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Team UCP/2009 Cleveland Triathlon
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Sunday, August 2, 2009, come join our team as United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) will once again partner with the Cleveland Triathlon as the official charity of the 23rd Annual Race held in the North Coast Harbor area of Downtown Cleveland.

Last year, over 60 team members raised over $100,000 in pledges for the miles they ran, biked and swam. Each dollar contributed went towards our mission of advancing the independence, productivity and full citizenship of over 1,000 individuals with disabilities through comprehensive Children's Services, Adult Vocational Services and Adult Residential Services.

This year, it is our goal to increase our pledges by raising an additional $25,000!! You can help us conquer this feat! You don't have to be a client family to be a part of Team UCP. You don't even have to be a triathlete! To get involved, you can choose a short race, train as part of a relay team, be an event sponsor, sponsor an individual athlete, or even volunteer your time! You can select a contribution amount of your choice by using the Make A Contribution bar down below.

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $156,151

Goal: $165,000

$0 95% $165,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Rebecca Price $50.00 "Keep it up Tania - Team UCP needs someone like you & Andrew! "
Sandra Holmes $100.00 "Elsie - it's a privilege to support you and to know your Mom. Congrats on your audacious fundraising goal -- You've got my support all the way!"
Mary Gygli $25.00 "Diane -- thanks for including me in this -- I will be happy to support Team Benjamin. "
Michelle Drabik $100.00 "Go Tania and Elsie! We love you both and are rooting for you! -The Drabiks"
John Willse $100.00 "Looking forward to doing my part for Team Elsie on the bike!"
Arthur Evenchik Hidden "Thanks for giving your friends the chance to contribute and cheer you on. -- Best, Arthur "
Chad & Theresa Farrant $50.00 "Thank you for letting us be involved in helping Benjamin and the UCP. Good luck Matt!"
Michelle Thomas $100.00 "Tania, Andrew, Camryn, and Elsie...Here is wishing you meet your goal:-) We're thinking of you...from sunny, warm Miami Beach, FL...Jim, Michelle and Roxie Mae (2.5 year old Puggle) Thomas"
Kathleen Kenvin $25.00 "Tae, Andrew, Camryn and Elsie, You are all so special. Go Team Elsie! Dave and Kathie"
Heidi Teraguchi $50.00 "Oh, Elsie! You are getting so big! I humbly learn from your unwavering spirit and the strength in your family! UCP is a great cause and we send you and those who share your journey all of our love and support. Go Team Elsie! Heidi, Trevor, Sonja and Bodhi"
Denise Summerell $100.00 "I will be rooting for you."
Sarah Czepa Hidden "Go Team Elsie, Sorry that I won't be able to join you again this year but always keep me updated b/c you never know when it will work out:) Good Luck and Kick some butt!! God works in AMAZING ways and he wants us to challenge him so that we can see the Awesome God that he really is:) God Bless!"
Nicole Blum $50.00 "Janice, you guys are amazing! Keep up the good work!"
Brian Koss $25.00 "Best of luck!"
Joe Tisone $500.00 "Tania, I'm proud to be a sponsor!! Go Team Elsie!!!!"
Camille Zelen $100.00 "Way to go Elsie! We are so proud of your progress!!"
Elizabeth Oliver $25.00 "Go Beth!!"
Leslie Jones $40.00 "Good luck Beth!"
John Sciano $25.00 "Good Luck, Beth!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Go Benjamin!"
Jerry Moreno Hidden "Good luck, Tyler. We know that you and your mom are in good shape. However, we have considerable doubt about your dad! Go, Team Tyler! MaryAnn and Jerry"
Michaela Lamirand Hidden "Great cause. Go get 'em!"
Jerry and Diane Lucas $500.00 "Good luck with your first Triathalon. We are all proud of all that you do for others."
Sandy Keaton $50.00 "She is adorable!!!!"
G John McLaren $250.00 "It's great to see you going for it again! I hope that you not only acheive your goal but far surpass it. Good luck, Gods speed and our Love to all! The McLaren Family"
debbie ranieri $25.00 "Hi Julia, You look great on that bike! Best wishes for a great race this year! Debbie Ranieri"
barb brown $50.00 "Nick- Great cause. Hope you raise lots of money! Barb"
Jennifer Mearns $50.00 "I can't believe you are really doing this! Good luck!"
