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Chicago Marathon - Team Sweetness 2011
Bank of America 2011 Chicago Marathon
Team Sweetness is back for 34th Annual Chicago Marathon (2011)! This year the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and Jarrett Payton Foundation have joined together to make one great Team! Both charities strive to enrich the lives of our youth.

Support Team Sweetness and help the children of Illinois!

The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation's mission is to help abused, neglected & underprivileged children in the state of Illinois. We strive to help boost these children’s self-esteem and give them a reason to believe that tomorrow can be different.....That tomorrow can be better!

The Jarrett Payton Foundation is committed to positively impacting the lives of children and adolescents – physically, emotionally, and psychologically – by creating and providing programs that present them with a wide variety of opportunities specifically designed to develop their leadership skills and enrich their lives.

“Children have always brought a tremendous amount of joy to me and I feel that if you can catch them at a young age you can really change a life. There are a lot of studies that show that one act of kindness to these children has a 40% chance of making that child have a completely different outcome in their life. What you hope is that you can get a kid to believe in something and to believe in themselves.”

-Walter Payton #34

Please visit www.teamsweetness.com to learn more about both charities.

For more information click here!

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Total donations: $47,640

Goal: $45,000

$0 106% $45,000

Contributor Amount Comment
John Bell $34.00 "I think what you are doing is amazing and I support you!!!"
Ray Baniewicz $34.00 "Good luck Dave! "
Earl Rubinoff $50.00 "Good Luck to you and on a terrific cause."
Drew gorman $34.00 "Here you go John. Good luck. -Drew"
Lynn Kupczyk $34.00 "Tom, so amazed at all your efforts!"
Deanna Coe $34.00 "Good Luck Corey!"
Adele Nandan $34.00 "Good Luck Corey! I envy you, wish I had the stamina to run in a marathon too!"
dennis hromek $34.00 "Good luck son!"
Paula Erickson $100.00 "Corey has always been active in recreation programs for teens and children. He is a positive influence! We need more people like him in this current stressful, overly busy world! Please help him make a difference... help him reach his goal of helping more and more children! Please donate now! And thank you so very much! God Bless!"
Dawn Nunes $250.00 "Heres wishing you the best in your marathon! The Nunes Family :-) "
Dina Karanikolas $25.00 "Good luck! "
Michael Mays $134.00 "We got your back T-Bone!....and that's all we want to see on race day - so light 'em up! ~ The Mays Family"
Heather Bradley $50.00 "Go, Gina! You're gonna have a blast! Marathoning for charity changed my life! You got this in ya, girl. You're gonna rock this town! Let me know if I can do anything to help (I love taking about running and races!), and send me your address so I can send you some music! love and best wishes, Heather"
Erik Garland $26.20 "Great job, Tom. Keep up the hard work and running. What an accomplishment!"
Brian Papo $24.00 "Have fun on your little run!"
Lisa Nottoli $34.00 "Good luck to everyone participating!"
john vangennep $50.00 "Go get em Jeff. I am proud to contibute to you and the good cause you are running for."
Barbara Schmidt $34.00 "Good Luck, Tom!! Fingers crossed for a nice, cool day!!"
Lori Sullivan $25.00 "Good Luck Sean! Stock up on the ATP :)"
Kevin Wong $34.00 "Good Luck Jim!"
Don Connelly $100.00 "Happy to help! Run like the wind, Forest, like the wind..."
Carol Cassato Peckham $34.00 "Good Luck with your fundraiser Gina AND good luck with the marathon! You rock!"
Anonymous Hidden "Never give up Letty :-)"
Joshua Argall $34.00 "I wish I could give more. Good luck in the marathon. You can do it!!!"
PATRICK FINNEGAN $34.00 "Give 'em hell Cigz!"
Sara Pirnstill $20.00 "Good luck Ryan!"
Patti Cooper $34.00 "Good Luck Ryan! Very proud of you : )"
Jill & Dan Cigler $134.00 "That's our BOY!!!!"
James Klusmann $20.00 "Good luck cigs!"
Dave Augustine $34.00 "Dominate it."
Cathy Mulcahey $25.00 "Memory of Tim Mulcahey"
James Wyse $134.00 "I predict you will have a PR in this race. In fact, I guarantee it. Thank you for raising money for a good cause. Enjoy the training, and have a great race!"
ann & larry peppers $50.00 "good luck tom , and make jim run with you. doc."
Mandy Janisch $36.00 "Run your ass off!"
