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The time is now people. I did it. On Sunday Nov 7th I ran the NYC MARATHON for the Pat Tillman Foundation. I sprained my ankle 3 minutes into the race. Lets just say it Killed me the rest of the way. But somehow I made it the whole way. Must have been my #40 Tillman shirt I wore for the race. I think I made it due to the fact I could not let down Pat Tillman. He like myself Was/IS a man of his word. I said I would run it and I did. My time was 6:41:50 I was in the Army from 1999-2009 Pat Tillman fan since 2002. I am not your AVG runner I am 5'11 300pounds My goal is to make everyone who supports me proud. Want to prove its not the size of the man, its the size of the heart that beats inside of that man is what counts. Why I am running? Its 2 parts. I want to prove to myself I can do it and the other is to tell the world about Pat Tillman. HE CHOOSE TO LIVE UP TO THE PROMISE HE MADE WHEN HE PUT HIS NAME ON THE CONTRACT 3 Years is what he sign up for. I am the Sponsor of his page for the last 3 years. Check out my pics and video from the race Contribution of any size or shape will help me with great cause. Every $1 I raise goes toward the Tillman Foundation that helps to invest in veterans and their families through education, community and advocacy. Give What you can. If you can't give pass the word on! To those who have gave to this great cause THANK YOU. On April 29, 2010, I signed up to be part of Team Tillman New York 2010. On November 7, 2010, I Ran my first ever NYC MARATHON for the Pat Tillman Foundation. I have always had a ton of respect for Pat Tillman. So when the chance came up, I jumped at it. I knew I would have to train long and hard for this Run. I was well over 300lbs when I started training for this. I stopped heavy lifting three days a week and didn't do any leg workouts, only running. I hit the gym one day a week with weight training and yoga routines. I ran three days a week from one hour runs to four hour runs in the A.M all by myself. I didn't have a coach or team members to help me or encourage me mentally. I was just a man on a Mission. The training was long and hard, but that was the least of my worries. If I knew how hard the FUNDRAISING would be, I would have NEVER signed up for this Race. I was told my goal would be $4240. That is a lot of money but I had time and faith on my side. It has drove me nuts for the last 8+months. When I signed up, I asked every person and every company I could think of if they would support me. Some people said Yes, some people said No (which is ok) and some companies said they would help me out. Now the flip side to that story is people were quick to say yes to me, but when I asked for their donation, most didn't respond to my e-mails, or phone calls or even one on one. They mostly avoided me. Hell, some people said No to me after they said Yes months early, that went down with a few companies and local Sports teams. Some people just blew me off till this day. I ran the NYC MARATHON in November 2010 its January 2011. I GET THE HINT NOW. 38 So called friends did this to me and let me down. It Drove me Nuts and I let it get to me BIG TIME. It kind of eats you up inside. You try and do something good for veterans and their families and nothing in return gets to you after awhile. Then, moving on from friends, there were some companies that said we would give me $100 or $200 and even a few said $400 dollars if I completed the marathon. This was a very nice thing to say, but when that all said and done, a $1500 donation turned into a $178 donation. That is a huge downswing. Most sent $25 or $26 which is nice if they just sent it to me. BUT they said one thing and did another. I HATE that! Now again don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for every $1 donation. It is A big deal to me. Hell, it makes my day when someone makes a donation or sends me some sample or products in leiu of a money donation. Like the cliche says "every dollar counts". It’s the fact they say $400 will be donated and they send $26 instead; that made me mad as Hell. How would you take that type of news? To the BOSTON MEDIA, you say you're always looking for a good story? Well what about this one? When I went up to Companies: Nesn, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and the local papers, they all said “this is a great news story, good luck and we will get back to you." Well after 8+ months of nothing and no action, I think my story is yesterdays news. Boston Media Sucks in my eyes. I also received NO help from the Radio side of the house. There was NO love from anyone in the Boston Media! This, my friend, would make any man mad as hell! I had cards and flyers made out with the Donation website on it. I must have