Taylor Clarke $50.00 "May the force be with you!"
Bryan Pace $100.00 "Good luck, wear sunscreen! Go Cavs..."
Donna O'Connell $250.00 "Good luck in this year's triathalon."
Dan Carpenter $250.00 "Go team Elsie! Here's to exceeding your goals!"
Elizabeth Lennane $50.00 "We love you guys!"
Jennifer Hephner $50.00 "Good luck!"
James Marra $100.00 "Don't tell Cox..."
Doug Cole $100.00 "Have fun!!"
Diane and Bob Krupka $50.00 "Go Team Julia! Love Grandma"
Marybeth Laskey $50.00 "carpe diem Jim...good luck"
David Bhaerman $50.00 "Good luck, Eric and Amy!"
Bob & Cee Gray $50.00 "If you get strength from freinds, we know you will be a SUPER STRONG family after this !!!"
Jennifer Senesac Hidden "Good luck and take care."
Sara Hale $25.00 "In honor of our tough kids! Elsie and Townes are amazing inspirations to us! From our tough kiddo to yours...keep fighting strong."
Kurt Schwab $25.00 "Best of luck, Team Tyler!"
glenda nolt $25.00 "Mike, we finally remembered. You are a good guy."
Netta Rucker Hidden "Good Luck, Beth!!"
Mike Krupka $50.00 "GO TEAM JULIA! Uncle Mike will be thinking of you on race day!!!!! Love ya all....ALOHA "
Catie Bretz $250.00 "Good Luck Team Myles.....you guys rock!"
Kimberly Leon Prowell $25.00 "Good luck! Best wishes from Maryland!"
Adam Huff $150.00 "Team Benjamin "the car guys support you 100%", Go Team Benjamin!"
Jennifer Magel $25.00 "Great work Tania & Elsie! Jen and Nate"
Gail Minnick $50.00 "Participants are awesome!!! Go Team Julia!"
Amy Gannon $75.00 "Tania and Elsie - Keep up the good work, we are thinking of you!!"
Bridgett Keener $25.00 "Good luck Anna! ~Matt & Bridgett Keener"
Susie Bonta $15.00 "Go, Biz -- I mean B-Beth! Am now a single mom so fixed income and all, but I had to respond somehow...have fun and don't overdo (is this even possible for you?)!"
Paul Voinovich $250.00 "Matt: Good luck with the race and I am proud to join Team Benjamin! Now get back in that water and start training! Talk with you soon. Paul"
Helena & Vince Gandolfi $75.00 "The very best to Kristen, Jeff and Julia. We love you Julia!"
Kevin and Kelley DeFranco $100.00 "Tyler - we love you so MUCH! Go Team Tyler... With lots of luck and love, Kevin & Kelley "
Hilary Anderson $50.00 "Erick couldn't think of anything clever to say so... Good Luck! Love, The Anderson's"
Rachel & Sean Stucke $50.00 "Good luck to everyone participating in the triathalon on Elsie's behalf. You have adorable girls! Madison IronMan 2010? :)"
Shirley O'Brien $25.00 "You go , girl. From your Colorado friends, Shirley & Chuck."
Heide Herrmann $50.00 "Tania and Elsie --you are such strong and brave women!"
Diane Suart $30.00 "Elsie, you're my hero. Love you, Boo! Tania, Andrew, Cam, You're awesome! (I watched a triathalon on TV yesterday--Oh my GOODNESS!! I have even MORE respect for you than i did before!! ouch!!)"
Allison and David Knowles $250.00 "Go Team Myles !!!"
Christian Gerig $25.00 "Good luck on your race your effort to support this worthy cause! "
Sara E. Smith $10.00 "Bless you for your giving spirit!"
Mary Van Patten $25.00 "Hope the race and fund raising efforts go well. We'll be pulling for you - Meg and Greg"
Amanda Childress $25.00 "You ROCK Hoke!!! "
Caroline Hoenk $100.00 "So proud of you both!! And, what a wonderful cause to support. "
Maura and Mike Sweet $75.00 "We're rootin' for you Laurene!!! You go! Hope you meet your goals, too! In happiness and love, Maura & Mike"
Morris Wheeler $50.00 "In the immortal words of Yoda, Do or do not, there is no try Do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to others, this is for YOU. Compare only to your potential, not the guy or girl next to you ."