Amy Busch $25.00 "Way to go John! Good luck in Oct!"
Phil Langan $34.00 "I expect you to finish ahead of all the Kenyan's "
Bryan Flanagan $20.00 "Good Luck Brotha, run like an antelope out of control! ;)"
Robert Haufe $100.00 "Have fun and run!!!!!! God Speed"
George Eberly $50.00 "Tom we will be pulling for you, Uncle George and Aunt Vivian"
Michele Bosic $34.00 "Good Luck John! And Have Fun!"
Michael Pollard $20.00 "Good luck Dave. Go for the personal best!"
Ernestina Avalos $34.00 "It's great that you are doing this. Be careful and best of luck. Love you!"
Misty & Brian Stanton $34.00 "Here's to a good start for a great cause! "
Adrienne Vivar Hidden "Good luck, Channing! Adrienne"
Marianne Lloyd $34.00 "Best of luck to you! I hope it is a PR which you then crush in NYC. "
Rita A McWilliams $134.00 "What you're doing is fantastic! Thanks for your hard work in supporting a great cause."
Amy Augustine $34.00 "Good Luck, John! "
Nik Varani $34.00 "Good luck, enjoy the Marathon"
Kelly Oates $20.00 "Good Luck, Ryan! Have fun!! :)"
Christopher Thornycroft $100.00 "We can't wait for you and Christo to do this thing together!! And have it be over with!! Yay for Team Sweetness and margaritas"
Thomas Keller $34.00 "Run Forrest! Run!"
Tim Bresnahan Hidden "Tom - 26 miles - go for it again!"
Vinh Diep $34.00 "Thanks for doing the run & raising money for a great cause! Run, John, run! : )"
carolynn gallmann $50.00 "Good Luck Scott."
gregory gallmann $25.00 "My wifel made me. So I said, "Yes Dear"!!!"
Sherri Rehfeld $34.00 "Run on, Coach!"
Lynn Strauss Hidden "Good Luck Tom! you will be awesome. Lynn Strauss "
Friends at MetLife $100.00 "From my friends at Metlife, thanks guys!!"
eliasard alcauter $34.00 "RUN FOREST! RUUUUUNNNN!!!!"
Christina Goral $34.00 "Life is short... running makes it seem longer. - Baron Hansen LETS DO IT! LOVE YOU ANNA!!!!! "
Timothy Wozniak $25.00 "Good Luck! - Manimal - "
Michael Higginbotham $34.00 "BEARS"
Tracy Mueller $34.00 "Way to go Bill! I'm proud of you! :)"
Susan Bartucci $34.00 "John, What a great cause! Good luck on your run!"
Elizabeth Marek Hidden "Run Lindsey, Run! We are so proud of you! Love, Andrew, Liz, Finn, Ailish, Maeve and Lola"
Shaun O'Brien Hidden "Let's go Skippy!"
Colleen Daniel Hidden "You'll do great Lindsey!!! Good luck! : ) ~ Colleen Daniel"
Shirley Brown-Berchou $34.00 "Good Luck!"
Bob and Ceryl Benson $50.00 "Good Luck Tom. We hope that the weather cooperates this year. "
Timothy Onderko $34.00 "Hey John, no walking this time ok... lol Best of luck to you!"
Geri Conn $25.00 "Way to Go Gina!!!"
Tim POSTUFKA $36.00 "Tom - Best of luck!! Being a Steeler Fan, I felt more comfortable doing $36 because of Bettis. Talk to you soon. Tim Postufka"
Randy Holloran $34.00 "You would have gotten more if you ran the marathon!! Just kidding!"
Anonymous Hidden "Very cool, Tom. I pray that you hit your goal and for the kids that will benefit from these donations. "
Phil & Cathy Ratzel $68.00 "Nice Job, Tommy!"
Mark Heuer $34.00 "Have fun Tom and I know you will reach your goal! "
Suzanne Matthews $34.34 "How great of you to do this Tom. I hope you meet your goal. Hope to see you both soon!"
Tim POSTUFKA $100.00 "Tom - Good luck with your fundraising as it is a great cause. I looked at your initial email too fast and wanted to give more to the kids and your efforts!! Take Care, Tim"
MICHAEL BERCHOU $100.00 "Best of luck T. Walter would expect you to to cross the finish line no later than 3:40 so keep up the hard work."