given out well over 2500 of them. I gave them out all around Boston, Hartford, and even Las Vegas. I stood outside at Downtown Boston locations on more then one occasion. I recall on December 3rd, 2010, infront of the Statehouse, in Downtown Boston, I gave out well over 500 cards that day. I think one person lent their support online from that day's drive. They did throw cash in my donation bucket that I had with me holding my signs I made up. I felt like I was begging (when you look at it I was) for support. That same day I went to Mass Senator Brown's Christmas Party in Downtown Boston to promote my cause. I told my story to hundreds of people at his party whom were all dressed up. And then there was the ME, wearing The Pat Tillman #40 Jersey I wore on marathon day. I passed out over 250 cards and came away thinking Yes, this will help me reach more people and maybe I can reach my goal. No dice! Not one person gave to this great cause. This had me thinking what the hell am I doing wrong. I am trying everything for some support with this raising money towards my cause. Then it hit me! PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT PAT TILLMAN. The people who gave did it for 1 of 2 reasons: 1. Some knew all about Pat Tillman and wanted to help his Foundation and honor a TRUE HERO. 2. They did it to help me reach my goal. Which means they care and see the Passion I have for this cause. If you lent me your support in anyway, lets say you gave me $5 or $100, it meant the same to me. Knowing that you see what I was/am trying to do and how hard i am trying to make this dream come true Means the world to me. I can never thank the people who lent there support with donations enough and to those who lent their support with kind words on Facebook and in person. Some people e-mailed me wishing they had the money to give to this cause, which made me cry. For the record, this was never a shake down for money. If you would like to give, then give, if not, Then Don’t. It’s a free country last time I checked. I almost forgot about the race. November 7, 2010. I was bib # 63-033. I wore my Pat Tillman Jersey and looked way out of place. How many 300lb people run the NYC MARATHON? (not many, trust me). I was so nervous, this was my 1st Marathon and there were 45,000+ people out there. The day almost ended 3min 07sec into the race. I fell in a Pothole on the Verrazano bridge. I got up and kept running. I had to do it for Pat Tillman and every Man and Women who fought for my Freedom. As the race went on my Ankle blew up in size and it was killing me to run. I kept going as best as I could. I did the 1st half in 02:51:21 and ended 06:41:50. My goal was under 6 hours, came up 42min short. I have to say the crowds were electric and they kept me going the whole race. What a site it was running! This is something I will never ever forget. After the race I found out I had a 3rd degree sprained ankle and a torn ligaments in my ankle. I had to wear an "Aircast" for 2 weeks and have been wearing an ankle brace to this day. They say it takes time to heal, they are right on that. At first, stairs were a nightmare now I can take them. It has been almost 2 full months since I ran the race. I can’t wait till I can go for a lite jog. You take things for granted when they come easy, it's when they are hard, you appreciate them more. Take care and live your dreams. Vito A Forlano
Total Donations Collected:$4,090.00
Goal: $4,240
$0 96% $4,240

In the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001, Pat Tillman selflessly put his successful NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals on hold to serve his country. In 2004, following his death while serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan, his family and friends created the Pat Tillman Foundation.

The mission of the Pat Tillman Foundation is to invest in veterans and their families through education and community.

With the efforts of Team Tillman New York members and the generous support of individuals, corporations and organizations throughout the country, the Pat Tillman Foundation strives to increase the amount of funds awarded nationally each year to Tillman Military Scholars to $3.6 million, to represent the NFL contract Pat walked away from when he enlisted in the U.S. Army.

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vito forlano $100.00 "Well here we go friends. With your help I can reach the goal for team Tillman and run my first every Marathon in New york. Tanks for all your help!"
Kat Rempe $26.20 "I'm so proud of you Babe! I couldn't think of anyone else that could run for a soldier's honor more than you. You are truly dedicated. Good Luck and Stretch! "
Jen Stinson $20.00 "Good luck Vito!!!"
vito forlano $20.00 "Good Luck from Aunt Kathy."