Anthony Galang $50.00 " Go Beth! Attack that water like Phelps!"
Jennifer Piechowski $25.00 "Come on now Dave I want to see you finish this race. "
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Beth & David!!"
Amy Carlson $50.00 "You're inspiring! Swimming, biking and running! as the others have said, Go Beth!"
Bayyinah Hamzah $50.00 "I am Blessed to have Dawud as a grandson. Keep Striving and keep smiling little man."
Ken Horner $50.00 "Go Beth and Dave!"
K Heitlinger Hidden "Go Team Elsie! Wishing you speed and strength from the Early Childhood facutly and staff at The Music Settlement."
Jackie and Adam Ludwig $20.00 "Good Luck Meghann!! "
Cam Hayes $25.00 "Chris, Janice & Tyler - Best of luck in the Cleveland Triathlon and in your efforts to raise awareness for UCP!! Thanks for the opportunity to support this very worthy cause. Cam Hayes and Family Charlotte, NC "
Dave & Adrienne Ruppel $25.00 "Good luck Team Tyler! Critter, make sure you shave your head the night before for extra speed! "
Dave Scherry $50.00 "Go Katie, swim like the wind!"
David Kirallah $50.00 "You rock Danielle!"
Matt Sweet $250.00 "Go get 'em, Sweetie!"
Sue Baumgartner $25.00 "Good luck, Laurene. We'll be cheering you on all the way. Much love, The Baumgartners"
Cathy and Scott Wallenstein $25.00 "Good luck with your team!! Go Dawud!!"
Brigitt Berlin $50.00 "Go Trish and Team Elsie! I will join you in 2010. "
Stephanie Erickson $50.00 "Go, Trish!"
James Simonetti Hidden "Good Luck I wish I could be there. "
harry dempsey $25.00 "Enjoy the ride, and never say the words "bike shorts" again. Go team Elsie!"
Jill Smiley Hidden "Good Luck Trish!!!!"
Luke and Kristine Nicholas $100.00 "Good luck with your race! We will be cheering you both on!"
Fred Margulies $20.00 "Good Luck Dave!"
Carolyn Kuczmarski $75.00 "Matt, Good luck to you and thanks for doing this for a great cause! Carolyn Kuczmarski"
Timothy Guenther $250.00 "Good luck Rebecca. Make me proud!!!"
Diana Wellman $25.00 "Marlena & Evelyn wishes you good luck and great weather for the big race!"
Mildred Mee $25.00 "Wishing you all the very best! Milly Mee"
Ellen Kramer Hidden "Good luck, and enjoy!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Best of luck! "
Ashley Olson $25.00 "You are such an inspiration! Amazing job so far, and best of luck with the triathalon!"
Cindy Coin $25.00 "Go Tyler!!!!"
Carole Zalokar $25.00 "What a wonderful thing to do. I am so proud of you Ms. Julie."
Mike and Jean Paulus $25.00 "Ride safely - we'd hate for your dancing days to be cut short from a cycling injury!"
Jim & Kathy Sankovich $100.00 "Diana, Good luck with your fund raising/race. It's always extra special when we are able to help, one of our own. Your cousin, Jim "
Gayle Kriss-Earl $100.00 "Hi Brian, Best of luck August 2nd!! Love Gayle"
Charlene Martorana $25.00 "We love Emily -- we love ALL of you! and we're so proud of this incredible undertaking!! We will be with you in prayer and spirit! God Bless You! The Martorana's"
marilyn guenther $100.00 "good luck rebecca. affectionately, mrs. g"
Pete Sedlak $250.00 "Way to go, Team Emily! I'll see you at the finish line!"
Robert Guenther $50.00 "Run Forrest!!"
Robert Guenther $25.00 "Good Luck Rebecca! Love, Lily."