Londa Meckes $34.00 "Tom, this will be one of the greatest experiences of your life! And if you are anything like me you won’t move for a month afterwards. I’ll send you some fund raising tips from when I did the London Marathon. Good luck, Londa"
Lynn & Mary Benjamin $134.00 "Jennifer, You write a great letter, we are very proud of you. Love Mom & Lynn"
Kathryn Eagan-Owens $100.00 "I'm very proud of you son and once again I'm looking forward to seeing you complete the Chicago Marathon! Love you always. Mom"
Heather Poerio (Hansen) $34.00 "Andrew, I'm so proud of you and the man you have become. I can remember a very smart young man, who could really chat me up, when I came around to bust your mom out for a night here and there...You have always been someone she could be so proud of. Keep up the great work, good luck with training and marathon day. "
Diane Habiger $134.00 "Best to you, Michael. Keep training!"
Margaret Jeschke $34.00 "Proud of you grandson-Love you-"
Cynthia Kula $25.00 "Good luck Andrew!"
Dan Miller $100.00 "Will there be any running, or is it just a walk (and presumably beer drinking)?"
David Smith $34.00 "Run Tom, Run."
Molood Naghibzadeh $100.00 "I am so proud of you. Our world needs more people like you."
Colleen L. Flood $15.00 "Good luck Andrew! We're all proud of you!"
Ashley Pobieglo $20.00 "I know it's not much, but I also know every little bit helps!! Happy running!! Ashley P. "
Gary Hayes $34.00 "Great job and good luck!"
Evelyn and Bob Felbinger $134.00 "Good thoughts and prayers are yours for a safe and great run!!"
mary study Hidden "Hi Lindsey, Let us know the date-we would to see you run!"
Holly Amatangelo $26.20 "Go Katie and John!!! So proud of you! Can't wait to see you cross that Finish Line!"
Kevin Finnegan $50.00 "Go get 'em!!"
Kathryn Marik Hidden "Good Luck Andrew!! Proud of you. Aunt Kathy & Uncle George"
Mario Chavira $50.00 "Good Luck Andrew you have a wonderfull Mom. Mario. C"
Kelly Nichele $34.00 "Run, Forrest ,Run!"
Kelly Nichele $34.00 "Run, Forrest, Run!"
Ivan Jimenez $34.00 "Good LUCK !!!"
Nella Uher $10.00 "Good luck, Katie! "
Gabbi Wade $10.00 "Good luck to you and John!"
Jo Ann Mathews $134.00 "Would love to be there to see you cross the finish line!!"
Tom Berchou $34.00 "$34 from Danny Berchou. Thanks Danny!"
Bill Bell $34.00 "Great cause - hope you have a great race!"
Christine Nawrot $25.00 "Training for a marathon is quite an accomplishment. I wish you the best of luck. You will come out with a different sense of what you are capable of. Good luck!"
Joseph LaNasa $20.00 "Go Anna!"
Donna LaNasa $20.00 "Go Christie!"
Rhonda Williams $50.00 "Chris...I am so proud of who you are and all that you accomplish. Good luck on race day!"
Kelly Konicek $50.00 "Chris- We are very proud of you and what you are doing. How great it is to feel "normal" again after such a tough time that you had. You deserve as much normalcy as you can get. The Payton Foundation is a wonderful cause and we are behind you 100%. You can do it!! Good Luck - The Konicek Family"
Ken Kise $34.00 "Best of luck Tom. If you want to wear my autographed Payton jerwsey you can."
Catherine Elfstrand $34.00 "Go Forest GO!!!"
Kim Goczeski $34.00 "Go for it Mimi!"
Barbara Wieda Culp $102.00 "Good Luck!! I know that you will succeed!"
Naomi G Clark $134.00 "Hi Chris, I read this verse in Isaiah 40:31 and thought of you: They shall mount with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not be faint. Best wishes, Champion! Chuck and Naomi Clark "
Michael Harris $50.00 "MARCH OR DIE!!"
Greg and Sheryl Buckley $34.00 "You go, Chris!"
Joanne Scanlon Prestia $50.00 "Great cause, Tom. Thanks for doing this. "
Kristine York $34.00 "Good for you Scott! I'm proud of you for training so hard for the marathon and for supporting a great cause! Good Luck!!!"
Dee Milligan $134.00 "You are my H.E.R.O!"
Linda Bellow $50.34 "YOU GO !!!!"
Shirley "Momma" Brown $200.34 "Good Luck, Tom!"
