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Team Ponte
Keeping the Pace for Kids

Join Team Ponte or make a donation below to bring hope to recovering children in Southern California. As our 2nd annual race, Team Ponte members will run or walk in the America’s Finest City half marathon or 5K on August 15th 2010. We will be raising much needed funds for the Oak Grove Center, a Murrieta based 24-hour residential and educational treatment center that serves 76 children who live on campus and an additional 80-90 students who attend their nonpublic school day program. Due to state budget cuts and a decrease in private donations, Oak Grove Center is in much need.

By signing up today you can make a difference in a child’s life. We are asking each participant in the 5K to set a fundraising goal of $250 and the half marathon to set a fundraising goal of $500. As an added bonus we will be reimbursing the race fees in Ponte Winery gift certificates if the fundraising goal is met and reward the top three fundraisers with great prizes. The top fundraiser will win a one-year membership to the gym of their choice ($400), the second top fundraiser will win a case of Ponte wine of their choice ($300) along with a $100 gift certificate to the Smokehouse Restaurant and the third top fundraiser will win two tickets to our Grape Stomp Festival on September 26th ($190). If you enjoy exercising, team camaraderie and have a heart for children then this race is for you. Get ready to be part of something big!

Our collective goal is to raise $20,000 for the Oak Grove Center.

If you are not interested in joining Team Ponte but would still like to help us reach our goal please make an online contribution below. If you want to donate directly to the personal donation page of a Ponte participant, input their first and last name in the search field at the top of this page.

Thank you for your interest in helping Team Ponte!