Jim and Sandra Donlon $50.00 "We are cheering for you and your nephew. Jim and Sandra Donlon"
Laura Phillips $100.00 "Mike...sent along $100.00 via active donations...hope that it puts you over the top...Love, Nick and Laura Phillips"
Joe & Joe Downtown 36 $100.00 "Mike, I'm glad we can help! Good Luck and we wish you and your nephew the best! Joe Zumpella Joe Safarek Downtown 36"
dawn allen Hidden "Good Luck!"
Evan & Marie Francis $50.00 "Emily and the Crow family are special in His eyes and ours."
Freda Levenson $50.00 "Good luck with the race! And, of course, good luck to everyone in the quest for better treatment and a cure. "
Colleen Maloney $100.00 "Elsie's story and strength is such an inspiration. Watching her sister and in turn, Elsie, grow the past two years has been a privledge. Go Team Elsie!"
christopher guenther $10.00 "good luck rebecca!!! love, christopher"
Elaine Gibson Hidden "Dear Benjamin & Uncle Mike Cox: I know it's not much but I want to try to help. Good Luck on the run!"
Diane and Bob Krupka $200.00 "Here's to TEAM JULIA 2009! To the little girl with the curls,who inspires us each and everyday! Love, Diane and Robert Krupka(Grandma and PaPa)"
Bill & Gloria Joseph Hidden "Good Luck!!"
Lisa Saxon $50.00 "This is for a great cause!!! Good luck with everything!!!! Uncle Mike it's been awesome what you and everyone has done for your nephew!!!"
Martha Brennn Hidden "Tania, You are inspirational in your quest to achieve and excel! Nice picture of you on this page. See you around."
Anthony Zaworski $100.00 "It truly is not about the Bike. Good luck to all!"
JAMES PETRO $200.00 "Good luck, Rob, and best wishes to Benjamin and his wonderful family. Jim Petro"
Martin Uhle $100.00 "Good Luck Rob!"
Carol & Rob Uecker $250.00 "Julia and Kris, We are very proud of you and we will be at the finish line!!! ~Rob and Carol :)"
Daniel Morris Hidden "Keep up the great work, Julia! It's wonderful to watch your progress and growing up! God bless you and your loving family, Lavinia & Dan"
Molly Butsch $100.00 "Good luck! Have fun!"
Lori Holzinger Hidden "Go Julia!!!!!!"
Bob and Kate Sessions Hidden "Go, Rob! We'll be cheering for you from the bike! Kate + Bob"
Erik Greathouse $200.00 "Team Benjamin, Good luck on the fundraising and Matt good luck on the training. Best Wishes from, Erik, Sarah, Harrison and McKelvey Greathouse"
Rebecca Casselberry Sobel $25.00 "Owwwwww."
Mary, Lyn & Mike LaBrake $75.00 "Mike's says better your "biking" to the finish line than "barking" at me :)"
Miro and Biserka Sankovic $100.00 "Great idea for such a good cause! Good luck ladies. We'll be rooting for you. Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia "
Daniella Eva Sankovic $25.00 "Good luck with the race and hope you raise a lot of money for Julia. Daniella"
Gabriella Maria Sankovic $25.00 "Good luck ladies! Hope you raise a lot for this good cause. Gabriella"
Sonia Sankovich $25.00 "good luck Sankovic's!!"
Tom Seifert Hidden "Good Luck to Michael Port and the rest of the Team!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Best to all of you!"
Zachary Cook $50.00 "Good luck Mike!"
Jim & Ginny Sikon $50.00 "GOOD LUCK TEAM JULIA!"
Elizabeth Marin $50.00 "Dear Diana, Good luck with the race; God bless you, Julie and Julia, Love, Kuma Sava "
John and Ginger Price Hidden "Vince, Suzi, Myles, Ben, and Ava: we are sooooo proud of all of you! We will be there to cheer for everyone on Team Myles and for all the amazing families and staff of UCP/Cleveland!"
Janice Schwartz $25.00 "Go Team Julie!!"
Maureen Glasper $25.00 "Good Luck Katie!"
Anonymous $200.00 "Your strength is an inspiration to us. We are proud to be a part of the team!"
Carol Schneider $100.00 "Meg...You know that you and Logan could not be more loved. I will be at the finish line with your little boy, cheering you on. You can do it, I know you can....Love, Mom."
Shawna Grubb Hidden "You are such an inspiration; it is a privilege to support Team Elsie. Go, Team, Go!!!"
