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The Race Is On To Prevent Traumatic Injury!
"Use your mind to protect your body"
TRAUMATIC INJURY IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH AND DISABILITY AMONG CHILDREN, TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS. Caused mainly by vehicle crashes, violence, falls, and sports, the most serious, life-altering injuries are those to the brain and spinal cord. The devastating result can be permanent paralysis or disabling brain injuries. THE BEST "CURE" IS PREVENTION. The good news is that most injuries can be prevented by learning to make safe choices. But do kids realize they need to protect themselves? Do they know how? HELP US TEACH ALL KIDS TO THINK FIRST with our proven, award winning programs! To learn more about us, visit us on the web at www.thinkfirst.org The ThinkFirst Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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