go Ben! "
Jan Jenitis Hidden "Annette-sending you the best for a wonderful first TRI!..Aunt Jan"
Jan Jenitis Hidden "Hope it a beautiful day for all in the TRI! Go Team Devan!....Aunt Jan"
Nancy Rodriguez Hidden "Thanks for all you do for the kids at UCP you are amazing and an inspiration. We love you. Nancy, Lou and Max"
Sarah Gilmore $50.00 "We'll be thinking of you! Go Team Rizzo! - The Gilmore Family"
Justina Johnson $25.00 "Go Go Go Team Payton!"
Laurel Schmid $100.00 "Go Team Marley! I know what you are made of, you are so strong and enthusiastic and I know how hard you will try! Go team!!"
Betsy Pajak $250.00 "Ben, you are my hero! Team Turtle will be cheering! "
Teresa Bell $25.00 "You go Girl!! Preston is blessed to have you be his mom!!"
Anonymous $350.00 "Many Blessings for ALL our teams...."
Gary and Linda Miller Hidden "GO TEAM DEVAN Love, Nana and Papa"
Liz Perkins $25.00 "Git er done Kimmy! "
Marie Rizzo $50.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Edward Sabo $50.00 "Heidi we admire you. Love Mr. And Mrs. Sabo"
rachael Kraft $25.00 "You have inspired me since we met as brand new mothers. Look how far we have come! I honor what you are doing in the name of your daughter! You Rock!"
Julie Baran Hidden "Great job, Heather & Preston! I'm with you in spirit!"
Michael Barrett $50.00 "You got this!!! Lots of love and support from the Barrett clan: Myka, Dylan, Steph and Mike"
Joe Spicuzza $50.00 "GO TEAM TYLER!! We love you and wish you another successful Super Tri! Love, Uncle Joe and Aunt Nancy"
Marcel & Mary Joan Mylen $25.00 "We love you! "
Matt & Diane Cox $400.00 "Thank you Mike & Melissa for all your help and being such a great aunt and uncle to Ben. We love you. "
Rebecca Pantuso $50.00 "You are both incredibly inspiring!"
tina bangerter $25.00 "Have a great race this year!!"
Marybeth Jamieson $100.00 "Go Team Benjamen!"
Tom and Louise Kirkham/Millhouse $100.00 "We are so proud to see how well Ben is doing. If it wasn't for the family coming together, who knows where Ben would be right now. We are so very proud of all of you for what you are doing and Love you all very much. Tom and Louise"
Connor & Libby Fitzgerald $25.00 "Rock it today, Helen! "
Lance Colie Hidden "In honor of Paul Soprano"
Abe Fallon $100.00 "Go go Team Payton! (and mini and maxi Strangs!)"
Rochelle & Eric Pray $50.00 "Go Team Payton! Go Scott and Jack Strang! Proud of you!!"
Andrea Lomis $25.00 "Way to go guys, sorry I missed it this year!"
Christy Schjeldahl Hidden "You guys are amazing! The ending of your journey brought tears to my eyes. So proud of your family. Chris"
Jessica Artz $100.00 "Way to Go, Team Tyler! You guys put the "AWE" in AWESOME! Love ya!"
Susan Armentrout Hidden "Way to Go Team Devan!"
Ryan Johnson $100.00 "Congratulations, Ben! You and your family are an inspiration."
Brian McMahon $500.00 "Congratulations Mike and Megan. The Boston McMahon Clan"
Erin Dick $25.00 "Congrats on beating your goal time!"
Mark Hanni II $150.00 "Keep up the good work Ben!!!!! ....But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31 "
Jennifer Stueber $300.00 "Best wishes for continued success to Benjamin and his team!!!"
Marissa & Mark Maslar $50.00 "Sweet Camryn! You are the true meaning of a devoted, loving, selfless sister . . . keep up the amazing work : )"
Bob Boltz $50.00 "Great job, Ben! Keep up the good work -- you are and your family are a great inspiration to many others."
Paul Spicuzza $200.00 "Go Team Tyler !!! Another great year for Tyler and his team."
Pete Wilson $100.00 "God Bless you Tyler Spicuzza and the Spicuzza family. Please run this one like you always have, for your dear son. "
Pat McDonald $360.00 "Such an amazing boy and awesome family! "
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