Tina Sindelar $150.00 "Brian we are very proud of you and everyone on Team Benjamin!! All our love; Carter, Sophia & Tina"
Gary Kriss $15.00 "Good Luck Brian! Love the Kriss Family"
Amy Stuhm $40.00 "Best Of Luck Brian!!!!! Love Amy, Ron, Brett and Danny"
Bonnie Diciacco $25.00 "Go team Elsie. You are a force to be reckoned with...keep up the great work!!!"
Ronald & Monique Uecker $25.00 "Julia you already are a winner. You will be in our thoughts and prayers forever. "
Nadiyah & Jiyaad Daiyaan $25.00 "Never give up Dawud"
Tariq & Taji Daiyaan $10.00 "Way to go Dawud!!!"
Gina and Tom Miller $50.00 "Good Luck Team Emily! You are all AWSOME!!!"
amy konen $25.00 "Go Team Elsie! I'm cheering you on!!!"
Mike Urban $50.00 "Looking forward to Sunday's ride for a great cause and a stellar workout!"
Kim Smith Hidden "Good luck Minnick's!"
Patty Steen Hidden "Go Team Julia! The Steen Family"
Michael and Lisa Huston $50.00 "Go Team Emily! You rock!"
Lea Fierst Fierst $100.00 "Julia has been my best friend since kindergarden and always will be. I LOVE YOU JULIA!!!!!! BFF Love, Lea"
Amy Perkins $100.00 "Jon and I will be thinking of you all on race day. Elsie is an amazing girl with such strength and determination. We are so proud of her accomplishments. Keep up the good work, Elsie and UCP!!"
Karen Thompson $25.00 "You are an inspiration, Benjamin!"
Paula Ruffner $100.00 "Team Myles - Good luck and God bless you all!"
lynn muniak $25.00 "We can't make it to the fundraiser on 7/28, so please accept this donation. We admire your dedication and determination! You are all an inspiration!!"
Anthony Fossaceca $50.00 "Good luck! Don't drink the lake water! :)"
Amanda DeWees $50.00 "Good luck, Beth! I'll be cheering you on!"
Jeffrey Lucas $115.00 "Good Luck!"
JEFF & YVONNE WINTER $250.00 "Go Team Julia! Love, The Winters"
Siobhan Clovis $25.00 "Have a great time Beth! You are inspiring!"
David Malinas $100.00 "Go Tania go! Love, David, Virginia, and Sofia"
Betsy Pajak $100.00 "Ben is an inspiration to me!! Our boys are growing up and getting stronger everyday :) I too owe alot to UCP and the teams of support that they surround us with. Good Luck and have fun!! Betsy Pajak and family"
Betsy Pajak $100.00 "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! We are lucky to have you on our team! YOU GO GIRL!!!!"
Patricia Stauffer $100.00 "Matt and everyone else on Team Benjamin: Best of luck on the upcoming event. A great group of people for a great cause!! Patty Stauffer and Matt Schakel"
Betsy Pajak $100.00 "Though we can't participate this year, we will be there in spirit. UCP has been a blessing to Matt and our whole family. Where would we be without you!!! Good Luck, have fun and, like we cheer to Matt over and over, "come on, keep going, your almost there!!" "
Karen Carl $50.00 "Team Benjamin, Keep up the hard work, never give up and reach for the stars! Karen and John Carl"
Michele Laube $100.00 "Keep up the good work Benjamin!"
Mary Weldele & Bob Coco $100.00 "We wish Team Benjamin the best. Good luck! Mary Weldele & Bob Coco"
Tania Younkin $55.00 "Laurene - you are the primary reason behind Elsie's amazing progress and a fine example of the highly skilled therapists that UCP employs! Not only that, you are an amazing triathlete! This should get you to your goal! "
Jeff and Kristen Krupka $50.00 "We'll be thinking of you all on race day! You are superstars!!"
Matthew Dolan $100.00 "Good luck Rob and team Ben."
Amanda Seewald Hidden "Way to go Rob!"
john obrien $50.00 "are you riding a bike or motorcycle?"
Margaret McIntosh $25.00 "Go Benjamin!"
Guy Villa $50.00 "From Kendall and Quinn Villa"
Suzanne FitzGerald $50.00 "GO Stars!"
