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Liz Riesterer's Harry Potter/Tourettes Trib-raiser
Raising funds and awareness and having fun
Harry Potter girl having fun.

What am I Doing?

Committing to wear wizard attire from January 1, 2011 until the release of the final Harry Potter movie (approximately 200 days) to raise funds and awareness for Tourette Syndrome.

Why am I Doing This?

I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in the seventh grade and was bullied constantly. Kids would try to push my buttons, because they thought I would react “funny.” I was spit upon on the school bus, physically pushed around in the hallway, and attacked with Lysol to the point where I would have Asthma attacks. With Tourettes, I was one of the “weird” kids. I had few real friends and I often felt lonely. I wanted kids to like me, but I couldn’t change who I was. I suffered from depression for years. I didn’t think people would ever be able to see the real me; the one behind the Tourettes. Luckily, help came when I least expected it.

The 5th Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released the summer before I started middle school. In the story, Harry faced discrimination and isolation for something he said he saw happen. I related to Harry’s loneliness. We both at times felt like we had no one to talk to. Harry stayed true to himself, and at the end of the novel, everyone realized that he was telling the truth. I knew that if I stayed true to myself and kept on going, one day, everyone would see me for who I really am. Over the years when I felt depressed or lonely, I would find comfort in his stories. His magic helped me overcome my depression.

I have always been “the Harry Potter girl.” In 2009, when the Harry Potter fan site, MuggleNet.com announced that they were looking for the first “Fan of the Year,” I knew I had to enter. I made a Facebook group and told everyone at school. I was incredibly amazed and touched by the response I received. The kids, who had once bullied me, were now going on and voting daily. I knew that even if I didn’t win, the support I received from my peers was enough. But, I did win. My life had changed drastically all because of Mr. Potter.

With the release date of the final movie approaching, I wanted to do something to pay tribute to J.K. Rowling’s vision, while raising funds and awareness for Tourettes.

Follow me on www.twitter.com/LizRiesterer and www.youtube.com/LizRiesterer for updates on my journey. I will be posting videos as often as I can.

Total Donations Collected:$2,800.00
Goal: $5,000
$0 56% $5,000
Contributor Amount Comment
catherine riesterer $500.00 "I am so proud of you Liz!!!!!"
Sonja Marquis $25.00 "I admire your spunk, ingenuity and courage, Liz! =)"
Lori Lalama $25.00 "You are an inspiration to all with and without a disability. Best of luck always :-)"
Anonymous $50.00 "Liz, you are golden proof that it's one ABILITIES, not disabilities, that shape both their lives and ours! Thanks for doing this! Love, Aunt Barb"
Barbara Francella $25.00 "Go girl! You have the heart, determination, creativity and generosity of spirit to make a change! Kudos!"
Loretta Job $50.00 "Liz, You are one amazing young woman and a true blessing in my life!"
Matt Trombley $50.00 "Liz I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazingly fantastic person for doing this :)"
Susan Benkelman $50.00
Woods Family $25.00 "Liz, way to go bitz. Proud of you. Lookin good in the newspaper.. what a STAR ! :)"
Shannon Plaxton $15.00 "Hi Liz, what a great initiative! Good luck from a Dutch medical student (and big Harry Potter fan). xxx Shannon"
Joyce Riesterer $50.00 "Good luck Liz - you are doing a great thing here. Iam so proud of you and love you more Aunt Joyce"
Anonymous $25.00 "Liz, what a fantastic idea! Creative, successful young adults like yourself are an inspiration to those of us who have young children struggling with TS. You're an awesome role model. Keep up the good work and never forget how special you are. "
Anonymous $25.00
Barb Terry $20.00
Elizabeth Koroleski $25.00 "Good luck Liz! I really hope you make your goal and surpass it! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan too and I really hope that I will be able to see you on campus sometime and talk to you personally about it! "
Carrie Damm $25.00 "You don't know me but I grew up with your mom. You must be a lot like her. She was very smart and special and you are too!"
Howard Cohen $25.00
Cindy Adams $25.00 "I am proud of all you have accomplished, Liz! Good luck with your fundraising and in all you do. I'm sure we'll be seeing and hearing your name in prominent places in the future!"
Nikki Segler $25.00
Kelly Armistead $25.00
Sue Myers $25.00 "Liz, You sound like an amazing young woman. I wish you all the best in life and in reaching your fundraising goal. Thank Anna Marie for spreading the word ( and for bribing with brownies)."
Kathleen Vogel $50.00
Amanda Riesterer $50.00 "Lizzy you have always been a bright spark of creativity and imagination in my life. You never seem to wonder why you "can't" and always are looking toward what you CAN! I'm so proud of you little cuz!! "
June Krertzschmer $50.00 "Liz, I'm so proud of you for doing this. This donation is from me and Virginia. Love you"
Anonymous $50.00 "Liz you're going a great job. Your inhibitions towards this project amaze me. You're willing to put yourself out there for something that you are passionate about and that is something that I admire greatly about you. Keep up the good work!"
Elle Cosimano $25.00 "I'm so glad my son has role models like you. You're an inspiration, Liz."
Michael Riesterer Hidden "Aunt Mary Lou & I Love you Liz"
John Riesterer $50.00 "Love ya cuz."
Elisa Taylor $25.00 "So proud to call you my friend! Your love, dedication, and spirit is SO inspiring! Love you, Liz! ... You're so good at FIXING things! <3 "
Catherine Taylor $25.00 "So proud of you Liz and all your efforts!!! You are an AMAZING young lady!!! :)"
Carol Cohen $25.00 "You're doing a wonderful thing! Good luck! I'm Howie's mom and my grandson was diagnosed with Tourette's when he was 3."
Leore Berris $5.00
Kristen Parman-Bethard $50.00
Jean Chesney $25.00
Bob and Liggie Perkins $100.00 "You've come a long way Lizzy. We're proud of ya!"
Shawna Stover $50.00 "South Hubbard's Hub of Love"
Mulder Family $25.00 "You are an inspiration Liz! Taking on a big challenge for a great cause. Congrates on all you've acheived, you should be so very proud of yourself! I only met you once briefly, but believe that you are an amazing individual. Keep it up and remember: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus. "
Bob & Sue Fuchs $50.00
Emily Uhlmann $25.00
Patricia Boehm $50.00 "It's simple - I'm just so proud of YOU!"
Abby Cooper $75.00 "Great job LIz! "
Sue & Chuck Riesterer $50.00 "So proud of you Liz ! You are an inspiration! xoxoxo"
Christine Roche $50.00 "I miss you locker buddy! good luck and have fun in Englnad!"
Julie Kretzschmer $200.00 "Liz, I'm so proud of you. Have fun in England!"
Ann Marie Kleza $150.00
Breanne Riesterer $25.00
Shawna Gurgul $10.00 "I'm a friend of Breanne's and I admire your tenacity. :)"
Laura VerHulst $25.00 "You are such an amazing person Liz. I am so lucky to call you my friend <3"
Deborah Rojas $50.00 "Congrats Liz!! I'm very proud of you!"
Deborah Whisnant Hidden
Lauren Glowski $25.00 "LIZ! It's the final day, you made it! I'm so proud to be your friend, especially when people ask me if I'm friends with the girl wearing wizard robes. That's such an accomplishment, from 12 South to London, and we all know it will never really end. Love always!"
Glowski Family $25.00 "We mere Muggles are in awe of the magic you have achieved with this effort! Congrats on a job well done!"
Catherine Riesterer $160.00 "Nancy Johnson of the Brighton Library (and Rotary) sold Spartan books for you and raised these funds!!! Great Job!!!"
Linda Tsao $10.00

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