Jenny Creath $34.00 "Best of luck at the marathon. I am so happy to support you and the Payton Foundation. I'll be thinking of you each and every mile. Run happy! Jenny"
Gayle Wagner $26.20 "Have a great race, Stefanie. Run strong! "
Eric Morgan $34.00 "Go Anna! We are proud of you for taking on this challenge. You will do great and what a great exapmle for the kids. "
Rod and Charleene Holmes $134.00 "Run like the wind future son in law"
Eileen Flynn $34.00 "Good Luck Tom! Great cause! "
LISA WELDON $20.00 "Thank you for doing this!"
Marty Muraszewski $34.00 "Good luck Steph...happy to sponsor. Better you're running this than me."
ricardo ibarra $34.00 "No Pain, No Gain...."
Wayne Hoover $34.00 "I am so proud of you for reaching your goal of doing a marathon!"
Carrie Follett $34.00 "Jen, You are my idol!!"
John VanGennep $34.00 "Jeff, I am proud of you. It takes guts and courage to run a marathon. Best of luck to you."
Anonymous $34.00 "Run fast, like you stolt somethin'"
Sandy Godinez $34.00 "Good luck Freddy!"
Anonymous $172.00 "Go Johnny go! Let's not forget the biggest Bear from Aiken, SC- # 72 "
Daniel Noonan $34.00 "Good luck Jeff. I'm proud to support you supporting a great cause."
Eric Maddix Hidden "Jeff, you are a good guy doing a nice thing for a great cause. Good Luck!"
Tom and Gretchen Laundon $34.00 "Good luck John!"
Ken Keith $50.00 "good luck Johnny Hasbomb! "
Melina Cimler $134.00 "Good luck!"
Jim/Barb Weber $34.00 "Good Luck Ryan!!!!"
Kimberly Bennett $34.00 "You are a machine! Good luck with the race."
Octavio Espinoza $100.00 "Run Forrest Run! Good stuff Anthony. Have a great run."
David Rogers $50.34 "Stay strong Anthony!!"
Andy Fang $100.34 "In the words of another famous cancer patient, "Jimmy V" (Valvano), "Don't Give Up...Don't Ever Give Up!""
Randy Fouts $134.00 "Good luck, Maestro!"
Liza Danno $134.00 "Andrew you are amazing! I am so proud to call you family! Best wishes for a great race and we will see you at the finish line with a beer waiting!"
Phil Chernesky $34.00 "Best of Luck Tom, I'll be running the Chicago Marathon as well! Such a great cause!!! RIP #34"
Anthony Vincent $34.00 "Dude, you amaze me with your natural speed and stunning looks."
Don Rieve $100.34 "Mim, Good Luck have fun!!!!!"
Linda Grahovec $134.00 "You are running for a great cause Nicholas, we are so proud of you and your determination! Love always, Mom and Dad"
nancy terzolani $34.00 "What an accomplishment! And for a great cause too! Way to Go!!"
Anonymous $34.00 "Go go Andrew!!! Wish you the best;) You have the most amazing mom in the world!!! Miss you Kathy! "
Ashley Pyne Hidden "Run fast big brother!!!! You've worked hard for race day and I know you'll do great!"
Mike Doherty $95.86 "Just like the last tme the Bears won the Super Bowl. (ohh, that stings a bit) Superbowl 20, January 1986, Bears 46 - Patriots 10. DOMINATE IT! "
Mary and Vern Alesch $34.00 "We won't be there to see you run this year but we'll be praying for you the whole way. Mom and Dad"
James Bova $400.00 "Great cause, best of luck."
Lynn Burchard $34.00 "Andrew, we are proud of you! Hope all goes great! Jim, Lynn and Emily Burchard"
Kathleen Dudaryk $25.00 "Best of luck to you! See you at the finish line!"
FRANK BONAFILIA $134.00 "You're an inspiration to our family and will do terrific!"
William Buchanan $20.00 "Good luck Nick........ Bill Buchanan DonJoy"
Tom Zimmerman $10.00 "Good luck, 'Clark', thanks for doing this, and tell 'Lois' I said hello!"
Amanda Jacobi $100.00 "Best of luck John!!!!"
Douglas Lobdell $34.00 "Happy to help! Run strong..."
carol nicusanti $34.00 "go, Clark Kent, be a Superman runner! love, Mar Vista Hornet"
Sandra Wright $34.00 "Once an Optimist, always an Optimist!!! Rock out that marathon Channing!!!"
David Kerpel $68.00 "Let's see if the old man can finish this race!"
dan menitoff $88.00 "You had better win."
Tom Claffey $34.00 "Good luck on the run, Donna (and Mike)! I'm mighty proud to know both of you."