Aaron Campbell Hidden "Best of luck Team Julia!!!!!!!!!443264657301"
Lou & Jean Port Hidden "Good Luck Michael, remember to wait 30 minutes after you eat before you go in the water! - Love Mom and Dad"
Rhian and Nick Virostko Hidden "You all are an absolutely amazing family and an inspiration to the rest of us! "
Sanford Gross $25.00 "Have a great swim."
Carol Brown $25.00 "Dawud, you make us all so very proud. You are truely an inspiration, you make us all so very proud. Keep up the good work. Our prayers are with you and your family. The Brown Family"
Chris Ronayne Hidden "Good Luck Rob. This is a great cause and the Cleveland UCP Office does great things. Way to go. "
Evan Cooper Hidden "Go, Guy, Go! "
Carrie Railey $25.00 "Sorry we missed the fundraiser on Tuesday!! Go Team Myles!"
Nate Cross $100.00 "Matt: Good luck floating, pedaling & trotting. Lad to help such a great cause, and happy to hear that Benjamin & so many other children benefit from the great work being done at UCP. As a personal favor, please spare us the sight of you wearing a speedo! NATE"
Robert Glavan $25.00 "Hooray for the Crow Team!"
Amy Vasilko $25.00 "Good luck Tyler and his Daddy!!! "
Lisa Gigante $25.00 "Three cheers to the Crow family!"
Michelle Kubit $15.00 "Good Luck!!!! I'll be cheering you on :)"
Debbie Monahan $75.00 "You're going to do great on Sunday. Best of luck to you! Joe, Debbie, Liam and Chandler"
Sam & Jessica Artz $50.00 "Janice, your spirit has always amazed me! It sounds like Tyler is a lot like you - always smiling and making the best of things! You are an amazing family with a great spirt & amazing strength! Critter will be amazing, I know it! I Love You! "
Sara LeMond $25.00 "What a wonderful thing to do as a family - enjoy your big day!"
Rebecca Oesterle $200.00 "Energizer Package Development wishes Team Elsie all the best in the upcoming triathalon."
Mike Roach $50.00 "Good luck Beth!"
Paul Christian Burk $50.00 "YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! Wish I could run (or pay somebody to run) with you! I can't wait to here how it went. I'd love to see you guys in Cleveland! Hugz to all you guys! C"
Susan Church $50.00 "What a giving thing you are doing! Have a great time. I will be thinking of you! Sue Church"
Cheryl Whitt $250.00 "Go, Megan!"
David Pruitt $100.00 "Best of Luck Team McMahon! You know how much I appreciate UCP and the cause you're running for!"
dana prodonovich $25.00 "this is a very nice web page"
Megan McMahon $25.00 "Thanks for keeping me going Katie and for all of your support of Team UCP! Good Luck Sunday!!"
Edward Levine $50.00 "Good luck to all of the participants. Will be there to cheer them on!"
Brian & Eileen Beirne $25.00 "You go, Katie! We're with you! What a great thing to do for a great cause!"
cheryl henderson $100.00 "Have a great triathalon, wish I could join you. Have fun! You are amazing. Ryan's Grammy"
Frank and Billie Spicuzza $100.00 "Go Team Tyler, Love, Uncle Frank and Aunt Billie"
Anthony Watts $50.00 "Wish I could be there to cheer you on. Hope all your hard work pays off!!!"
Cynthia Murray $100.00 "Wishing the best for you always."
Lauren Bof $150.00 "Good Luck! "
Viktoria Reutzel $100.00 "Good luck, John! Best regards, Mark & Viki Reutzel"
Michael Kelley $50.00 "You better finish ahead of Dimora."
Pam and Joe Shuman $50.00 "Good luck to all the participants on TeamMyles. Together has Power for sure! Pam and Joe Shuman"
Renee Robinson $25.00 "Good luck Cindy and Dean. Wish I could have joined you. Just bad timing with vacation and everything else. Nice you are doing it together this year!"
susan frost Hidden "Dear Rob, Good luck. I hope you enjoy the race, and that it goes well for you. You are an inspiration. Love, Susan"
Tim Gall $50.00 "You go John! We're happy to support this great cause, Tim and Susan Gall"
Amy Linton-Roudabush $25.00 "Good luck in the upcoming race. We will all be cheering for Team Tyler!! Hugs to all who are participating in this GREAT cause. GO TEAM TYLER!!!"
