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Taryn Cooper's Fundraising Page

I am proud to be running the ING New York City Marathon as a member of Team McGraw for the Tug McGraw Foundation.

The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life for children and adults affected by neurological conditions such as brain tumors, post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. As a part of Team McGraw, I am raising funds to support in this effort.

I will be running for all brain cancer survivors, but mostly for my childhood hero, Gary Carter, who passed away after his battle with the affliction.

I'm so proud to be part of the Team McGraw for the New York City Marathon!!!

The Tug McGraw Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax identification number is 20-0586256.

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Total Donations: $3,396.00
Goal: $4,500

$0 75% $4,500

Contributor Amount Comment
Sharon and Kevin Chapman $100.00 "We are so proud of you Coop - WTG! Ya Gotta Believe!"
Tracey Mapou $25.00 "Good luck, Coop!"
John Coppinger $50.00 "8"
Jason Bornstein $88.00 "8's for The Kid"
Dee & Aunt Arl Winter $25.00 "So proud of you Coop! Love you xox"
William Stegemann $25.00 "As a Mets fan who finished his first marathon this year I am honored to contribute to the cause. Good Luck Taryn, go you and go Mets. "
Lynn Louis-Charles $50.00 "Good Luck Taryn!! "
Greg & Stephanie Prince $19.86 "Like Kid, you're going to be a champ come fall."
Randy Medina $19.69 "Go get 'em Coop! Also, is there any chance you could pick up some Crumbs while you're running around out there? Thanks."
Dave Singer $69.86 "Go Coop Go! You are amazing! LGM!"
Baseball Prospectus $100.00 "Way to go Coop! We'll be cheering for you!"
Ray & Eleanor Stilwell $20.12 "I liked the $19.69 and $19.86 donations, but we're Met fans. We always hope."
Debra Cooper $100.00 "We're so proud of you!! Love Mom & Ferd"
Jessica Estremera $25.00 "Great cause!"
gene Giegerich $25.00 "You go girl! We are very happy to support you and a very worthwhile cause. LETS GO METS!"
Jason Hoberman $26.20 "Go Coop! "
Clare Lafferty $25.00 "For Tug and Gary-- -"
Michael Branda $25.00 "Coooooooooooooooooop! Go Get em! - Jessep"
Laurie Gibbons $25.00 "Good luck Taryn! I think you should share your story with Gary, Keith and Ron!"
Tricia Petitti $25.00 "Go Coop & LGM!!! (PS: Gavin says "hi" to Ed & Joey! ;)"
Caryn Rose $20.12 "For Johan's no-no!"
Kelly Doster $25.00 "Go Coop!! LGM!"
Rebecca Graziano $100.00 "Let's Go Taryn!"
Joanne ketcham $50.00 "we will be there to see you finish! Go Coop!"
Margo Kendzier $25.00 "Coop On The Run.. Coop On The Run!!"
Lori Martini $100.00 "Ya Gotta BELIEVE!"
Andrea Sansone $500.00 "We're proud of you! Ryan, Monica, Doreen, Andrea & Elyse"
Stephen Hanks $36.00 "Coop, I'm not donating Jerry Koosman uniform number. There have been various mystical numerological speculations about the fact that, according to the system of gematria, the letters of chai add up to 18. For this reason, 18 is a spiritual number in Judaism, and many Jews give gifts of money in multiples of 18 as a result. Good luck!"
Nadia Horen $25.00 "Go Coop! I'll be watching at 91st st and 1st avenue. Will have water and cut up oranges waiting."
Lisa Casaburi $104.00 "Good luck Coop! Love Lisa and Rob Casaburi"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck! "
Michael Jawitz $69.86 "Grubby Glove proudly supports the Coop in her honorable endeavor! "
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