Brian Traynor $100.00 "Best of luck Anthony!"
patricia werner $20.00 "Way to go girlie, i'm proud of you!!!"
Bryant Heath $34.00 "Good luck Donna & Mike! Smoke 'em!!!"
Brett Ward $34.00 "Wishing you the best Stef........"
Karen Kinzler Strang $34.00 "Good luck on the run! I think its great that you have the energy for this!! Wish I could be there in person to cheer you on :-) Karen"
Genie Sarne $34.00 "Good luck, John. I hope the wind is at your back."
Doug Sommer $50.00 "Beat Navy!"
Christine Burrows $100.00 "Good luck! You are amazing!"
Nancy Wendt $34.00 "Luv ya Chan.....run on!"
Sarah Gibbs $34.00 "Go, Bill! You're amazing! We're so proud of you!"
Wendy Doyle Hidden "Good luck, Mike! Remember: the faster you run, the faster you're DONE! Best wishes from The Doyle Family!"
Linda and Joe Cecil $34.00 "Good Luck, Mike! What a great effort this is. We'll be rooting for ya!"
Scott Kraus $34.00 "Good luck; don't throw up."
Michelle Parrish Hidden "so proud of you!"
Mauree Thordahl $34.00 "Good luck Donna - you're an inspiration! "
Russell & April Connelly $50.00 "Way to go Bro....."
Bill Bell $34.00 "I'm back for round #2. Hope you make your goal and have a great race!"
Courtney McDermott $34.00 "If you feel like giving up while running, just remember: "They call me Sweetness and I like to dance runnin' the ball is like making romance" When I told Doug you were doing this, he got all teary and said, "I love Sweetness!!" Good luck and have fun!!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Good Luck Andrew! Veronica Zelske Armstrong (known your mom since grade school)"
kevin biedzycki $100.00 "You better win Damn it!"
Doug Busch Hidden "Suck it up, Mike, & make us proud! Keep your sights on Donna!"
Jerry and Patt Howard $134.00 "Congratulations on running the marathon. This is a great cause, and we are happy to support."
Michael Hendershott Hidden "We are proud of you. We Love you. Michael and Kathy"
Deric Bonds Sr $34.00 "Be Strong in the Lord and the Power of His Might and you will Have the Victory Always!!!! In Jesus Victorious Name- Love Bro Deric"
myles schuyler $34.00 "Don't forget your helmet..... Good Luck!!!"
Jeremy Willis $34.00 "Good job! Im gonna run it backwards!"
Anita taylor $50.00 "Run Brian run, this is a fantastic cause. Of course, I wish you the very best. I love you. MOM"
Phillip May $34.00 "Beat Navy, Go Pack Go"
John Capecci $100.00 "You have permission to eat a Portillo's beef sandwich when you finish."
Stephen Brooks $100.00 "Run Johnny, Run"
Fletcher Brooks $3.40 "Generous Match! Ruff, Ruff"
Bennett West $134.00 "Best of luck John "
Ramona Jett $25.00 "I'm proud of you!"
Jana Proto $10.00 "Why are you so sweaty?"
Carole Fehrman-Lopez $20.00 "GO JILL GO!! Wish I could be at the finish line to give you a big HUG! "
Rex Jeffries $20.00 "Good luck Clark. Those are wonderful causes and I wish you great success in your endeavor."
Anna White $20.00 "The Last Hurrah! YOU GO GIRL!!"
Jill Phalen-Granata $34.00 "Good Luck Tom!!!! "
Mike Chiappetta $34.00 "Go Clark Go! Will you have a Wire Hair running with you? Also as an ex-Chicagoan I love rteam sweetness! "
Casey Horoho $34.00 "Good luck, John...may the spirit of Sweetness push you across the finish line!"
Tina Spencer $34.00 "Alright Jill!"
Bill Axelsen $50.34 "Look forward to seeing you at the race. Haven't seen you since that 8" growth spurt, so am I looking for a 6'2", 140lb bald guy?! Train hard and good truckin'!"
Kelly Gorham $50.00 "Good luck Tom!"
Elitrous Squires $50.00 " God bless you. "
Carol Jones $25.00 "You go, Jules!"
Eileen Rowan $50.00 "Your heart, lungs and legs are ready. Enjoy the journey! Very proud of you. Ei"
Tavoris Phelps $25.00 "Hey - even though The Flash may be in the race, it's not about him. It's about YOU! Run YOUR race Mr. Kent, and keep the X-ray vision peepin' to a minimum... :~ D"
josh smith $134.00 "just keep running!"