Justin Leone $30.00 "I'm proud of yah Vito, keep up the training and finish strong!"
Vito Forlano $40.00 "LT Reardon "Its about doing A good thing""
vito forlano $40.00 "Good luck Panda! From the Moose."
vito forlano $20.00 "CPT Craven "Go kung fu panda""
vito forlano $25.00 "Good luck Vito. From Lori McKiernan."
Vito Forlano $20.00 "Good Luck from your brother Dom!"
vito forlano $21.00 "Good luck! from Mom and Dad"
vito forlano $20.00 "Good luck on the Run Vito! From Kal"
vito forlano $20.00 "Good Luck Vito! from David"
Jodie Jacobs $26.20 "Good luck Vito!!! xox Aunt Jodie"
vito forlano $20.00 "Good Luck Vito! from Big Fred."
vito forlano $50.00 "Vito better luck next season! from Leo Leone"
Justin Leone $26.20 "Keep it up Vito."
vito forlano $5.00 "I gave a guy one of my cards today and after he read it he said "Good luck kid, wish I could give more" and hands me $5. I wish I knew his name. As I always say every little bit helps. Thank you"
Nicholas Forlano $100.00 " Uncle Vito I emptied my piggy bank , good luck."
vito forlano $40.00 "Run strong, Run far! from Marty W"
vito forlano $40.00 "Nomine Patris, Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. From Father Murphy"
Rebecca Bellisario $20.00 "Good luck, Vito! You're doing a wonderful thing, this is a great foundation!!"
vito forlano $5.00 "Need to give myself and my team a high five."
vito forlano $10.00 "Good Luck Vito. From Delmar"
Heather Kelly $10.00 "Thank you for your own service as well as your dedication to support this cause. Good Luck! "
Maura Leddy $20.00 "Good Luck."
vito forlano $40.00 "Good Luck Vito, Run Run Run! from Dave Achin"
vito forlano $20.00 "Italian Power Godfather. from Guarino."
Paula Breen $52.40 "Vito: Sorry I cam seo late to the game...just saw that you were doing this. Good luck. i donated $2.00 a mile. It's a great and honorable cause. congratulations and Good Luck! Paula"
Steven Connolly $40.00 "Good job on your training Vito good luck. Steve Connolly"
Tom & Joy Rempe $26.20 "Good Luck from your family in New York. Go Vito Go! We'll be watching!!!"
vito a forlano $50.00 "$50 DONATION from a man who never heard of Pat Tillman. He was moved to donate from the passion I have for this cause. Thats what Mr anonymous said and he was not even from the USA. Thank you England "
Shannon Hopkins $26.20 "GO VITO GO!!! = D I'm so proud of you!"
vito a forlano $5.00 "Go Panda from Conroy!"
vito a forlano $5.00 "Run Army Strong from Sgt Simpson!"
vito a forlano $20.00 "Run Panda Run, from Kal."
vito a forlano $45.00 "Vito if you don't make it the whole 26.2miles do I get my donation back? All jokes aside Good Luck on your race. from Mario Sarita"
Jersey City Police Emergency Services Unit $392.00 "JCPD ESU is proud of both your service to this nation and your commitment to this worthy cause."
vito a forlano $10.00 "Think of the good you have done. from Mark!"
vito a forlano $10.00 "Good luck Forlano, from Cynthia!"
vito a forlano $10.00 "Good luck on your run Vito from Mike!"
Sean Connolly $100.00 "Good luck Vito, Kick some Ass!"
Joshua Schmidt $10.00 " make us all proud brother. For Pat! Never forgotten."
Jersey City Police ESU $40.00 "A worthy cause - Good Luck."
Kat Rempe $15.00 "Wish you Lots of Luck Vito!! -Brooke Qualey"
Anonymous $64.15 "For your finish time - great job Vito."
vito a forlano $5.00 "Happy Veterans Day!"
vito a forlano $60.00 "Great Job Vito,from Fred,Nick,and Gio!"
vito a forlano $10.00 "Great Job Vito! from Jack."
vito forlano $25.00 "Good work Vito, From Brian!"
