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Trey Shannon's Racing For Tourettes
One Lap Closer To A Cure!
Welcome to the donations page for my Racing For Tourettes program. In the three years since starting this program, I have managed to set two Guinness World Records, and with your help raised a great amount of awareness and funds for the TSA. Now that both of those records have been broken, it's time to try and get one of them back. On November 9-10, 2014, I'll be spending 24 hours circling the indoor kart circuit at Victory Lane Karting in Charlotte, NC.

In addition to taking donations here on this page, we are trying something new as well. For this record attempt, we are offering the option to make a per mile pledge. The current record is 424 miles, so that is the mark I'll be trying to break. You can pledge 5 cents per mile, 10 cents per mile, $1 per mile, whatever you'd like. If you're interested in this type of donation format, please contact me directly at trey.shannon@gmail.com or by phone at 540-815-2737. I will need your name, address, phone #, email, and amount you'd like to pledge per mile. After the attempt I will get back in touch with all those who made pledges to let everybody know how many miles I went, and you can come right back to this page to make your tax deductible donation.

TS, an inherited neurobiological disorder, is characterized by involuntary sudden movements and vocalizations, known as tics. What causes TS is not yet fully understood, and to date, a cure has not been found. It is estimated that one person out of a hundred has a mild form of the disorder and one in one thousand has a severe case of TS.

With your tax deductible gift, TSA can continue to fund a world-wide cutting edge research program to discover a cause and find a cure for TS, while providing educational programs, awareness activities and other services for people living with TS and their families. Together we can make a difference, so please join me in supporting a very important cause. Any donation, large or small, is massively appreciated. I cannot do this without your support. Now let's go get that record back!


Trey Shannon
Total Donations Collected:$1,575.00
Goal: $5,000
$0 32% $5,000
Contributor Amount Comment
Juliana Camia $10.00
sarah cattaneo $100.00
Sue Hernandez $10.00
Michael Robinson $50.00
Anne Gardner $100.00 "You make us all proud, Trey! Best of luck!! Anne"
Bonnie Goldstein $25.00 "Good luck!"
Richard & Sharon Moore $75.00 "Good Luck Trey - We are rooting for your success!"
Jenn Thorson $100.00 "Good Luck Trey!!!"
Joy Marchone $100.00 "Good luck in the 24 Hours in America race! Thank you for caring about kids and adults with Tourette's and for raising money for research. So very proud of you! Love, Mom "
Rosemary Grimm $25.00 "Be safe and have a great run! "
Shane & Andrea Vaassen $50.00 "Way To Go Trey!"
Robert and Susan Marchone $100.00
Charlotte Brown Hidden
Sarah and Dan Moreno $50.00 "Good luck Trey! - the Moreno family"
Michael Malin Jr $25.00
Heather Ramsey $50.00 "Tic Talk Tour & The Ramsey family wishes you the best of luck, Trey! Thanks for all you do to create awareness for TS & raise much needed funds for TS research!"
Josh Fahey $50.00 "Good Luck, Trey!"
Joy Marchone $100.00 "Good luck, Trey! So very proud of you!"
Robert Marchone $50.00 "Good Luck Trey!!! We know you can do it!!"
Greg & Eileen connole $25.00
Anne Gardner $100.00 "One more time, Trey! Good luck!!!"
Steve and Wanda Fahey $50.00
Anonymous $50.00 "Congratulations, Trey! Michelle and I enjoyed watching your pursuit of the world record!"
Patrick O'Leary $230.00 "$.50 per mile, Congrats!!!"

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