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Total Donations: $21,188

Goal: $20,000

$0 106% $20,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Cheryl Vogelgesang $10.00 "Good Luck Tamara! We will be thinking about you on August 14th! Have Fun!!! The Vogelgesang's"
Marlo Preis $25.00 "This is such a great cause! "
sue harry $5.00 "You go girl!"
Debbie Heckmann $20.00 ";)"
Tracy Simmons $25.00 "Thank you Stacy for all that you do!"
Lauren Homel $25.00 "Good luck Stacy. "
Betsy Phelan $25.00 "Good cause, honey --you and Cass are looking good !! xoxo Betsy"
jeanine solomon $100.00 "im Happy for you Stacy!! good job!!"
Jo Farren $5.00 "Run Forest Run!"
Joyce Renoff $50.00 "Looks like a great cause, good luck with your goal, Love, Mom"
Dan Bachman $25.00 "Hi congrats!! J9's boyfriend wanted to help out!!"
Tood and Jen Allred $25.00 "What a great cause! We would love to be there as well to cheer you on! Wine n Cheese after ;)"
Jennifer White $10.00 "Happy Running! Good luck!"
Shannon Carter $50.00 "So happy to suppor you in this great effort! "
Richard Verducci $25.00 "Good Luck Jenna! Rick Verducci"
Susanna Lutton $20.00 "Run Stacy Run!!! "
Karen Hartley $25.00 "What a great thing you are doing for the kids. Sure miss you here on the island."
Christine Helms $25.00 "So proud of you Stacy!! What a fatastic thing to run for and to run a Half marathon on it's own is something to proud of!! I will be cherring for you all the way!!"
Holli Courson $25.00 "Stacy, YOU are making a difference!!! I'm so proud of you. I will be cheering you on, all the way from Kansas! :o)"
Donna Chase $25.00 "Good Luck, Stacy!"
Teri Montagna $15.00 "Love ya Stace! Go sista!"
Bill Guinn $25.00 "Good luck and best wishes!"
Cristi Tallman $5.00 "You did it! LOL! Good luck!"
Shari Bailey $10.00 "It's your turn to run 13.1 and flaunt your flair! <3 u"
Kristen Bartek $25.00 "I am so proud of you and I know you can do this run!! Thanks for all you do for Oak Grove in making it your heart and soul and inspiring others! I love you!"
Kelly Korver $10.00 "A $1 donation from each Kelly, Ricky, Ben, Lauren, Keith, Sylvia, William, Vivian, Kathy and Briana!"
Vicki Casillas $10.00 "You are such an inspriation to me and all of those around you. Wish I could do more, but if we all do even a small amount, we can accomplish great things. "
MARY BACON Hidden "Go Patti Love - Mary"
jonathan semancik Hidden "you better win girl :)"
PHILIP BIMER Hidden "I will be cheering you on from the pub!"
Charli OMalley Hidden "Yay! I love kids!!"
Leola Esslinger $100.00 "Go Girl !!!!!"
John Kohrmann $25.00 "Best of luck and may the day of the race be beautiful and sunny :)"
Eugenia Pilkington $25.00 "Thanks for helping the kids at Oak Grove, Tom. Hope you reach your goal!!"
Michael Stephenson $50.00 "How 'bout a cold one afterwards? Or three! You will haved earned it, good luck!"
Marny Howell $10.00 "You look amazing Kim! Good luck! I bet you've got a fast time!"
David Scott $10.00 "GO Jen!!!"
Patti Heagy $50.00 "You can do it!!! Half this year-the whole next year. Who knows - maybe you will learn to like running-I don't think Irish people ever do"
Kim Balog $25.00 "Good Luck Jenna, I'm impressed!!!"
Janet Beveridge $25.00 "Great cause, glad to contribute!"
Vickie Lewandowski $50.00 "Way to go Cathy!! "
Marilyn Hammett $50.00 "So glad to here from you again since graduation. You go girl! What a wonderful way to share."
Monique Villegas $25.00 "Good Luck, Hunny Bunny! I know you can do it!!!!!!! Mo"
terry maguire $50.00 "you go girl, this could be addictive, this running thing, I feel a 26.1 in your future Good Luck and don't break a leg............love u !"
Thomas Clark $100.00 "Smile the whole way !"
Sonnet Klipp $10.03 "Run like the wind!!!"
Brennan McMahon $20.00 "You rock!"
Shea McMahon $20.00 "Kick some asphalt!!"
Tamara Wilson $25.00 "Thank you Shirl Ferguson! You are an amazing staff!!"
Ilda Wood Hidden "Wonderful cause Cathy!! "
Tamara Wilson $31.00 "Kevin you are an amazing leader and I am so proud of the great season you led Oak Grove in with their sports program. Congratulations on making it to Playoffs. I know the boys need uniforms and we will be dedicated to getting those. THANK YOU!"
Dorette Welk $25.00 "Catherine, thanks so much for doing this for the children! Good luck! Dee"
Marc Wood $25.00 "This is a wonderful thing you are doing for people. You are a hero in many ways!"
Ann Davis Hidden "Go Elizabeth - we're behind you!"
Zach Jeska $25.00 "Good luck guy!"
Travis Aronson $100.00 "Gettem tiger........LOL!!!"
Jessica Valentine Hidden "August? Wow!"
Sandi Santy $50.00 "Kim, It was great seeing you at the wedding - you are an inspiration. I sure hope that the two of you will be able to make the reunion in a couple of months. We would love to see you again. Good luck - you will do great. Love Kirk and Sandi"
Linda Hintzman Hidden "You go girl!"
Stephani McGarry $25.00 "You go Auntie Stace! We love you so much and will be thinking of your on 8/15!!!!!! Miss you tons and call Mommy when you can. Love you, Paige and Declan"
Becky Scattergood $50.00 "Catherine - I love that are doing this! Enjoy your run!"
Kris Long $50.00 "You're doing an amazing thing here Lauren! Good luck in the race!"
Robert Daly $25.00 "Run Kevin, ruuuuuun!!!!"
Robert and Kelley Phillips $20.00 "Way to go Kevin..."
Michael Davis $200.00 "Great cause! Keep it up!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go for it!, Kev. Hope we can be there to cheer you on! Love your parents xoxox"
JoAnn Beck $25.00 "You go girl, I'm proud of you."
