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Kirsten Dykstra's Fundraising Page
Girls can't get into trouble if they're busy running...
With all of the cuts schools are being forced to make in sports and basic physical fitness programs, it is now more important than ever to give kids an introduction to athletics. I likely never would have started back to running in my 30s if I hadn't been involved in athletics as an adolescent, myself. Girls On The Run is giving young girls the opportunity to become involved, stay healthy, and improve their self-esteem. Girls who are active in sports are much less likely to become involved in illegal and dangerous activities or pregnant while they are still children, themselves.

For this fundraising effort I am required to donate a minimum of $262 (out-of-pocket if I don't meet this), or $20/each mile I run of my half marathon on 10/29. Dig deep, friends!


To read more about the GOTR charity go to girlsontherun.org


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Total Donations: $0.00 Goal: $350

$0 0% $350

Me & my pint-sized "trainer"
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