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Team Ponte
Keeping the pace for the kids of Rancho Damacitas
Welcome to Team Ponte's fundraising headquarters. Thank you for your interest in helping to bring hope to abused and neglected kids in Southern California. As our 3rd annual race, Team Ponte members will walk and run in San Diego's Rock and Roll Marathon, Half-Marathon and Relay Race on June 5th to raise much needed funds for Rancho Damacitas, a Temecula based 24-hour recovery home for abused and neglected kids.

Located just 3 miles from Ponte Winery, Rancho Damacitas houses 36 children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Since the recession began, Rancho Damacitas has had to reduce staff members to avoid cutting any programs directly related to the kids. They are one of the few remaining children's recovery homes in southwest Riverside county.

Your donation will help Rancho Damacitas meet their monthly financial responsibilities which feed and clothe the children, pay the staff and fund the children's academic and social needs, to name a few.

We appreciate your donation more than you know. Thank you for making a difference in a child's life.

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $17,228

Goal: $25,000

$0 69% $25,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck Renee! We hope you meet your quota! Love, Oma and Grandpa"
Kim Sumek $25.00 "Run, Sean, Run!"
Eric Raymond $25.00 "Go Shrimp!"
Gina LaGalbo $50.00 "Sean you are a great person...I am proud to be your Aunt!! "That Sean he is something else" Like your Granpa would say! Love Ya"
Kenneth Regan $25.00 "You're a good man, Sean Erner, and we are honored to be in your circle of friends. Safe running! Ken and Marian"
Dominic Erner $25.00 "Please take a picture for me after the run!"
Peggy Siebrandt $50.00 "Wishing you the best--you go girl! Love you, Peggy"
Bryan Petersen $25.00 "I'm happy to support this cauuse. I hope you make your goal, and more."
Judy Erner $100.00 "That's my boy!! I'm so proud of you!"
Nancy Cuocci $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Harriet Gosney Hidden "Good luck, Leigh Ann!"
DeeAnna Valentin $5.00 "Good Luck Leigh Ann!! More to come!!"
elizabeth pyne $25.00 "Go Josh! Love, Grandma"
elizabeth pyne $25.00 "Go David! Love, Grandma"
elizabeth pyne $25.00 "Go Darc!! Love, Mom"
Doreen Murray $15.00 "Go AD! love, Donny & Ryan"
Doreen Murray $15.00 "Good luck Dave!! XO, Aunt Doreen, Donny & Ryan"
Doreen Murray $15.00 "Good luck Matt!! XO, Aunt Doreen, Donny & Ryan"
Doreen Murray $15.00 "Good luck Josh!! XO, Aunt Doreen, Donny & Ryan"
Bryan Talbot $50.00 "Darcy - Great thing you're doing for a great cause. Good luck. Bryan"
Dawn Swainston $25.00 "You go girl!"
David Parsons $25.00 "Darcy: Wish you the very, very best!!!! Look forward to dinner with you either here or in Hull. Keep positive!11 Our best, Dave and Helen"
Eric Struik $25.00 "Way to go AD and nephews! What a great family event and cause! Best wishes for a fun and pain free half marathon! "
Denise Leatherwood Hidden "run in such a way as to get the prize...for others in need...soar like an eagle...love you..mom"
Laura Cerqua $50.00 "Go Team Pyne! "
Judy Goldberg $25.00 "You are a Winner Darcy! You Go Girl!"
Dennis Stanek $100.00 "Nice cause Darcy! Way to go. "
Nate Scharff $25.00 "Wishing you a great race Darcy. It's the journey not the destination. N8R"
Linda Leum $50.00 "We love you Darcy! Linda and Bill"
Gail Kane $25.00 "Hi Darcy, Great idea, fabulous cause. Can't wait to hear all about it over a glass of wine."
DeeAnna Valentin $5.00 "Wishing we could be there with you Leigh Ann! Good Luck, love you! xoxo, the Valentin family"
Lynn Lafond $50.00 "Go Girl!"
Augusto Rodriguez $50.00 "Great cause Darcy! Good luck on the half marathon! Augusto and Fabi "
David Euhus Hidden "Good luck Darcy! Next time I want to see you run the full marathon!"
Jesse Diaz $10.00 "The only reason I would run a half marathon is if I was being chased by a bear... more power to you Leigh!"
David Hill $50.00 "I drink to your success!"
Margaret Dedman $25.00 "Go Darcy! What a wonderful cause...Best of luck. xoxo - Meg, Dave, Abby & Jack"
Ken Crouse $50.00 "Good Luck Darcy. I hope you are a better runner than a player in Fantasy Golf! I know our season seems longer than a half marathon!"
Christine PLowman $20.00 "Good luck to everyone Darcy!!! Have fun!"
Cecile Donnelly $50.00 "Good luck Darcy! Keep running..."
Jamie Zarcaro $50.00 " This is so cool!! Best of luck, Rocky ;)"
Roger Humphries $25.00 "Best wishes for a good run Tom!"
Susie Sommer $25.00 "Darcy, Have a great run! Susie"
Ashley Kirsininkas $10.00 "Good Luck with the fundraising and I will see you on the course in San Diego!!"
Lupita Kielbasa $10.00 "Drea , you rock ! Xoxo"
Arnold Tan $75.00 "What a great idea...donating vino for the the children's home ;) Good luck in the marathon. You might see me there cheering. "
Vickie Lewandowski $100.00 "Way to Go Cathy!! I love that you do this for these children!! Vickie"
Amy Tiburzio $20.00 "Sounds awesome. Good job Catherine! "