NIchole Barreto $134.00 " I am so inspired by your heart & your love to make a real difference in the lives that you connect with! Thank you & I feel blessed to support you!! "
Michael Craghead $20.00 "You can win, Jules! :-)"
Jamie Summerton $100.00 "You're going to ROCK the Chicago Marathon!!"
Lora & Jim Pavilack $100.00 "Run Michael Run!!! You are going to do amazing. Here's to MILE 28 :)"
Robert Morris $34.00 "You go, girl! Beat Navy!"
Rafael Figueroa $34.00 "We are proud of you!"
michael jones $25.00 "Anything I can do 4 the great Walter Payton. He = class!"
Kevin Bonds $60.00 "Brian wishing you a very successful run! love ya brother Kevin"
arthur altounian $134.00 "Big Mikey! Run fast...run far, run it in three zero niner! I know you can do it. I'll help you train. You run, I'll bike next to you. Or, I'll watch you run from my bark-o-lounger. Love ya brother! --Art, Kelli and Samantha"
andromeda trumbull $34.00 "Zenith says - go for it man!!!!!!"
Janis Meyer $34.00 "Hoping for good weather and great stamina!"
Tom and Leigh Growney $34.00 "Donna, Good luck with the marathon! We wish you all the best and hope you raise lots of money for this worthwhile cause!"
Aleta Rupert $50.00 "Good Luck Tom! "
Greg Stotz $34.00 "Enjoy the run! I assume you will be running the entire race in a replica #34 uniform including full pads and helmet in honor of Payton. :)"
Frank and Vicki McCain $34.00 "Good Luck Clark!"
Aaron Montgomery $50.00 "Brian, be safe and run hard! Looks like a great cause. Don't forget to stretch. :)"
Chris Herman $34.00 "Good luck "Sis"! Wish my Knee was in better shape or I might of ran with you."
Andre Wright $50.00 "Good luck Brian!"
gina/shirley affatato $260.00 "go gina! thanks mom and to all those who have helped!! much love to all...."
Karen Kroner $20.00 "Go Chrisina!!"
Jeremy Kopp $34.00 "Run, Forest, Run! "
Betsy Solomon $50.00 "Good luck and stay safe!"
Patrick McCracken $34.00 "Go Channing!"
Michael Bond $34.00 "Good luck Scott! Have a great race! I am registered, but unable to run as I will be out of town, really regret not getting a chance to see you at the marathon. "
susan motley $50.00 "run like a kenyon!!!! :) "
Karl and Charlene Jett $100.00 "We are proud of you and know you will do awesome!"
Karl and Charlene Jett $50.00 "Run on!"
Mark Johnsen $500.00 "This is my inspiration for Chicago which I learned from my father and watching Walter as a kid - “I want to be remembered as the guy who gave his all whenever he was on the field.” - Walter Payton"
Evan Nik Dang $34.00 "Cross that line Clark!"
Daniel Hartzell Jr. $10.00 "Clark finish strong !"
Joel Michalski $20.00 "Rock It for Payton!"
Nicole Kunz $10.00 "Best of luck to you both!"
Colin Davies $20.00 "Afterwards Have fun in south beach Clark Kent !"
Timothy Pratt $50.00 "Good Luck. I am happy you are reaching your goal of running a marathon"
Nathan Ewing $100.00 "Good Luck Ricky. I know you have been training hard"
Mary Cote $50.00 "Run Strong~Be Great!"
Beverly Tisdale $50.00 "Finish Fast Love Cousin Bev !"
Kathy Michalak $50.00 "You rock, Ricky! Good Luck!! 'Phantom' Dave and Kathy"
june rector $100.00 "I'll be there in spirit, cheering you on! A. June"
anna bonafilia $34.00 "Ill be right behind you!!! Let's do it!!! You are my inspiration!!!"
Cheryl Basler $50.00 "Run, Forrest, Run!"
adam smith $100.00 "One step at a time.... and breath. "
Monica & Matthew Elsey $34.00 "You Go Girl ! ! ! ! ! Good Luck"
Matt Tucker $134.00 "Did you ever know that you're my hero?"
Shirley Stolzke $20.00 "Good Luck Jenny Munchkin!! "
Lorri O'Brien Hidden "Good Luck Christie!!! Your dad will be so happy to know his girls are running in his honor!! Love, Lorri"
Matthew Kremer Hidden "Mark - always happy to help a tremendous community sponsor like yourself. Have an awesome race, buddy. We'll be cheering from afar! -Kremerica Enterprises"
Manna-Noel Ganay $60.00 "I will be praying for your success, Brian! All for a great cause and that's definitely worth running for!"
jeff ostrum $100.00 "Make it happen Caballo! Good luck! "
Karen Haines $34.00 "You go girl!!! Leave them in the dust!"
