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Brad Allain
Jul 2-7
Columbus, OH to Watkins Glen, NY
I wanted to join NYLI so I could give back to the next generation. People have done so much for me when I was a child and now I want to do all that I can to make the lives of children (and others) with bleeding disorders much better. Not only are my colleagues wonderful people, but so are the people I meet in the bleeding disorders community.

In the past I have volunteered through NEHA. I have been to NHF’s annual meetings and have helped NYLI. My most rewarding achievements have been personal–like trying to stay healthy and do some things that are novel to the community, like snowboarding, triathlons, and rock/ice climbing. Now I would like to reach out to the community and support others who want to try some of these new things. Anyone can do them ,as long as you do them smart!
Total Donations Collected:$675.00
Goal: $500
$0 135% $500
Contributor Amount Comment
Rauker, Scheinfeldt & Co. $100.00 "Brad, we're happy to contribute to such a great cause! Good luck! "
Ronald Kleinman $50.00 "Berst wishes Brad - "

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