Eli Palma $50.00 "You can do it!.....Do it for the kids!"
Monika Queen $20.00 "Jenna, you're the best!"
Kathleen Uyekawa Hidden "You can do it!"
Renee Ernisse $50.00 "We love you mom! Love Taylor and Zachary"
Laura Rothhaar $100.00 "After running a half marathon on the Great Wall of China, this should be a breeze! Good luck and don't stop to pick the grapes! Love ya!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck in reaching your goal."
Annette Burrell $25.00 "Love you Kevin!"
Denise Leatherwood $100.00 "So proud of you... Good luck in your race! We love you ~ Mom & Dad"
James Conlin $100.00 "Patti, Run like the wind just don't pass it.. Good luck; have fun. Love Jim"
Marguerite Powers $10.00 "Nik and Patti-Have fun on the run!"
Colleen Egan $100.00 "Trish, we are so proud of you. Have fun and run with Nik! Love, C, K & L"
Chris Davis $25.00 "Sounds like a wonderful cause. Have a great run!"
Ralph Cocca $25.00 "Mini Marathon!!!! Good luck! I love ya!"
Tamara Wilson $194.05 "This amount was raised by our great staff and kids in the Day Program at Oak Grove through their Ice Cream fund drive! THANK YOU for supporting building our school gym which will be such an amazing addition for the kids of Oak Grove...the work we do today indeed builds a better tomorrow!"
Tamara Wilson $100.00 "Thank you Toyota of North Hollywood for supporting the kids of Oak Grove and Kevin Keller! Funds raised are helping toward sports uniforms. We appreciate you!!"
Cathy Glassner $100.00 "YOU GO, CEO!!! We know you will run your heart out for our kids at Oak Grove!! Love, the Clinical Director who loves them as much as YOU!!"
Cathy Glassner $100.00 "To Our Wonderful H.R. Director--we are so proud of you, Patti, training and running for our kids and causes! I will personally be on the 'side lines' cheering you on all the way!! YOU GO GIRL!! Love, the Clinical Director (aka Cathy)"
Cathy Glassner $100.00 "Hey Coach Kevin...there is NO doubt that YOU will set some records in this race!! I'll be there to see it personally. Thanks for all your do for Oak Grove Kids; both in sports and Workability Dept! You are awesome and the kids love you...Cathy G."
Stephanie DeSimone $25.00 "Denise, We are so proud of you and you determination. Good Luck! We will be thinking of you! ~Steph & Paul"
Burgner & Rostant Burgner & Rostant $25.00 " Enjoy the race. Hope you win! Ann and Donna"
Dan Lopez Hidden "An absolutely wonderful cause...Go Kim Go!!!"
Tamara Wilson $25.00 "Linda thank you for the $25 towards the gym being built at Oak Grove. Your support of the kids, the Ponte Race and health-wellness of our kids in general is greatly appreciated!!"
Tamara Wilson $25.00 "Linda Meyers thank you for your support of the gym!! We appreciate you!! Tammy"
amy Guerin $25.00 "Good luck doll!~ "
Jessica Stith $75.00 "Sounds like a great cause and an awesome time! Good luck Jenna!! Love ya, Jessica"
Toni Anaya $100.00 "Run your socks off girl! I love you and good luck! Let me know how you do. My love and prayers with you all who are doing this wonderful thing. Love, Toni"
Kathryn Shallcross $100.00 "I'll be cheering for you from Austin, Jamie!!!"
David Franzen $30.00 "Good luck Tom. I am looking forward to our next hike David"
Pippa Dinger $50.00 "Hey Jenna! Sorry we can't be there to cheer you, Amy & John on. We'll be at Lake Tahoe with Ray & Linda from England, drinking wine in your honor and doing some boating! It's not too late if you want to join us and not do 13.1. Anyway, good for you for undertaking the training, committing to the run AND raising funds for a very worthy cause. Love you lots, Scott & Pippa"
Anonymous $130.00 "Its all good!"
Peggy Siebrandt $50.00 "Renee--you go, girl! I hope you'll reach your goal, and enjoy the race! Love you, Peggy"
David Nugent $25.00 "Good Luck Jenna"
Jaime Mayer $25.00 "Good Luck Renee! You are so awesome....we are proud of you!"
alicia hanner $25.00 "Denise we are so proud of you you set another goal and I am sure you will accomplish it Love you Mom & Dad"
Mick Newton Hidden "Hubby out due to knee injury? Did he bang it on a cooler? Run! Run! Run!"
Kimberly Barnes $50.00 "Best of luck to you Jamie!!!"
Etta Maguire Hidden "please win,place,or show, love you"
Roberto Corral $25.00 "Hey, Denise, I'm impressed and envious - both you and Dina are in better shape than I am! Sounds like a great cause. You go, girlfriend! Have a good time. God bless you. love, robbie"
Stefani Stankiewicz $25.00 "GO GIRL, RUN AN EXTRA MILE FOR ME!!!"
Fe Santiago $100.00 "Godspeed, Tammy! We're all rooting for you! Oak Grove is blessed to have you as its CEO. I've never know anyone who is as tireless, as energetic, and as enthusiastic as you are when it comes to our Oak Grove kids. You are an inspiration to all of us!"
Royal Bates $25.00 "Good luck! AFC is a fun one...and watch out for 6th Ave. at the end!!"
Karen Long $20.00 "Hey Denise, You Rock! Thank you for being so giving of your time to help others. Smiles & Blessing to you. ~Karen~"
Michael Cote $25.00 "Cote's wish you luck"
William Newton $25.00 "Yeah Team!!!"
Linda Ellis $25.00 "dearest darla good for you for doing this excellent activity on behalf of the rest of us. You are your molther's daughter, no doubt about it love Aunt Linda"
Collette Muscara $10.00 "Hi Peggy...so sorry about your injury. Take care of yourself. Collette"
Diane Chain $25.00 "You did it!!! I'm so very impressed and proud of you! Now, is it time to relax and enjoy some bubbles? ;)"
Kimberly Adams $20.00 "You go girls. Love Kimberly"
Alicia Dufay $40.00 "Go Jayna!"
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