Cherinda Wendt $50.00 "I am so proud of you, sweetie! I know you are well able to do this and I'm cheering you on. Love you!"
Doug Ellis $34.00 "Good luck Christina! Lookin forward to the mudder! "
Julie Sheahan $25.00 "Good Luck in your Race!! "
G. R. Goral $100.00 "Watching you and Anna from afar! "
Rick Matthews $134.00 "U Go girl..."
Jordan Spangler $34.00 "I support anyone who believes in something bigger than themselves. Good luck sir."
Kenneth Healy $134.00 "Running 26 miles of your own free will? Thats just wrong. But the cause is good and I admire you for the effort (even if I think you are on the train to crazy town). Good luck!"
Joyce Johnsen $334.00 "lMark, those were alwfully emotional and thoughtful words that you wrote! You'd think that I would inspire you, but you always end up inspiring me with your writing and your ideas! I know that you really always loved Walter Peyton and the Chicago Bears and watching with your dad. He must really be smiling up there to think how much he has directed your life! Wow! So wish I could be in Chicago to cheer you on and believe me I'd be there if I could!! Do hope you get to have even a little visit with Donna and Pete. Your Uncle Don and Dorothy just always want to hear every scrap of news that I tell them about you and your sister and brother, but they really saw more of you by order of your birth. If you do make contact, you will be doing it for your dad and for me. They are such good people and they care so much about all of us! Sending love and hugs and good weather thoughts your way!!!"
Randy Cairns $50.00 "Hi Mark, Thank you for being such a faithful friend to me, through good times and bad. I really appreciate how you can make me laugh in any circumstance. Run like the wind in the windy city! Peace, Randall"
Kirsten White $34.00 "I'm so proud of you Dad! Stay hydrated and please don't come back in a wheelchair! :) Love you!"
Kathy and Tom Leatherwood $25.00 "Run like the wind! "
Michael DeGretto $34.00 "My donation is on the behalf of Chuck. Hopefully someone will get the help that he needed as a kid. I am proud of you. "
Glenn Machometa Hidden "Good Luck Brian, Glenn P. Machometa & Family"
Bernadine Riordan $20.00 "Good Luck, Brian!!!"
Dave Speck $134.00 "Go Donna!"
Lisa "Tatum" Mitchem $34.00 "Best of luck to you Jules/Clark (*v*) and thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful charity to my attention."
Charissa Ziobro $34.00 "RUN JENNY RUN"
Sharon and Greg Wright $100.00 "Go Austin!! Love you!"
Paul Polarek $134.00 "Go! Ricky, Go!"
Chris Martinez $34.00 "Good Luck Mike!"
Arthur Albert $134.00 "Good luck Austin.. Being in it is winning it."
John Gezik $100.00 "Thanks for doing this Ricky! You are an inspiration!"
Jeff Polomsky $34.00 "Bears. Ditka. Walter. Bears"
James Coffing Hidden "Good luck my friend. Dazvedana!"
Jennifer Canary $34.00 "Good Luck Chris - The faster you run, the sooner you're done"
Misty Stanton $26.20 "Here's another 26.2 for good luck! "
Cristen Duncan $34.00 "Good luck!!"
Gabriela McAllister $50.00 "I am so proud of you bro. You are so awesome!!! I will be there to cheer you on Sunday. We love you very much."
Luke Ostreko $34.00 "Good Luck Nick"
Joseph Carbonaro $34.00 "Good luck Mike, I hope your dedication pays off, and leads to some great results without any "damage" to the body and soul!!! I'm your witness, you were hit the treadmill at 6AM in St. Petersburg when most people were snoring!! Joe"
Salud Renteria $20.00 "Good luck!! "
michelle marquardt $20.00 "Good Luck Scott...we will be cheering you on from New Orleans :) Jason and Michelle!"
Nate Wilcox $34.00 "Wish I was running it with you-Good Luck!"
erik leszka $40.00 "Good Luck!"
scott painter $34.00 "Way to go! "
Gerard Bailhache $20.00 "Good luck Jules under 4 baby just win baby"
William Pratt $134.00 "Good Luck"
Vicki Thompson $34.00 "Good Luck, Mike!! I know you will do great and make us proud! "
Richard Ede Jr. $51.00 "Go out and make all the old H-1 Hogs proud! "
Michele Ross $68.00 "I "walk" ...you " RUN"!! :-) Godspeed!!"