Tom Whatman $250.00 "This donation is from Tom Whatman, Darrin Klinger and Brandon Lynaugh."
Patrick Foltyn $25.00 "Jenna- Will you be wearing Chris's football pin during the race? "
Aaron and Kim Brandt $125.00 "Sorry, we won't be in town to cheer you on but we know you will do great. Good Luck Baunt Beth!!!"
Kimberly Shepherd $100.00 "Our mutual good friend, Shelley Drabik, posted on FB about your triathalon. As a fellow Heights resident, mother and cancer survivor, I admire and applaud your commitment and am happy to contribute in a small way."
Jennifer Kittle $100.00 "Go Team McMahon!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it... I know you'll be AMAZING!!! XOXO Jen"
Jamy Bulan Hidden "Great job Rob, Good luck, The Bulans"
Julie Mead $25.00 "Good luck guys! We wish you the best! Dave, Julie & Josh Mead"
Mark & Heather Kieschnik $75.00 "Good luck to the team this weekend,,, the Kieschnik Family"
Jeremy Paul Hidden "Congrats on reaching your goal!"
Tina Bangerter $25.00 "Go Tyler! Go Critter!"
Dawn Veite Merrill $50.00 "Good Luck Team Julia!!"
Jim Whitehouser $50.00 "Matt, Sean and the rest of the "Superman" team. Best of luck this weekend. What you are doing is a great, unselfish act that will I am sure never be forgotten. Best of Luck"
Debbie Allen Hidden "In support of Team Myles and the Denoto family!"
Ron &Sheila Grobelny Hidden "Maria, Tracey & Chris, may the winds be at your back and swim-bike and run like you never did before. Sheila & Ron Grobelny"
Melissa Shular $50.00 "Mike, you're a Rock Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck in reaching your goal!"
Paul Soprano $25.00 "Go, Celia!"
Jeanne Wooke Hidden "I wish I could give more. I hope any little bit helps! "
Terri Miller Hidden "Good Luck Laurene, thanks for all your efforts!"
martha anspach Hidden "Good luck Julie.... Martha and Bob"
Judi Byndas $50.00 "She is a very special girl! She always has a smile on her face. That is so nice to see on a Early Sunday morning! Christopher~Judi~Rebecca~Allison Byndas"
Maureen Browne $100.00 "Good luck, Megan! You are a superstar!"
dana parker $25.00 "Laurene, Good luck! You are inspiration and a gift to others! Love The Parker's"
Don & Lenore Nichols $50.00 "Eric, We wish you well and much success in your efforts Saturday on behalf of Team Benjamin... a wonderful cause! Our best to you and Team Benjamin! Lennie & Don"
muha family Hidden "TEAM JULIA! - we are behind you every step of the way!"
joyce barrett $100.00 "Good luck, John! "
Nicholas GRECO $25.00 "Best of luck on 8/2nd! We are with you in spirit and prayer. Nick & Judie"
susan downard Hidden "Just saw the article and link Pat posted on Facebook:-) Go team Tyler!"
kathryn vidovich $25.00 "Good Luck Meghann and Lance! Stay strong Prince Charming!"
John Frame $20.00 "Good luck guys!!!"
Karen Altenweg $25.00 "What a nobel endeavor your family is embarking on - must be very proud"
Jessica Jennings $50.00 "Best of Luck this weekend! -Jessica Jennings & Jason Fokens"
Ed Ebert Ebert $100.00 "Go Team McMahon! Lots of Love, Alletta & Ed Ebert"
Josh Mandel $100.00 "Go Benjamin!"
Lydey Lemonade Stand $73.00 "Good Luck Team Julia!!!!!"
Andrea Sikon $75.00 "You go, girls! Your strength and love are examples for all, love ya!"
Wildcat vs Bulldog (lil) 50/50 Raffle $300.00 "We did this 50/50 RAFFLE, and the person that won wanted give his winning back as a another donation, I asked him his name, and he said My Name Is BEN!!!"