George Wells $42.00 "Vito / DOC Panda, Way to go. You finished the race - too bad your ankle is toast. Be proud of yourself, you did well. You, as well as your team, definitely honored Pat Tillman. "
vito a forlano $5.00 "With every $1 raised puts me that much closer to my goal!"
vito forlano $50.00 "Vito great job on the race! From Keith Baldwin!"
Heather "Hank" "Turkalicious" Turco $50.00 "I am so proud of you, you did a great job! Way to persevere! Take it easy on that ankle, see you next week! :)"
Arthur Tillman $100.00 "Hi Vito, Met your girl friend Kat when I ordered some printing done in Southold. She told me of your run, but got the details from the web site she sent. You are quite a guy and I admire you so much. As kind of a big guy myself for you to do the Marathon is amazing to me especially under the circumstances with your ankle. I hope you are really proud of yourself. I'm not related to Pat Tillman, but I'm proud I carry the last name. I served also in the U.S. Army. All the best to you. Kate is a really ice woman and I wish you all the best. Art Tillman"
vito forlano $50.00 "Vito, Great job on your run.Bro. Next time get a Benny body for the race. from Michael Bencivenga"
Colette Deneumoustier $15.00 "Way to go Vito! There should be more people like you and Pat in this world! Love Tony, Colette & Dev Prev"
vito forlano $20.00 "Great Job Vito, from Frank Leone."
vito a forlano $5.00 "Happy thanksgiving everyone, I'm very thankful for all of your support."
vito forlano $15.00 "Good work V, from Dom and Wendy!"
Nick Gaudino $26.20 "Hey Vito, Great Job Bro! This is an amazing that that you are doing, I hope you reach your goal..... Nick G."
Gabriel Lopes $50.00 "Congratulations Vito!"
Kimberly Galatis $10.00 "Good Luck Vito!!! "
Kelly Hansen Hidden "Best Wishes Vito"
Michael Jones $40.00 "Great Job Vito! Both in the race and trying to do what you can for an honorable cause! Keep it up! "
vito a forlano $5.00 "From Mark. Great Job!"
vito forlano $46.00 "From the great people of Boston. Thank you for your support."
Vasco Costa $20.00 "Vito there's never any doubt that you will complete what you set out to do."
vito forlano $20.00 "Great job on the run, from Diane."
Leonardo Sabino $20.00 "Nice!!! "
vito forlano $20.00 "Good job Vito, from GORE!"
vito a forlano $7.00 "Want to hit $2800, Thanks for the Support."
vito forlano $26.20 "Good work Vito, from Paul Lewis"
vito forlano $10.00 "Good work Vito, from Henderson."
vito forlano $20.00 "Nice job Vito, from the Iron Warrior!"
vito a forlano $5.00 "Boston time to step up and support this great cause."
vito forlano $5.00 "Thanks to those that gave today/"
vito forlano $100.00 "Good Job Vito from Michael Fornesi!"
vito a forlano $40.00 "Still trying to reach my goal. I still can't get over the lack of support for Pat Tillman Foundation! All those that have lent support toward my goal of $4240. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. It made all the hard work and pain in my ankle, Worth it!"
David Wilkinson $26.20 "Go Vito!"
vito a forlano $26.20 "I sign up to raise $4240, I will raise it!"
vito a forlano $42.00 "I am now under the Thousand dollar mark. Keep fighting the good fight!"
vito forlano $100.00 "TGIF! I will reach my goal!"
vito a forlano $26.20 "Still working toward my goal!"
vito a forlano $27.00 "Just me, every dollar counts!"
vito a forlano $100.00 "Still trying!"
vito a forlano $100.00 "I WILL DO THIS!"
vito forlano $100.00 "Still just me!"

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