Suzanne Boryscka $25.00 "Good luck, Scott!"
Jill Ballas $20.00 "We are so proud of you. Good luck! You will do great!"
Stephen Stuart $34.00 "Good luck Chris!"
Tim Curvan $50.00 "John you were "Born to Run" and remember "Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast" Good Luck!"
Andrew Bray $34.00 "Go Scott Go!!"
Warren Butcher $50.00 "Good luck stud! Shootin' for 3.5 hours? I'll be with you in spirit and rooting wildly while you run. Can't wait to hear all about it!"
Tammy Reed $20.34 "Good Luck Scott - so proud of you!"
Jennifer Soloway $34.00 "Go, go, go! So glad you are supporting such a great cause! "
Eduardo Cajina $34.00 "Awesome job Tom, Have a great time!"
Rachel Roel-Zettlmeier Hidden "Run, Forest, Run! Love ya. Good luck!!"
Garrett Heath $34.00 "Run like you stole something!"
Garrett Heath $34.00 "Run like you stole something!!!!!!"
Ken and Jennifer Ubertino $50.00 "Good Luck Chris!!!"
Performance Dynamics $200.34 "Good Luck! Shirley & Gary"
Louis McEwen $50.00 "You better average sub 9 minute miles or I want my money back "
Stephanie Hume $10.00 "Yeah, Christie! You'll do awesome!"
Aaron Hendershott Hidden "Good luck, Nicholas. Make my nieces proud."
Chris Chromy $34.00 "Good luck, Tom! Great cause!!"
Stephanie Hume $10.00 "Yeah, Anna! You'll do awesome!!!"
Bridgett M. Steen $20.00 "Go Brian Go!!!!!!!"
Trish Graf $34.00 "Good Luck Tom!! We'll be rooting for you at the corner of Addison and Broadway!"
Derek & Kareece McKie $50.00 "Go, Channing! We love you!"
SHEILA KOZAR $50.00 "You go Rick! "
Candace Salomoun $25.00 "Go Ricky, you rock!!!"
Michael Rodriguez $25.00 "You go girl!!!"
Courtney Pernell $20.00 "Elvis is in the house!!!"
Orvell Stephens $20.00 "Brian, I'm so proud of you and will be praying for your sucess in the Marathon on October 9th. You are truley a blessing to our church family. Your Brother in Christ, Orvell Stephens "
Joni Brown $34.00 "To my Fave BIL: You Go Tom!!"
Marina Moyer $34.00 "Good Luck Mike! From Russia with love! "
Wally & Karen Jasonowicz $20.00 "Good Luck Austin! Wally & Karen"
Anonymous $100.00 "Have a great time Tom!"
Angela Seitz $34.00 "Good Luck!!! I know you will do awesome, Angels are cheering for you!!! "
krystal barnett $34.00 "Run Brian Run...."
Robert Owings $100.00 "Dan, I just wanted you to know how proud I am of what you are doing and why you are doing it. The granddaughter was a nice touch too!"
Gena Light $50.00 "So proud of you Sugar!"
April Hedgspeth` $34.00 "Good Luck!"
Bill Frey $134.00 "Johnny - Great day, great race, great cause. We're all with you in spirit. Good luck and enjoy! Bill Frey"
Robert Felbinger $160.00 "GO MY BRO!!"
Keith Cooke $20.00 "Go Superman!"
Maria Ortiz-Rios $26.00 "Brian: You are the best. God bless you!"
Marni Chiero Hidden "Honey, I'm so very proud of you!!! You did a fantastic job and I can only hope to follow in your footsteps one day. I LOVE YOU"
Kimberly Craig $34.00 "Hi Scotty! So sorry, I completely forgot about making this donation. I am so proud of you! Please call me when you get a chance and tell me how it went! Talk soon! Kimmy"
Sheila & Will Mendoza $34.00 "Go Tom Go! Great Job "
shirley harrison $10.00 "Great Job GINA!!"
Melissa Tait $50.00 "Way to go Dan. Melissa and Sean"
Andrew & Amy Powell $34.00 "Very awesome cause! Congrats!"
Dennis Smith $25.00 "Good Luck!!!!!"
Clegg Hubbell $134.00 "Nice work MTJ! I hope all the running in place at your Studio 54 party helped you finish strong! Keep it up!"
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