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The Race Must Go On!
Hi Everyone, As many of you have probably heard, the NYC Marathon was cancelled on Friday night. Unfortunately, I had already traveled to NYC and cut my hair into a pretty awesome (but now silly) mo-hawk. First of all, the Mayor and the City made the right decision by cancelling the marathon. The first priority should be the many people still without power, food, and clean water in some of the hardest hit areas of New York. By cancelling the marathon, the City can focus its attention on those who need it most. While I was initially disappointed that I had made it to NYC before I heard the news of the cancellation, it was actually a great blessing. This morning, at the NFL Headquarters, I was able to meet three veterans who have benefited from the donations that many of you have made. I can not begin to express how grateful each of the scholarship recipients were. One of the veteran's stories, in particular, stuck out to me. On September 10, 2001, "Jeff" was a young man with a very stable life. Just one day later, his entire life was flipped upside down. On September 11th Jeff's girlfriend boarded Flight 93 in Newark, NJ and was ultimately killed when the plane crashed to the ground in Pennsylvania. Much like Pat Tillman, Jeff decided to give up his career path to enlist in the armed services. After serving several tours, Jeff returned to the U.S. only to find out that he was laid off from work and was losing his house, and ultimately all of his savings. With seemingly nowhere to turn, Jeff was granted a scholarship from the Pat Tillman Foundation. He is now attending graduate school. His life was changed positively by donations from people like you. Lastly, I chose to run the marathon for the Tillman Foundation because of the great appreciation I have for all of our military veterans and their families. Each of our veterans and their families have endured in the face of great challenges, great adversity, and great tragedy. Over the past four months I have tried, in my own minute way, to emulate the great example of endurance that many of our military veterans and their families have set for us. I spent four months training and raised a few thousand dollars all so that I could suffer through 26.2 miles of pain. So...suffer through 26.2 miles of pain, I will. On Sunday, I will do a "Shadow run" in Boston. I will run an adapted Boston Marathon course with the help of some friends and family so I can fulfill my obligation to the Tillman scholars and to all of you. If you have already donated, your donation will go to the Tillman Foundation as promised. If you have not donated, there is still time to make a contribution. I promise you, it will be money well spent. Again, thank you for all of the support that you have provided. Best, PJ

Following Pat's death in 2004, while serving with the U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan, family and friends established the Pat Tillman Foundation. Created to honor Pat's legacy by inspiring others to create their own, the mission of the Pat Tillman Foundation is:

To invest in military veterans and their spouses through educational scholarships; building a diverse community of leaders committed to service to others.

With the efforts of Team Tillman New York members and the generous support of individuals, corporations and organizations throughout the country, the Pat Tillman Foundation strives to increase the amount of funds awarded nationally each year to Tillman Military Scholars to $3.6 million, to represent the NFL contract Pat walked away from when he enlisted in the U.S. Army.

Having WAY too much fun! -Boston Marathon 2007

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Total Donations: $4,246.00
Goal: $4,200

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Contributor Amount Comment
Anonymous Hidden "Let's go PJ!!!!!!!"
Brittney Sullivan $26.20 "Good luck PJ!! I have no doubt you'll do great!"
Aoife Kennedy $10.00 "Good Luck PJ!! Doing great work!!"
John Driscoll $100.00 "Good luck PJ! Thank you for doing this! Ever to Excel"
Anonymous Hidden "All the best PJ!!! Use that strategery!!!"
Lauren Mooney $26.20 "Good Luck PJ!! This is a great cause!"
Kathryn Sammon $26.20 "Good luck Pj! Run fast !!"
Katie Driscoll $26.20 "Best of luck PJ!!! Show NY who's boss."
John Murphy $26.20 "Good luck buddy!"
Bob & Kathy Russell $50.00 "Good luck, PJ."
Dan Russell Hidden "See you at the finish line Peej!"
Jean Williams $50.00 "Patrick, We are so proud of you! Best of luck on Nov. 4th :)"
Meghan Quill $26.20 "Good luck, PJ!!"
DANIEL ALOSCO $50.00 "Good Luck PJ! "
Bill Driscoll Jr. $50.00 "Good Luck! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Call me Big Guy"
Carrie Callahan $42.00 "Go get 'em, PJ:)"
Winter Shaler $26.20 "Good Luck PJ! Thanks for supporting the troops!"
Courtney Williams $50.00 "Best of luck Patrick! We'll be thinking of you on 11/4!"
Michael Reilly $10.00 "Good luck bud! I wish I could be there to cheer you on- just like at BC!"
Abby Smith $26.20 "Good Luck PJ!!! "
Jenny Driscoll $10.00 "Way to go PJ! I will be thinking of you!"
Andrew Inglis $50.00 "Great job PJ! Inspirational!"
Donna Creed Bauman Hidden "Patrick, I think what you are doing is fantastic. I think what is most remarkable is that even though the Marathon was cancelled you still ran in Boston. What character. Keep me on your email list for future adventures. So proud of you!"
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