Mark and Dreana Nealon $25.00 "Wish we could be there to support you in person as well. We'll be thinking of you all tomorrow. Mark and Dreana"
diane wiglusz Hidden "Best wishes for Team Julia. Go Girl."
Julie Ann Yoe $25.00 "Good luck Laurene! We are proud of you:) Love, Julie Ann & Bob Yoe"
Daniel Lozano $100.00 "Tania and Andrew Best of Luck. You and your family will be blessed. Claudia and Dan Lozano"
Eric & Tiffany Hibbitt $30.00 "Go Team Dawud"
Dave and Norma Gaeta $50.00 "Good Luck Team Myles!! Best wishes on race day. Dave and Norma Gaeta"
David Molnar $25.00 "Good Luck Team Tyler!"
Rasheema Husain $25.00 "Dawud has been a blessing to all of us and he is lucky to have such beautiful parents as Dawud Sr. and Aminah - Keep striving you are already a winner."
Qadeer Husain $10.00 "Go Team Dawud!!"
Mark & Debbie Hull $35.00 "You guys are certainly a special family! May God continue to bless you in your life journeys together as a family! "
Jeanine Gaeta-Wilson $25.00 "Rock and Roll Team Myles !!!"
Megan Nelson $250.00 "Team Myles....together has power Glad to contribute...the least we could do."
Elizabeth Malys-Clark $25.00 "Best of luck! You guys rock!!!!!!!! We love you!"
Abby (Glass) Silverman Hidden "Dear Coach Koonce, I read your article in the Sun Press and was touched by your family's story. Good luck to Elsie and have a great race! Abby Glass"
Michele Bakonyi $100.00 "Go Team Tyler! Much love - Mike, Michele, Peyton & Blake"
Gloria Schmidt $50.00 "On behalf of Marie Barnard"
Brad & Cyndi Daugherty $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Bonita Federle Hidden "Congratulations Team Myles! I've come to know you through your Grandma Donna, my walking buddy at P&G. With all of our "Grandma Stories" I feel as though I already know you and your amazing family. Suzie was sweet enough to make blankies for my new twin grandbabies. I just watched the Muppet's Save Christmas movie this weekend with my grandson. One of the songs from it was "Everyone Matters". My 4 year old grandson asked me what that meant. Myles, I think your story is what it meant. Good Luck!"
Laura McDermott $25.00 "Congratulations Nick!"
Lawrence and Ellyn Klein Hidden "Congrats Mike on a swim well done!!!"
Nancy Neville $50.00 "You are all such an inspiration! "
shaughn mcginley $100.00 "great news we think you are the greatest. my soccer team wants to send a donation very soon. love john and shaughn mcginley"
Kristen Gall $50.00 "Tania, Great pic on Cleveland.com - you are really inspiring!! Way to go!!"
Kristen Gall $50.00 "I'm late, so I won't say "Good Luck"! Instead, Congrats!!"
Donald Gregory $25.00 "Congratulations on a successful triathlon. Keep up the family efforts."
Kyle Mayberry $50.00 " GOOD LUCK! "
Gina Hoover Reichard $50.00 "Great job on Sunday! "
Susan Lelko $50.00 "It is inspiring to me your dedication to the cause and you absolute love and adoration for your daughter. Keep up the good work. Sue"
Ryan Daugherty $25.00 "Best wishes. Sorry for the delay!"
Catherine Soukup Hidden "Maria, Chris, & Tracy- You did a great thing for a great cause! Keep practicing for next year!!!! Cathy & Tom"
Beth Bednarchik $25.00 "Go Tyler Go!"
Dave & Natalie Meszaros Hidden "We wish Julia and the entire Minnick family all the best!"
Kara Miller $250.00 "Go Megan! You are a phenomenal woman and an inspiration! Love, Kara"
Bob Fox Hidden "Great Job!! Keep up the good work."
Jon Groetzinger Jr $25.00 "Dear Julie, I hope the race was painless for you and you met your goals on raising contributions. Regards, Jon Groetzinger"
Karen & Bob Hangbers $25.00 "Congratulations on a great race! Team Myles and his family and friends are a great inspiration."
Thomas and Jennifer Toole $250.00 "Sorry we are so late on donating - hope the race went well!!!"
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