Laura Rodriguez $25.00 "Valleri, So glad that you're running to support the children! You will exceed your goal! Love you! Lala"
verna maldonado $25.00 "Good for you, Valleri, for giving your time and energy to such a good cause. I love and support you, girl! Verna"
Jackie Cantrell $25.00 "LOVE the cause, and love you :) thank you for what you are doing for the kiddies. :)"
Len Harvey $50.00 "Go Val!! Run like the wind!"
Juliette Le $75.00 "Go Pynes! :-)"
Monique Santos $50.00 "You go girl!!!"
Dr. Tony Reza $100.00 "Lisa, such a wonderful cause! There is no doubt you will succeed in reaching your fund raising goal. And you have the heart and speed to run your race and finish well. You go girl!"
Rick Riehman $20.00 "Reaching out to the needs of children is vitally important to the well-being of our community and I applaude your efforts in making a difference with our youth. Run with endurance and stay strong as you run for a cause....."
Dr. Tony Reza $100.00 "Hey Don, it is because of good people like you that these kids have hope, you make the difference in their lives. You certainly have the heart to run the distance and finish. Fortunately, speed doesn't matter - because you don't have it! HA! Go Don!!!"
Sean Erner $10.00 "Run Forrest Run"
Michelle Doyle $25.00 "Help the kids and you get wine at the end of the run...I should have signed up with you!"
Morgan Thurston $20.00 "Burn Rubber Baby!!"
joseph pyne $25.00 "go josh love dad and roberta"
joseph pyne $25.00 "run like heck dave love dad and roberta"
joseph pyne $25.00 "good luck matt love dad and roberta"
Scott Fernandez $30.00 "Great job Val! Very proud of you :) "
Ana Watts $25.00 "Valleri, I am so proud of you! We'll have to come out and cheer you on!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend:)"
Michael Ogden $25.00 "Great cause"
Matthew Pyne $10.00 "Donated to the cause by my friends at Arbour Counseling! Thank you everyone for going with my cookie ploy"
Ilda Wood $250.00 "Way to go Miss Catherine!!!! You're awesome for doing so much good for those children who need it most!! "
Matthew Pyne $25.00 "Donated by Marilyn Babij from Shoprite! Thank you so much!!!!"
Patricia Marks $10.00 "Good Luck.. have fun."
Lisa Hillis $20.00 "I only give if someone is willing to sweat for my money. :)"
Melo Garcia $25.00 "God Bless you- good luck! Love, Art & Melo Garcia "
Anne Hempy Hidden "Go Maria!!! Anne & Dave Hempy"
Bridget Olson $25.00 "Go Maria!! You look soooo good!! Looking forward to your visit with us for the race!"
Tonya S Vaughan $100.00 "Goooooooooo Maria!!!!"
MONICA BRICKELL $25.00 "Good luck running and enjoy the celebration afterwards!"
Blair Baumann $10.00 "GGGGOOOOOO AAANNNDDDRREEAAA!! And perhaps this isn't the best place to put it, but I miss "talking Dane Cook" with you;)"
Lisa Patton $25.00 "Go Girl"
Lora McMahon $25.00 "Have fun! Wish I was running with you!"
Suzanne McKinley $25.00 "You're almost to your goal! Have a great race! "
William Sanderfield $150.00 "Bill and I have appreciated being the recipient of your ministry during the short time you've been with us. Your sermons have made an impact on a lot of us during this difficult time in our Church. We understand you are not able to stay with us but can only hope and pray our new leader is as involved and inspirational as you've been. The Vision Retreat was great and I'm hopeful we can continue on the road that you opened for us and that we can overcome our problems and God's Church will grow."
Jodie Salter $20.00 "Go Kristy!!!! We love you!!!"
Dale & Mona Gray $50.00 "Leigh Ann, It was so nice to get your site from Harriet. Hope your run goes well and that you are able to meet your goal. Matching donations are always a real challenge!! Tell Brett we say "Hey!" Love, Uncle Dale and Aunt Mona --- Tucker too! "
Shelly Werhanowicz $25.00 "GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR GOAL!"
Shelly Werhanowicz $25.00 "GGOD LUCK WITH YOUR GOAL!"
dave romer $50.00 "Good for you Lauren.. You run and i will pay $$"
Todd Pope $100.00 "Best of luck to you dear. You owe me BIG!! ;)"
Dan Mesirow $25.00 "Best of luck in the run!"
Jennifer Fetterman $15.00 "Good Luck Lauren! So Proud of you!"
Jennifer Cobb $25.00 "You Rock Catherine! Let us know how you do."
JOHN MENNONE $20.00 "Run, Darcy, RUN! Love and miss you!"
Kathy Kennedy Hidden "Awesome job Lisa!!!"
darcy pyne $45.00 "On behalf of Grandma's fundraising efforts and co worker "
carmen stewart $50.00 "Good luck Christy! We are very proud of you!! Blessings to you, Your sister and family"
Alexandra Fishburn $25.00 "Go Valleri! Rock on!! "
Ryan Poley $25.00 "Hey Sean! Congrats on the decision to run and raise money for charity!! See you at the race!!"
Chris Ring $25.00 "Good luck to you from friend of Aunt Darcy."
Wade Slome Hidden "Don- I want to see pictures if the kilt is busted out again! Good luck...Wade"
Troy Slome $10.00 "Please make sure that you drink a lot of wine the night before the run - I hear that it helps with a run the following day."
Tom Ferris $300.00 "You go girl!!"
Greg Lucas $100.00 "You do the hard work, I'll write the check. Sounds like a winning plan to me."
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